Thursday, April 11, 2013

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sell Information Products through Clickbank for a Passive Online Income

Guest post by Paul McCarthy

You're probably here because you want to make money online which is why I wanted to put this quick post together for you. I'm going to tell you how you can make money online by harnessing the knowledge that you already have....And if you don't already have the knowledge, then you can learn it in no time at all!

It's really important that you read to the end of this article because you'll be armed with all the instruction you need to earn a passive income online by selling digital information.

Did you realise that selling information products is a multi-million dollar business online? In fact, one guy alone (he goes by the name of Eben Pagan) has generated over 100 million dollars in revenue solely by selling digital information products online. So, now you understand the overwhelming potential of this business, let me tell you how to do it!

How Do You Make Money Online by Selling Information Products?

Firstly, you need to decide whether you want to sell your own information products or whether you want to sell other people's information products for commission. If you're starting out in this business and you want to get your feet wet, then I'd suggest selling the work of someone else to learn the marketing strategies that you'll need before you start to create your own products.

Let me just quickly say that once you have made money online as an affiliate, I recommend that you become a product creator as soon as you feel comfortable doing so. As an information product creator, you can then have an army of affiliates selling your products (rather than the other way round) – and of course you'll make money with each sale. In short, you have a high earning potential as a product creator instead of being just an affiliate.

In this article, I want to tell you about a web site that will allow you to find thousands of digital information products that you can sell today....The site is called Clickbank.

Tell Me More About Clickbank...

Clickbank contains a huge library of digital assets that have already been created and are ready to be sold. This means that you don't have to go through the time consuming process of creating your own information products.

There are a few great features about Clickbank that you should be aware of:-

Firstly, they handle all transactions which means you don't have to worry about payment processing and security – all that complicated stuff is taken care of.

Secondly, Clickbank pay out on time, every time. I have been an affiliate with Clickbank for a long time now (I also have a few products on there too) and they have never missed a pay cheque. You can paid every two weeks directly into your bank account or by check if you prefer.

Thirdly, they provide sophisticated analytics so you can see how many people you have referred to the sales page of a product, how many of those visitors viewed the order form and, of course, how many of them purchased the product.

So, What Do I Have to Do to Make Money with Clickbank?

The first thing you need to is sign up for an account at By doing this you will be set up with a unique username (the correct terminology in Clickbank is “nickname”) and this will be the nickname that is used to form what's called affiliate links.

Now, to make money as an affiliate you simply need to get people to click on your affiliate link so that they are taken to the product sales page and then when they buy the product you earn a commission.

One of the great reasons for promoting information products online is that the profit margin is so high. If you tried to become an affiliate for (to sell physical products) then you'd typically only expect to earn 5% of the total value of the product. As a Clickbank affiliate, it is normal to earn 50% and sometimes even 75% of the product value for making sales.

Where Can I Find The Products to Promote?

There is a section within Clickbank called the “Marketplace”. In here you'll find a series of categories (“Health and Fitness” for example) and under each category there are a list of products. You can choose any one of the products to promote and you can generate your affiliate links by clicking on “Promote”.

Once you have generated your affiliate link (or “hoplink” as they're known on Clickbank) you can then add the link to your web site, email signatures, articles...Anywhere you get people to buy through that link.

Once you've decided on a marketing strategy, you then simply need to get traffic. I will be publishing another post that will talk about all the traffic strategies I use to make money by selling information products (the majority of my online income comes from selling digital products) very shortly.

Information Products are the Way to Go!

I have to say that once you've got a system for marketing digital products online, it is really just a case of replicating that system for different products. And once you're at this stage then you can pretty much scale your income up to heights you wouldn't believe.

Author Bio:
My name's Paul McCarthy...And I hope you enjoyed and got some benefit from reading how to make money online from information products.

Now, if you want somebody to show you each and every step in great detail and tell you exactly how to make money online with information products, then you should sign up at my page here: and I'll teach you personally myself, for free.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Boost Your Backlinks for More Authority

Guest Post by Steve Schafer

Any internet marketing expert will tell you that backlinks are very important when it comes to improving your rank with the various search engines. More backlinks means a higher page rank. A higher page rank means your website is highly respected in the cyberworld.

