Sunday, February 28, 2010

Social Network Marketing - Long and Short Term Traffic

Ever since the principle of social networking was introduced, internet marketers have started using a system which has been dubbed Social Network Marketing. One of the more attractive features of this technique is that internet markers can actively contact their target audience instead of relying solely on search engine optimization. However, there are forms of social network marketing which also benefit the internet marketers from an SEO standpoint, effectively generating backlinks while becoming part of a community.

Types of websites such as MySpace, FaceBook, and Tagged allow you to create a profile for yourself or your company. You are allowed to befriend anyone on the network, which acts as a great substitute for the sending of unsolicited messages. The idea is that you can create an interest in your company by contacting people directly and creating related discussions. Most of the time, they will check out your profile which will lead them to your website. This is a great way to get free traffic to your site.

The networking sites like the ones mentioned above do have a drawback though. Any links, no matter how much attention they get, will not be followed by the search engines. This means that you must branch your social network marketing out to other places if you plan on getting traffic from Google. In order to get your site on Google, you can try the following methods:

Some people find that they can effectively get backlinks through blogs. All you have to do is set up a set of blogs that update people on different aspects of your website, such as new things available for download, new products, new sections of your website, and anything else related to your business that might be interesting to the public. All links in your blog to your website will be followed by search engines. In order to generate attention to the blog, simply comment on other, more popular blog posts using a link to your blog.

Article marketing can be a little less complicated if you are able to write a lot of articles very quickly. Also, because there are so many article directories, backlinks will appear to come from a variety of different sources since there will be many different domains involved. Every article you write will result in a good backlink to your site. Just post articles that are somewhat relevant to your website, and include a link to your site in the author's resource box.

Social network marketing allows you to contact the public in a direct manor. Using websites such as FaceBook and MySpace can help your website gain attention quickly, and long term traffic can be generated from blogs and article marketing. All you have to do is remember to look at it from a strategic point of view and develop the right plan.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The 5 Shortcuts To Internet Marketing Success

Guest post by Paul

You’re probably reading this because you want to know how to make a full-time income working from home – if so allow me to introduce you to internet marketing.

You can make a substantial amount of money simply selling other people’s products online. In some instances you don’t even need your own web site.

In fact, the process of making money through internet marketing is actually very easy, but like most things it’s a skill that needs to be learnt. It’s like a musical instrument – the more you practice, the better you’ll become.

That’s not to say that there aren’t any shortcuts you can take to fast track your progress. Here’s five of my top tips for making a full time living from home through affiliate marketing:-

1) Build a List
This is absolutely fundamental if you’re planning on creating a long term, stable business. You’ve probably heard it before but “the money is in the list”. Why? Because in effect your subscribers are assets that you can use to generate income at time you like – essentially it’s traffic on demand!

The top internet marketers out there with over a million people on their list can pretty much generate cash on demand. They just need to send a single promotional email out and a percentage of users are sure to buy the product. I recently met a guy at the World Internet Summit – each time he sent an email he’d expect to receive around $3,000 in sales.
How would you like earn $3,000 for sending one email?!

2) Market Research
This is hugely important – you can’t pitch to a crowd of people if you don’t understand them. I’d go as far to say that you can have the strongest sales pitch in the world, but if you are targeting the wrong audience then you’ll have little to no success.

The easiest way to get to know your audience is to hang out with them. Go into forums and speak to them, ask them questions, find out what their worries are and what problems they face. People purchase primarily on emotions even though they like to think they are purchasing through logic – so as a marketer you need to get under their skin!

3) Steady on Cowboy – One Niche At A Time!
Multiple revenue streams, yes. Multiple income streams, no. There is a big difference. If you’re in a niche and you’re making money from that niche then you should milk that niche for all it’s worth!

Where’s the sense in trading the benefits of a proven money-making niche and risking your time on other niches? Apart from anything else, when you’re marketing to one niche properly you shouldn’t have time for other niches.

If I threw 10 cricket balls at you then you’d probably catch none of them. If I threw one, however, you’d be more than likely to catch it!

That’s not to say that it’s not a good idea to diversify further down the line, but generally you should be at the point where you can outsource all the work in your original niche before setting up new campaigns.

4) People Are Starting To See Through Hype
Studies show that an overwhelming majority of the population are still very cautious when it comes to purchasing online for fear of being ripped off. By using ridiculous sales pitches with false promises you are putting yourself in grave danger of losing any credibility in the eyes of your prospects.

Take this example I just made up:

“I simply had to tell you something before I absolutely EXPLOAD. If you implement everything in this new product then you’ll literally have thousands of dollars flowing into your wallet EVERY SINGLE DAY. What’s even better…It’s on complete auto-pilot – you don’t have to do a THING! You simply need to spend 5 minutes setting the system up and you’ll never have to worry about money again.”

Would you buy from someone who’s promising that?
Your time is much better spent providing your visitors with real value, building a relationship with them and earning their trust. If you can do this well then you’ll have super high conversion rates.

5) Work Cleverly Not Hard
This is such an important part of the equation. I often hear about internet marketers who are spending hours and hours on their online business when the work can be outsourced for peanuts or when there is a path of least resistance staring right at them.

A certain friend of mine is building a free e-book giveaway to encourage people to sign up to his list. He has literally spent the last 5 weeks putting this giveaway together and it’s still not finished. Here’s what he should have done:-

1) Outsource the whole thing – it’s a free giveaway, not a paid for product, there’s no shame in having someone else write you an ebook for $50.

2) Find PLR articles on the web and mash together a useful e-book in a couple of hours. PLR articles are free for you to use and giveaway (always check the licensing rights first).

