Thursday, February 25, 2010 A Place to Find the Legitimate Money Making Opportunities

The economy has gone from recession last year to now showing some signs of recovery. But surprisingly, the Internet hasn't been much affected by these economy situations. People are still making good money from the Internet. If you need to earn extra money, the Internet is certainly a good place for you to get the extra money you need.

The Internet is continued to provide more and more money making programs and home based business opportunities. Whether you are unemployed, still studying, retired, looking for a business opportunity or just wanting to have another income source, you can find a money making opportunity that fits you from the Internet.

The Internet is full of opportunities but searching for the right one can be time consuming. There are loads of scams that you must avoid while searching. A website that can help you on this is is much like a work at home directories. The owner of this site, Chris Simpson has carefully researched the Internet to bring you the legitimate Internet and home based programs and opportunities.

In the main page of, Chris has listed 25 money making opportunities and programs that you can take part on. There were all Internet and home based. Some are total free to get started and other require an investment. For those programs that need you pay to begin, Chris is making sure that they are offering a money back guarantee. So, if you find the paid program isn't for you after joining it, you can immediately request for a full refund.

Chris also offers free newsletter for everyone to subscribe. His newsletter will give the latest update on the Internet and home based opportunities; and also online marketing tips that are helpful for you to make money online.

Another free service of Chris that's worth mentioned is the list of paid survey companies that Chris has compiled for people who want to get paid to take surveys. In the page, you'll find the legitimate and reputable market research companies that you can join to take part in paid surveys.

In case you don't know much about paid surveys, let me explain a little about it. Paid survey is about completing online surveys of the market research companies. Each time you completed a survey, you will be rewarded with cash or free products or vouchers depending on the policy of compensation of the research company. Paid survey is an easy task that everyone can do and it can be a good source of extra income. If you are interested to get started on paid survey, visit now

All the above are just part of the free services provided by Chris's to help anyone wants to make money online. You'll explore more when visiting

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