That is what you may have heard, but is it really true?

Not completely. True authority comes only with quality links. In other words, not just any old links will do. To really increase the authority of your website you must have indexed links that actually have staying power. Accumulating comment links and sending the same article to every directory you can think of just will not get the job done. Instead, you need to implement something called link boosting.

Effective Article Submission

The first step in link boosting does involve article submission to your favorite directories but with a twist. After I have finished a new post for any of my blogs, I prepare a 400 word summary of that post and rewrite it several times. I take care to make sure the rewrites are absolutely unique and submit a different article to each directory on my favorites list. Some of these rewrites also get used as guest posts to other blogs, and all of them will link back to my original post and home page.

Even More Article Submission

Once the submissions have been accepted, I get to work writing an article on a subject that is closely related to the first one. Rewrites of this post get submitted to directories like hubpages and squiddoo, among others. This time the links point to the first set of articles that were sent in. Finally, for added boost, I will bookmark the second set of posts to a couple dozen bookmark sites.

How it Works

The basic idea here is to leverage the page rank of the sites that rank better than yours. Getting a website to at least PR4 is time consuming and not an easy thing to do. Article directories are already sitting at PR5 or PR6. You can use that to your own benefit. Just think about how hard you have to work just to get a PR3 backlink. One of the articles I submitted to received a PR3 and I had only pointed a single link back to it. Now that article and the home page have a PR3 link.

While doing your link building, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

* Quantity is good, but quality is better – In content links from an authority site within your niche is the best backlink you can get.

* Authority “opinion” sites are not far behind – Being mentioned (with a backlink) in someone’s personal blog that gets a lot of traffic and backlinks is almost as good as getting one from an authority site in your niche.

* Blogroll links are not as great as people think – Trading blogroll links will get you a lot of links, if done with big sites, but the links will not count nearly as much as in content links.

* Most comment links are garbage – Leaving good quality comments with a link back to your site is a good way to get people to visit and interact with your site, but not so great for link juice.

This is how you gain authority – by getting strong backlinks that stay. Take the time to do it right and don’t take shortcuts. It takes a bit more work than some of the other link building strategies, but it is well worth the extra work.

Author Bio:
If you are looking for more great tips on SEO and backlinking strategies, you should check out Steve’s Internet Business Guide.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Factors Leading to Effective Affiliate Marketing

In order to be successful in any type of business, whether online or offline, having a full proof plan is very essential. For instance, you cannot go into a bank and opt for a loan just because you have to sell stuff, you need to have proper plan for that as well. While being a part of any online business, you will be having a website for sure and it would be of no use if your website is not getting sufficient amount of quality traffic. Talking specifically about the factors that can prove out to be effective and will also make you win in the end, there are more than you can imagine. In this piece of writing, I have decided to share some factors leading to effective affiliate marketing.

Not everyone can move ahead having an online business, you should know what overall internet is and out of all the various strategies, which one would work for your affiliate marketing campaign. There is one thing for sure that not having a strong strategy would do a lot of damage for affiliates who are new to the market. Research is very important if you do not want to lose hope or see a long period of disappointment or even lose some funds. You need to be well aware of things such as the market’s trends and how to bring in traffic for instance. Also you need to make adjustments to your affiliate marketing strategy and design it in a manner that would suit you perfectly.

The whole sales process needs to be kept in mind when planning out a strategy from start till the end. The very first thing that tells that your strategy is working well is the sign of people coming to your site through various links that you have placed. You should know that every affiliate marketer in this line would be having a plan so do something different or do the same thing but in a better way.

You should approach people through various ways such as article marketing, talking at forums with them, helping them out at a place like Yahoo Answers, interacting with them and building a relation by doing email marketing and etc. Effective affiliate marketing is not something which is to directly try and sell things, build good relations with your visitors first. If they are not really looking for what you have then be friendly and kind enough to recommend them a place where they can find what they need, this won’t make you sell something to them, but it will surely develop your reputation in the minds of the visitors.

Friday, July 2, 2010

How a Well Written Guest Post Can Take Your Blog Over the Top

Guest post by John Smith

How would you feel if I told you that you missed out on potentially thousands of visitors by publishing your amazing article on your own blog?