3) I may decide to create the e-book myself, but you can rest assured I wouldn’t be typing it for 5 weeks. I’d invest in Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 (voice to text conversion software), speak into my microphone and have my words transcribed at 120 words per minute. The book would be done in a couple of days max.

Learning to internet market correctly is about problem solving, intelligent action and getting things done quickly and to high quality.

Like any business if you don’t spend the money, then you need to spend the time. It’s important to manage your resources – weigh up the cost - benefit ratio of each and every piece of work you undertake so that you are not guilty of wasting 5 weeks of your life like my friend.

Author Bio:
My name is Paul and I’m a full time internet marketer.

If you’re truly serious about internet marketing and working from home then I want to show you exactly how you can achieve your goals. You can earn a full-time income in as little as 8 weeks. If that’s the lifestyle you would like then you mustn’t miss what I have for you here:

Thursday, February 25, 2010 A Place to Find the Legitimate Money Making Opportunities

The economy has gone from recession last year to now showing some signs of recovery. But surprisingly, the Internet hasn't been much affected by these economy situations. People are still making good money from the Internet. If you need to earn extra money, the Internet is certainly a good place for you to get the extra money you need.

The Internet is continued to provide more and more money making programs and home based business opportunities. Whether you are unemployed, still studying, retired, looking for a business opportunity or just wanting to have another income source, you can find a money making opportunity that fits you from the Internet.

The Internet is full of opportunities but searching for the right one can be time consuming. There are loads of scams that you must avoid while searching. A website that can help you on this is is much like a work at home directories. The owner of this site, Chris Simpson has carefully researched the Internet to bring you the legitimate Internet and home based programs and opportunities.

In the main page of, Chris has listed 25 money making opportunities and programs that you can take part on. There were all Internet and home based. Some are total free to get started and other require an investment. For those programs that need you pay to begin, Chris is making sure that they are offering a money back guarantee. So, if you find the paid program isn't for you after joining it, you can immediately request for a full refund.

Chris also offers free newsletter for everyone to subscribe. His newsletter will give the latest update on the Internet and home based opportunities; and also online marketing tips that are helpful for you to make money online.

Another free service of Chris that's worth mentioned is the list of paid survey companies that Chris has compiled for people who want to get paid to take surveys. In the page, you'll find the legitimate and reputable market research companies that you can join to take part in paid surveys.

In case you don't know much about paid surveys, let me explain a little about it. Paid survey is about completing online surveys of the market research companies. Each time you completed a survey, you will be rewarded with cash or free products or vouchers depending on the policy of compensation of the research company. Paid survey is an easy task that everyone can do and it can be a good source of extra income. If you are interested to get started on paid survey, visit now

All the above are just part of the free services provided by Chris's to help anyone wants to make money online. You'll explore more when visiting

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How to Make Money Online through Treasure Trooper?

Guest Post by Anil Gupta

There are so many ways by which you can make money online. You can find so many different money making schemes available and there are sites that are especially dedicated to making money from the net. One such site is Treasure Trooper.

Making money through Treasure Trooper
Treasure trooper offers you the chance to make money online in so many different ways .Unlike sites which expect you to put in some money to get money back, you don’t have to do any such thing with Treasure Trooper. There is not just one way to earn money here, there are several ways. Let’s take a look at how you can make money online through this site:

You can make money through the site by taking surveys. You just have to give your email and you will be sent information about the survey. As a member you can take three surveys per day. The kind of money you can accumulate by taking survey can come up to $5 per month. The time spent in making such earning is really minimal.

Those who like online shopping will find Treasure Trooper to offer them good shopping opportunity in leading online stores such as Apple iTunes, Vermont Teddy Bear, Hallmark, Sharper Image, or Wal-Mart, and cash returns for shopping through them. You earn a 4% commission for every $100 of purchase that you make. The $4 can be added to your account. You can choose to shop from about 250 leading stores here.

Clicking advertisements is yet another method for earning money. Just click through the series of adverts and get back to the Treasure Trooper list to specify that you have completed your actions and your earnings will be deposited in your account. In addition to this, there is also a referral program by which you can earn 20% from friends to whom you have referred the site.

Treasure Trooper puts forth contest from time to time, which is yet another great opportunity for you to make money online. If you c heck carefully, certain actions will enable you to earn points and you can trade in those points for items like Nano or an X-Box 360.

Treasure Trooper Payments System
There is no need for a credit card to enroll into the site. All payments will be made to you through check. Your earning will be calculated on a monthly basis. You can also get paid through PayPal however this is a payment option available only for those living on the United States and the United Kingdom.

Author Bio
Anil Gupta is the owner of blog where he writes about how to make money online, blog tips, seo tips, wordpress, blogger tips and affiliate marketing.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

10 Titillating Tips for Making Money Blogging

Guest Post by Chris

So you want to make money blogging but you don't know where to start, eh? Well you should start by NOT purchasing one of the thousands of make money online guides that haven't made anyone rich ... except the people selling the make money online guides.

The truth is, the vast majority of people who make an income blogging do so by being passionate about what they blog about. Are you passionate about what you blog about? You should be. Because your competitors are; every online niche -- ranging from biography to baseball -- has at least a handful of bloggers that actually love what they write about.

If you want to beat them to an audience, you are going to have to get ahead of the curve. Below are ten sure-fire ways you can do that.

1. Make sure your entire blog is search engine optimized. This means: using h1 headings, alt and title attributes, bountiful content, large amounts of internal links and meta description tags.

2. Promote your feed – it's your lifeline to potential returning visitors. Your visitors should have a way of easily accessing content to your site and, sometimes, they don't prefer to visit your URL. You should be using Google FeedBurner so that you can record feed stats, optimize with Google's ping service and monetize your feeds with AdSense.

3. Get external dofollow links to your blog. Don't point them all at the frontpage with the same anchor text. Make sure you get links from sites that are related – the mighty Google knows the difference.

4. Research different advertising options. Remember – AdSense is not always the answer. I have known long time bloggers who turned completely to services like ClickBank and Paydotcom (affiliate networks) and have increased their profits by ten fold.

5. Identify good ad placement spots on your blog. The eye often starts mid-left on the page, which makes it an ideal place for advertisements; but not all blogs are structured the same way. You may have design elements in your template that cause the eye to start in different places on the page. Experimenting with different ad placements is the only way to maximize their performance.

6. Feature an 'Advertise Here' page on your blog with traffic and demographic stats for potential advertisers. Some blogs get 90% of their income from private advertisers so you want to make it easy for them to contact you.

7. Never have blank banners on your blog. Run dummy ads if you don't have advertisers yet. Use the space to advertise that you are looking to sell ad space.

8. Take advantage of social networking mediums like Facebook and Twitter. No matter how little known your blog is, you should have a Facebook and Twitter page because some people prefer using these services to follow you.

9. Insert share buttons at the bottom of each of your blog posts. You never know when someone might submit something of yours, allowing your blog massive Stumbleupon or Digg traffic.

10. Frequently update your blog. You will never gain followers if you are a lazy, infrequent blogger. This is the single most important thing to practice if you are looking to make money blogging.

If you regularly practice the above methods, with determination (and maybe a little luck), you will be making a profit from your blog in no time. Stay driven, stay consistent and don't give up!

Author Bio:
Chris has written an extensive four article series on how to make money blogging at his new blog about blogging which features fabulous blogging tips, tricks and resources!

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Dating Affiliate Programs ! People Find Love and You Earn Money!

Guest post by Malick Yann

A dating website is a website which help people to find the kind of relationship they are looking for. Every month, hundred of couples are created through these websites. But the question is:

How can you help people around you or your friends to find love and also make money at the same time?

Today, many dating website provide an affiliate program. The system is very simple and affordable for anyone want to start a small business online.

Contrary to other affiliate programs where you do have to sell their products through your affiliate links before making money, dating websites have an interesting policy of affiliate marketing. Here are their programs:

- Pay Per Lead Program

The fastest way to make money with them is the Pay Per Lead Program. It means that you earn money when someone sign up for free to their website through your affiliate links or banners. Some dating websites pay you an amount of $11 per each confirmed registration you generate.

- Pay Per Sale Program

Generally, if the free member you have generated decide to order a subscription plan in order to get more visibility, details about who view his/her profile and be able to contact them by email or phone, it will earn you money. This is called Pay Per Sale Program.

- Percentage Program

This is the best of both worlds, combining per-lead and per-sale payouts. You can get up to 90% from each every sale and also a bonus if you generate 30 and more subscriptions within a calendar month for certain dating websites.

- Referral Program

You can also refer other affiliates or webmasters and earn between 5% to 10% of their payouts.

Finally, you don't need to sign up to each program separately. Some dating websites include all their programs in your affiliate account when you sign up to one.

Here are some good dating affiliate programs: - - - -

Author Bio:
Sincerely, I want you to succeed online. If you don't start now, it is almost certain you won't make money later. Kind Regards.

Malick Yann - Blog: , Twitter:

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How to Build a Website to Maximize Your Affiliate Marketing Earnings

If you are seriously interested in affiliate marketing, then one of the first things you need to do is to build a website/blog to maximize your earnings. You can surely advertise your affiliate programs without a personal website, by adding links in your email signatures. But the number of people you can target using this method is very small and will help just a little. If you can build a website to maximize your affiliate marketing earnings, the audience to which you are exposing the affiliate program is much larger.

Tips to maximize your affiliate marketing website potential:

1. Choose a Great Topic: This step is critical and many people go wrong here, as they don’t pick an area they are passionate about. You need to create a website around a niche that you love or know a lot about, so that you can always work on it and make it better. A lot of your time and effort will go in creating good content for your website. So choose something you really love to read and write about. Once you have selected your niche, do research to identify some good affiliate products that would go well with your site. Also, make sure that there is a good market for those affiliate products and people buy them.

2. Selecting a Domain Name: Using a site like or a good web-host’s site, do some research and check for domain names. While you are doing your research, remember that it is a great idea to have an important keyword in your domain name. So if your website will be about “designer bags”, try to include that phrase in your domain name. Your domain name must be easy to remember, have a good keyword and easy to type. Try not to have dashes in the domain name and instead, look for ones that have a dot com address.

3. Web Hosting: Purchase a basic personal website package from a web hosting company. Prior to selecting your web host, ask around for some good recommendations. You need a web hosting company that has good customer service, is reliable and is not down too often.

4. Site Builder / Software: Next comes the task of building your website. For this you can make use of a site builder like, or software package like Microsoft FrontPage. Site builders are normally easy to use, and also include web hosting. Thus, you will end up paying a monthly fee for the software and hosting combo. You could also ask someone to design and build the site for you.

5. Driving Traffic to the website: You will have to optimize your web pages for search engines using SEO (search engine optimization) to get good traffic. You can also write articles with good content and submit them to article directories. A few other options to drive traffic to your website are buying ads on other sites that are based on your niche, newsletters and pay-per-click advertisements.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Make Money By Getting Your Listings Seen on Ebay

Guest post by Shane

While it's true that eBay is the world's biggest marketplace with millions of sellers from all over the world, there are still some easy steps you can follow to get buyers to notice your listings. Although the steps are critical since it's very important to bring your listings to soar above the competition, they are few in number. Implementing these tips and tricks can be done by anyone with the end result being more buyers and eyes drawn to your auctions.