I’m sure that we all would love it if traffic flowed to your blog each time that publish button was pressed. But how can writing things for others result in you reaping the benefits? Let’s take a moment to talk about guest posting. What it is and why it is such a successful technique.

Guest posting is the act of creating a post/article on another person’s site (with permission of course). Guest posting on other sites has long been proven to be a successful marketing technique because you have the advantage of traffic to your niche while another blogger just got a great new post for his/her own readers.

This means that a guest post on a site receiving 5,000 daily visitors can bring in those visitors back to your site. I’m sure you can see the potential in that! So how do you go about with the guest posting process?

First, I suggest finding some popular blogs in your niche. Search for the keywords you would like to be found from to get a list of sites relevant to your sites topic. For example, if your site focuses on the keywords, make money online, a Google search on it would lead you here, to Money Maker Info. Repeat this searching process for a few more potential sites and your ready to move on.

So once you have found some good sites, examine them in further detail to find a hot topic that you can write about. It is important to read through the sites archives as no blogger likes duplicate content on their site.

Take your time to write a post for the other blog owner. Always, always, ALWAYS make sure that guest posts written are the best you can make them. Spend an extra day to clear your head and re-read your post. Ask a friend to read through your article to make sure everything checks-in. Just do what it takes to be the best out there.

Almost any site you can find will have contact information leading to the site owner(s). Take this to your advantage by sending them a kindly worded e-mail about whom you are and why you would love to guest post on their site. It is important to make it look like they are the ones gaining the biggest benefit from the post.

Remember, some sites are very open about guest posting while other sites will take long conversations, just for the chance to talk to the person in charge. Persevere through the process and your post will lead to a traffic bringing success.

One last note. I would love to hear what you guys (and gals) think about guest posting. Have you ever done a guest post? Do you plan to in the near future? I invite you to share in the comments below.

Author's Bio:
To learn more great tips to make money online, visit us at

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Work less but still Maintain Your Earning Level with WebeServe

Are you running a website, a blog or an online business to make money? If the answer is yes, you are going to do marketing. Marketing is the key to success. You'll need to focus most of your time in Internet marketing.

Internet marketing involves a lot of works. You'll want to do article marketing, link building, forum posting, pay per click advertising and other marketing works so that your online business can get the maximum exposure and generate revenue for you.

In this situation, you would probably have too much marketing work on your hand causing work overloaded and need to outsource part of your tasks to others. Outsourcing certainly reduces your workload but will drive up your cost and eat up a portion of your profit.

Well with WebeServe, you aren't going to worry about high outsourcing cost that could wipe out part of your profit. WebeServe has been mentioned here in this blog in the previous blog posts but if you don't know about WebeServe yet, it is basically an online company that specializes in providing Internet marketing services.

What makes Webeserve different than other outsourcing services is that it allows you to outsource your marketing works at you own small budget. You just need to set the price that you are willing to pay and there will be people in WebeServce do the jobs for you.

Here is a list of Internet marketing services WebeServe is offering?
  • Article writing
  • Article distribution to article directories
  • Web directory submission
  • Forum marketing
  • Link Building
  • Link Wheel
  • Social media marketing
  • Twitter marketing
  • Pay per click advertising advices
  • And much more
As you can see the services of WebeServe are designed to help you build traffic and get your marketing messages out on the Internet so if you don't have enough time to do all your important marketing works, you can just start one or more campaigns in WebeServe to distribute your tasks to the skilled service providers in WebeServe.

Webeserve uses a crowd sourcing method which they refer to as Pay-Per-Service which means you pay only when your task is completed. So you can be certain that you'll get what you pay for.

The cost is low to the level that everyone is affordable. I.e. You can have a link campaign requesting 50 backlinks at the cost of $12.50, you can set your budget at $10 for article writing and distribution and many more services you can requested at cheap price.

If you struggle to make money online, I’m sure you are doing Internet marketing daily. But sometimes it just too much to work with or you are tired to finish all your marketing tasks, think about using WebeServe’s Services. You’ll pay the minimum price to get your works done while still enjoying good profit.

Become an Advertiser of WebeService and Start Outsourcing Your Works