To attract buyers you must think like one. This means that you must ask yourself; would you buy something without seeing it, or would an auction with a few pictures be easier for you to bid on? It is a fact that most buyers stay away from sellers with several negative feedback, whether they received it for items shipping late or not as described. For that same reason why would you expect buyers to buy from you if the same could be said of your listings and/or reputation?

This means that in order to get eBay shoppers not only to shop from you, but to trust your listings integrity, you need to include detailed pictures of your item(s). Any spot, blemish or damage on an item should be photograph as well. Always try and upload your pictures at about 400 by 300 pixels jpegs of high quality and take advantage of eBay's free photo hosting service. It is best to resize them to 400 by 300 since eBay will do so anyway and you will end up losing picture details after uploading if you don’t.

Nothing is more annoying and distracting than listings which force the user to have to decipher them. Why would a buyer spend his or her hard earned money in your hard to read listings when there are so many more user-friendly listings available out there? The best way to keep your buyers from leaving your page and reading your auctions is by using a HTML template which helps make the reading easier on the eyes. If you're not too familiar with HTML tags then eBay offers you a low cost listing designer for you to use. Just remember that you don't need fancy code to make your listings readable and simple; and that's what buyers want!

Another thing to be on the lookout for is grammatical errors. Readers hate that as well so make sure your description is not full of typos. There are also many sellers who at times keep their description too short or sometimes give none at all. Too much correct information is never enough information so be sure to add many details when describing your item. If by any chance the product is scratched or damaged in any way, be sure to describe it in detail with a picture to help better describe the damage.

When it comes to the payment options you give to your buyers; the more the merrier. PayPal is the most used on eBay as it gives the buyer the option of paying with their PayPal account, debit card or bank account. However you can and should add money order and check options as well.

So keep in mind that while there may be millions of different sellers hawking the same items ultimately, when your listings are easier to read and well organized they will buy from you. If your auctions contain good quality photos and informative description you will leave others wondering why your listings attract more customers; and you will already know why!

Author Bio:
To learn the true art on how to make money on ebay and how to get $2000 days by simply selling people what they are searching for CLICK HERE

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How Anyone can Have A Lot Of Money Making Pages That Generate Full-Time Income Online

There is one technique of making money with Google AdSense that you probably find impressive. It is by building a network of content websites with Google AdSense ads displaying on each niche content sites. This is a proven way that can help you make a living from AdSense. Imagine if you have 50 niche content sites and each niche site is generating $1 AdSense in average. So 50 sites will equal to $50 AdSense to you daily. No bad huh the daily AdSense earning? If you can build and maintain more niche site, your AdSense earning is even more certainly.

OK. The idea of building a network of niche content sites sounds interesting but it seems that it is not for everyone. Building a network of niche content sites takes a great deal of time and you need to be good in HTML coding. These are the obstacles stopping you from implementing this profitable AdSense idea.

Well, I have a good news to you now. The new software tool that was launched by Andy Thai recently is going to overcome the problems that you'll face on building many niche content sites to make good money from AdSense. This new software tool is called 'Money Making Pages'. It is a niche content site builder that can build money making pages in different niches or in different topics for you. You don't need to know any technical stuff to create different niche pages using Money Making Pages. The creation process is all done by clicking of mouse and typing in your keywords. It is easy and will save a lot of time. And the best part of Money Making Pages is that you don't need to write all the content yourself for each of your niche pages, the system will provide you a list of pre-written unique articles that you can choose to publish on your niche sites.

Once your niche pages have created, you just have to click 'Add AdSense' and choose the ad format to set your AdSense ads displaying on the high click-through location (the content area) of your niche pages. And also you can add Youtube video easily and quickly to your niche content pages to provide more relevant information to your visitors. When everything is ready, all you need to do is hit the 'Publish' button and your niche pages will be live and ready to generate AdSense revenue for you. No file upload you have to work on and no hosting fee you need to pay for.

Money Making Pages Offers Multiple Sources of Income

The niche pages created by Money Making Pages aren't limited to one AdSense income source only. You can place affiliate ads of the reputable online companies on your pages as well to earn affiliate commission. The choices of affiliate ads for you are Ebay, Amazon and Clickbank. You can opt to put one or all of these affiliate ads together onto your money pages. The affiliate ads will be relevant to the content of your pages to entice the visitors to buy on your affiliate products and bring commission to you.

My Experience on Money Making Pages

I was given an opportunity by Andy to access and use Money Making Pages. I have to say the tool is easy and simple to use. With the features the tool provided, you can create as many informative niches pages as possible with Adsense and affiliate ads well-optimized in your pages to make money. These pages wouldn’t be seen by Google as crappy pages because they were loaded with unique content. You certainly want to check out this new software tool and the income opportunities it offers:

Money Making Pages Builder

Andy has created a video to show you how to create niche pages using Money Making Pages in case you find it a little complicated at the beginning. And also he wrote a page of text content to describe how it works so that you know how to use it to build your networks of money making pages effectively and easily.

Create Your Own Content Pages and Start Making Money Online Now

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blogging for Business: The Benefits and Profits

There are numerous benefits of blogging for business, however the most beneficial out of all is the high traffic of viewers that come and visit your blog site. This leads to building up a better platform for increased sales in your trade. There are a lot of benefits of blogging.

Helps in promoting the product
With the help of blogging you can significantly increase the scope of your business promotions and that too in a great manner. Any aware and sensible businessman would not miss a chance to leverage the immensely wide and effective platform as blogging. To start off with blogging one needs to set up an individual blog and then begin posting various text, images and videos that can be used to promote the product. With amazing posts and attractive deals regularly updated on your blog, you shall be able to attract loads of traffic on your site.

Acts as a free advertising tool
If you come across someone who says that blogging does no good for your business then they must be certainly kidding, because it has been proved that blogging helps to accentuate the growth of your business in great manner. It acts as a free advertising tool, where in you can talk about your product and also attract new prospective customers,

A great way to communicate with your clients and customers
The Blogging is a great way to connect with your clients and the users who may be interested in your product and services. There are huge benefits of using the service as a means to get customer feedback and reviews. You may also connect with them and gather ideas about innovative things which they may want from your product/. You may also provide new product updates etc on your blog site.

It is very easy to setup and start off with
Blogging for business is absolutely easy to start off with. You may easily work out the content which you want to post on your business site. All you need to do is come up with innovative ideas and interesting theme, There are various websites which provide enough templates and designs which you can use for creating your blog site. There are lots and lots of ideas available on the internet; all you need to do is a little research.

Customers can access the information about your company
Irrespective of the nature of your blog or business, it is a great practice to keep all the relevant details on the blog so that the users can go ahead and search for all the required information about a product or service.

Here you can also include product descriptions, your company details, some innovative write-ups about the business etc and also a humor corner to make the blog more interesting.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Decent Affiliate Program -

Guest post by Muhammad Saad

Many online money making experts will testify this statement that the best source to make money online is being an affiliate agent and sell other people's stuffs. The reason is fair and simple.

There's no joining fee whatsoever but the returns are limitless. Additionally there's no one way to sell the products. You can take every legitimate step to make a sale and grab the commissions. It is for this reason that you will find more millionaires in this field on the percentage basis as compared to other fields of money making whether physical or virtual.

The most important decision is to choose a profitable niche and promote a product which you can relate to so that you are able to write a convincing review, sales letter or email.

For this purpose, it is essential to join an affiliate program which allows you to promote more than one and diversified products so you can enhance your commissions. Of course every body has a potential to review about more than one products. Therefore I recommend you to join

There are of course more popular affiliate programs than but what's best about it is that the merchants are not related to only one category like where the products available are only related to electronic items or gadgets.

You can promote products which come under various categories. From automotive to financial services. You receive commissions not only for making sales but for creating leads to their websites (Not all merchants allow pay per lead opportunity).

If this is not convincing then read this. After getting paid for the first time. You can also opt in the paid per click (PPC) offers as well. Where you make money just for receiving clicks on your merchant's banners.

If you are one of those unfortunate members of google adsense who got themselves banned from it then you must try Remember PPC offers are only available when you are paid atleast one time. Minimum payout is as low as $50.

A major disadvantage of joining it is that gets a share of your commission. For instance if a merchant is paying you 10% for each sale, it means that he gives 20% on each sale, if you join the merchant directly on its own web site. The other 10% being the share of for providing the services. I guess the site deserves this amount for providing a platform to many merchants and affiliates to come together and create an online business activity.

Author Bio:
Muhammad Saad ul Haque, owns a blog named Make Online Money. He also holds a membership of from where he makes a decent income.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

How to Make Money Online as an Expert for LivePerson

By Michael John Wolfe

No matter what your profession – in this economy, many people are looking to make some extra cash in the form of a part time job or other supplemental income. If you have a professional skill and you would like to make some money in your spare time, you should consider becoming an online expert for LivePerson.

LivePerson is a website designed for individuals who need help in almost any arena to find an expert that can aid or guide them in any number of tasks. Whether you are a math student who needs to hire a math tutor or a small business person who would like to ask some questions to a licensed tax preparer – you can find help on LivePerson.

There are a ton of available categories on LivePerson for those seeking assistance. Counselors, computer technicians, teachers, psychics, real estate experts, mortgage and loan experts, arts and creative service experts – you name it, you can find it on LivePerson.

If you want to make money online as an expert on LivePerson, the process is fairly simple. Simply join LivePerson and choose your area of expertise. Be sure and choose wisely, because once you select one category – in some cases LivePerson will not let you go back and choose a different category. Create an elaborate profile that really portrays your strengths in your specific category; remember that you will be competing with other experts – so you really want your profile to stand out.

Once you complete your profile and you set your status to active, you will simply wait for interested people to seek your help. When someone chooses to hire you, an instant messaging box will pop up on your computer and you can begin your session. You will have previously set your rates and rates can vary from about .99 cents per minute to upwards of $10 per minute.

Don’t forget that LivePerson takes a cut of your earnings, so be sure and set your rates accordingly. Overall, if you can keep your clients happy and get good reviews from each person that hires you – you can really make money online with LivePerson.

Resouce Box:
I have dedicated my life to finding ways to make money online and create sources of residual income. Each day on my blog, I list a new website that you can investigate as a possible source of online income. You can visit my blog here: Residuals and Royalties.

Best of luck with all of your online money making ventures!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why should I Choose Affiliate Programs ?

Guest Post by Malick Yann

What is an affiliate program ?

Many companies which sell products online provide an affiliate program. This is a simply way to advertise their products while saving money. When you register, the company give you links and banners which allow you to promote their products or services and then earn sales commissions when somebody buy their products or services through your affiliate links. It is a former system but it still work very well. It is also a good way to make more money online.

However, why should you choose affiliate programs ?

1- The cost !

In general, joining an affiliate program is completely free. So, why spend a lot of money when you can start your business online for free. In addition to join for free, it's good to understand that you avoid all possible expenses you normally need to start a profitable business online.
With affiliation:
- No expenses to manufacture products you want to sell.
- No expenses to build a sale's website.
- No expenses for the hosting of your sale's website.
- No personal expenses.
The seller provide you what you need.

2- The ease-to-use !

Affiliate programs are easy to use. You avoid all problems due to the management of a classic business: inventory control, budgetary control, purchase order control, risk management, data management... Being an affiliate allows you to avoid all these kind of worries.

3- The time !

You don't need to spend a crazy time to earn an regularly income. It is very easy to build automatic systems which can generate incomes every month without having to work every day.

4- The payment system!

When someone click on your affiliate link and buy a product you will automatically get your sales commissions. You just have to log on to your affiliate account and check your selling and earning statistics.

Author Bio:
Malick Yann is a lazy internet business and marketing teacher who help people to succeed online.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Writing for Money - Winning Examples from Wikinut

Guest Post by Andy Walton

If you're reading this post there's a decent chance you're interested in making more money from your online writing. Whether you have your own blog or post on revenue sharing sites, the key is to maximise the return from each article published. So here are my the top 5 tips for optimising your copy, drawn from my experience of the best pages on Wikinut.

Grab your reader
Each page you write should begin with an eye-catching headline - this starts the ball rolling. Make it interesting, give it an angle.

A recent Wikinut example - "The Healthy Computer Geek's Diet" - short, snappy and contains keywords; it also brings together health and geeks, a clever niche.

But don't stop there... make sure you follow it up with a great first paragraph. This is your first chance to introduce a cliff hanger, a teasing line that will leave your reader wanting more. Let's face it, if your readers are already getting bored something is badly wrong.

Be positive
Here's something I've noticed - authors that are upbeat tend to get better responses. This is a hard factor to quantify and measure, so you'll just have to take my word for it. Whether you're looking for advert clicks or sign-ups, putting your reader in a positive mindset seems to illicit results even if your article isn't directly asking them to respond.

A top page in our jobs section about writing a great CV ended with - "Good luck and stay positive. Eventually you will find that great job - just keep working at it."

If you think about it, when was the last time you saw a salesperson using a negative, unenthusiastic approach?

Give your reasons
This may sound obvious but if you are attempting to directly influence somebody into acting on your words, make sure you give them a damn good reason. It's sometimes easy to lose focus on this as you struggle to compose your piece. People make decisions on the information they have to hand, and it's your job as the author to educate them.

This opening line from a page about starting an eBay business gives the reader reasons immediately - "Have you ever thought about running your own auction business? Like the freedom and flexibility that working for yourself offers?"

Show them the happy place
This is a classic technique and one that is worth remembering. Try to paint a picture in your reader's mind of them enjoying the product, or whatever it is you're offering. Take them beyond the act of response, which is often the biggest hurdle and help them imagine the benefits.

For example, a Wikinut page about hosting the perfect dinner party ended with the following line - "You are now (hopefully) the host(ess) with the most(ess). Bask in the praise. Go on, soak it up. You deserve it. Cheers!"

The reader cannot help but get enthused by this paragraph, and it's a great example of the approach.

Call to action
Finally, you should include at least 1 direct call to action in your piece, by which I mean an instruction to your reader. In fact, you can go even further and demand or even order your audience to respond! If you have successfully achieved the first 4 steps above, you should have them in the palm of your hand...

Author Bio:
Andy Walton is inviting you to use Wikinut , a new publishing platform that pays lifetime royalties for your writing on a massive range of topics. Use promo code "5more" at today, and get an extra 5% in royalties.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Affiliate Marketing – Unlimited Earning Potential

Guest Post by Paul

How do you fancy earning money online without having your own product? Or even having your own web site?

Allow me to introduce you to affiliate marketing. It’s one of the more popular ways of making money online is how I have managed to make a full time income online over just the last 8 weeks.

The really great thing about affiliate marketing is that once you get everything in place, it runs automatically. Essentially, you can potentially earn money whilst you’re on holiday – it’s an auto pilot system. That’s what attracted me to this industry.

What’s even more attractive is the earning potential. There are more millionaire affiliate marketers than any other sector online – you can’t say you’re not intrigued now, can you!

But how does it work?

Well, you are an online salesman. It all comes down to this: You find people with a problem and you solve their problems by introducing them to a product. If somebody lands on a sales page having clicked one of your hyperlinks and then buys the product, you are entitled to a commission.

I know what you’re thinking - how do I get people to click on my link? Well, that’s the skill involved. You have to find hungry markets of people and somehow put your articles or advertisements in front of them.

There are a huge variety of ways of doing this. One of my favorite ways is called article marketing – largely because it’s the easiest! As an article marketer you write for audiences of people, find places to distribute your article, recommend products and make sales.

Here’s The Clever Bit Though…

A lot of people fail at affiliate marketing. Want to know why? They don’t understand their target audience. It’s as simple as that.

Let me give you an example. If you’re the best looking guy in the world, with bucket loads of personality and a huge wallet full of cash, do you think you’d be able to attract a girl? OK, what about if you hang out in a gay bar?

You catch my drift? You can have the best product and sales pitch in the world but if you don’t advertise to the right crowd of people then you’ll never make any money!

So How Do You Get To Know Your Target Market?

You hang out where they do…I’m talking about forums. Forums are the greatest weapon in an internet marketer’s arsenal. It’s one place where you can really understand that mindset of your target market. What concerns are they having? What makes them tick? What problems are they trying to solve.

Where Can You Find Products To Promote?

Personally, I like selling digital products because the profit margin is so great. For instance, if I lead someone to buy a $37 e-book, then I can expect to take home over $20. $29 for one quick sale! You can clearly see how this adds up over time.

The best digital product retailer is called Clickbank. They have a plethora of products in all sorts of niches that you can sell – just have a look in the marketplace and find one that takes your fancy.

Affiliate Marketing Is Not Easy…

This is not a get rich quick scheme that many people are trying to tell you. It’s a skill that needs to be learned just like playing golf or a musical instrument. But let me assure you, when you learn the skill, you’re set for a life of financial freedom.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

5 Ad Networks to Make Money from Your Blog

Guest Post by Indu Priya

Today's Internet world provides many opportunities to ordinary people to make money from blogs and websites. Here are few ad networks you can give a try.

Amazon ads: Amazon ad affiliate programs lets you choose Amazon products to sell on your blog. You can pick products related to your blog from different types of merchandise available in Amazon. Commission will be given on every sale.

You first need to create an account in the Amazon site here.

After you choose the products, you will be provided a code which has to be placed on your blog.

Text Link Ads: You can make money from your blog by displaying text link ads in your blog. Text link ads acts as a middleman and takes a part of the revenue generated for sourcing the sponsors for you.

Your visitors don't seem to mind them at all by because they are not intrusive. The link price is set based on your Alexa rank, RSS subscribers and Google page rank.

You can sign up for Text Link Ads at

If you have a wordpress blog, install the plug-in and add code to the theme template.

Feedburner ad network: If you want to monetize your RSS feed, then this is the best RSS ad network. Firstly, you must have feedburner power your RSS feed. Basically it works this way. It displays CPM ads in your site and RSS feed. The CPM rate can be as high as $10 and publishers get 70% of the money.

You can sign up for feedburner here.

Chitika Ads: This is a good adsense alternative. This ad network is immensely popular in US, Canada and European countries. It is a pay-per-click service targeted especially towards search visitors. Whenever people click through and purchase a product, there is a commission paid.

You can Sign up for Chitika here. is a great way to start earning from your blog. It allows advertisers to purchase product reviews from different blogs. The prices are set by reviewme based on the Alexa rank, Technorati and RSS subscribers. Publishers can set their own price if they don't like the price set by

The reviews could be positive or negative. But they should be at least 200 words long.

You can sign up here.

There are many other sites like Here is the list.


However, before choosing an ad network, it is highly recommended to go through the company's forums, reviews and blogs.

Author Bio:
Indu Priya is a traffic expert and owner of She offers traffic building services to small business owners. Get her FREE e-book on how to drive 100+ traffic per day at

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Make Money On Ebay - Is It Too Late To Get Involved And Start Profiting?

Guest Post by Shane

We all want to be successful in life. The choices we make are ultimately what decide whether we are or not. There are many out there making money on eBay selling items on eBay in auctions daily. The question remains then if others have done it, then why not you?Many people are quite intimidated when it comes to having and running their own business. There are hundreds of people who miss out on a life changing opportunity when it comes to selling products on eBay. With selling products on eBay, you actually have a great opportunity to make some extra cash at your own leisure. The fact of the matter is, its never too late to make money on ebay.

There is no greater satisfaction and joy than that of being your own boss. If you ever actually considered changing your life and going in a different direction; the making more money direction; Then selling on eBay is something to seriously consider.

Selling products on eBay offers you a chance to secure your future and gives you the opportunity of becoming and a great success story as many others have done before you. Once you know the basics of selling on eBay, then you will have your foot in the door of the biggest online selling site in the world.

Once you begin to sell on eBay however, you need to remember that this is a business and should be treated as such. You need to be professional in all your dealings and how you handle and carry out all aspects of it. Many sellers have turned their businesses on eBay into empires because of this. Of course some of them have been doing this for a long time, but if you apply yourself, in no time you'll have the experience it takes to get to that level as well.

Making sure that the products you are selling are correctly and accurately described is very important. If you give potential customers detailed information on what they are looking for, you will no doubt reap the rewards. Even the minutest detail when listing an item can make or break a sale for you.

Remember that repeat customers are the key to success in any business and even more so online. You should always have a friendly and professional approach when dealing with all your potential clients. Answering what seems like a small and unimportant question from an interested customer could mean the difference of 3 to 4 bids on an item. Once a customer begins to trust you and you secure that customer; that will open the door for all the people he or she knows to buy from you as well. There’s no better business than the business of a regular customer.

This all ties in to your feedback rating as well. There is nothing more important on eBay than your feedback. You can have the best product in the world and if your feedback is negative, you will not make the same amount, will not receive the same amount of bids as a bidder with a greater feedback would. Negative feedback could mean zero sales.

Always remember the rules and regulations on eBay. They are there for your protection and the clients as well. Even if you don't agree or like any of them, it is in the best interest of your online business to follow them.

The end result, apart from meeting hundreds of new people from all around the world when you sell on eBay, is the satisfaction of having your own business empire and of course being your own boss!

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Monday, February 8, 2010

How To Increase Your Income By Article Writing

Many people don’t know yet that there is money on the internet. Earning a good amount of income online is possible. There are so many ways we could realize this and the opportunities are unlimited. However, for those who are new online, this isn’t an easy task. If there’s no one who could guide him on how it works and what are the necessary steps to take, it won’t be that easy. Thanks to the many online webmasters and bloggers who are more than willing to share what they know and their experiences on how they became successful online.

One of the most effective ways to make money online is by creating content. The content you produce may include a variety of topics and it can tackle any topic you may be interested in. Professional online writers know already which niche is highly popular so they concentrate on writing about them. These people earn a few hundreds or even a few thousands of dollars monthly. Not bad for an extra income, huh! In time, the amount you earn would eventually become as high as your monthly salary from your day job or even more. This time, you would face an important decision to make – work full time with your online endeavors and quit your job, or stay on your current job and make this online opportunity a part-time job. Majority usually choose the first.

Blogging communities are popular places online where most writers are active. In these sites, members submit articles and earn money through Google AdSense and affiliate products commissions. Another popular way is by producing content and selling it in forums. There are many site owners most especially the professional bloggers and those who have been in this business for years who don’t have enough time to create content anymore. They are so busy creating new blogs as well as marketing them that they already outsource their blog’s contents. This opportunity gives work at home individuals earn additional income. Work-at-home moms also earn supplemental income for their husband’s salary. A new job of content creation is opened which benefits many people. As an online writer yourself, you will gain many benefits from this opportunity.

The process of selling in forums is by posting that you have “available contents for sale” of a specific niche. Majority of these forums allow you to sell these contents at their marketplace section where content creation is the main focus. Some forums also categorize it under “special offers” section. It is important that you write a professional looking advertisement as this is one way for clients to assess and get a good first impression of you. You have to observe right grammar rules, correct punctuation and sentence structure as these are the main requirements in content writing. If you are not yet confident enough of your command of the English language, you can always search for free English tutorials online.

You can also create a blog where you can list all your currently available articles. In your signature in forums, you can add a link informing viewers about your available articles and pointing the link to your blog. In this way, you don’t only gain exposure to your created content but also traffic to your blog.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

How to Create Referral Link Landing Pages

Guest Post by Michael-John Wolfe

By now many of us have heard of these websites that offer cash to fill out free trial offers. Websites like Treasure Trooper, Squishy Cash and CashCrate are all legitimate ways to make money online for those people who have the time. By filling out simple trial offers, individuals can earn anywhere from .75 cents to $10 per offer. Some folks choose to spend their time filling out hundreds of these offers in order to make a good hourly wage. It is feasible to earn $20 to $25 per hour while filling out trial offers on these websites. Of all three choices, CashCrate seems to be the most user friendly and have the most available cash offers. But all three website offer a good opportunity to make money online.

But before you join, you should know that there is a much better way to make money online with these websites. That way is through referrals. I currently am on pace to make $100 this month in referrals to these website and I have not lifted one finger or filled out any trial offers. You too can do the same.

The key is to create a blog or webpage that will act as a “landing page” for those visitors to your website that are looking for ways to make money online. These folks who arrive at your webpage will be informed about these trial offers and how much money they can make. Treat this as your sales page and do whatever you can to get these referrals to join CashCrate, Treasure Trooper or Squishy Cash. You can post videos of your checks when you receive them or show screenshots of your current earnings.

If you don’t have enough earnings yet to entice any referrals – simply embed someone else’s video or screen shot and then list your affiliate link below. There are some people who are earning $500 to $1,000 a month by simply referring others to these free trial websites. So you can be like the sheep and spend hours filling out free trial offers – or you can be like the wolf and get OTHERS to fill out these offers while you collect the cold hard cash!

If you would rather not pay a hosting fee for a website, you can get a free blog at places like You will want to create backlinks to your blog that will get you ranked higher in the search engine for terms that are related to making money online. You should also email all of your friends and family to get them to sign up for these free trial websites under your referral link. It will take some time, but if you commit yourself – you can get a decent number of referrals. In time you will be making a nice monthly income through your referrals!

Author Bio:
You can join CashCrate by clicking here. You can join Treasure Trooper by clicking here. You can join SquishyCash by clicking here. Michael-John Wolfe is the author of the Residuals and Royalties blog and he is dedicated to finding legit ways to make money online.

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Mistakes which can Let You Down as a Squidoo Marketer

The Squidoo lenses are a great way to get traffic and recognition as a niche expert. You can create a Squidoo lens about the products or your business and then market it on Squidoo. This way, Squidoo can be your steady traffic source for your website.

Squidoo marketing is not very difficult. The only major problem is the common mistakes which are repeated over and over again by the beginners. You should avoid them and there is no need to worry about the traffic then. You will surely get a lot of traffic from Squidoo.

Here are some of the classical mistakes which you should avoid at all costs.

• Most of the people are unaware of the importance of the tags at the beginning. They do not use them properly and then at a later stage they realize that they have missed out on a golden opportunity. If your profile tags are proper, you would surely get more attention from the other Squidoo users as well as from the search engines. Use the proper spellings while tagging and make sure that you are putting the relevant tags. Also make sure that your tags do match with your keywords so that you can attract the interested people to your Squidoo lens.

• You should use your keywords everywhere on Squidoo. Make sure that you have a good keyword density as well in your articles and the text based content. You should use your keywords in other places on the Squidoo lens as well. These may include polls etc. Also make sure that you are using the keywords in the titles. If you are not using the keywords in the titles and the URL, you are missing a great deal.

• Another major mistake that the beginners make is to ignore the opportunities which come your way in the form of putting hyperlinks on the Squidoo lens. The people think that putting the banner ads at the bottom of the lens is sufficient and they do not realize that they do have a lot of other places as well where they can put their links. If you are new to Squidoo, make sure you have not missed any such place and you your hyperlinks at all the possible places.

• Another mistake which is commonly made by all the new comers is to only emphasis on the Squidoo lens and forget the community of Squidoo. You should never do that. The community will help you to get more clicks and more visits. In fact they are the people whom you are trying to attract to your Squidoo lens. You should communicate with the community by joining the groups. The groups will help you to talk to the people and market your lens and the business there.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Free Money Making E-books from Joel Comm

Joel Comm, I'm sure you've heard this name if you have been struggling to make money on the Internet for some time. Joel is making over $20,000 per month from Google AdSense program. He has been giving resources about how to make money online from time to time.

Recently Joel put up a free offer again. He is giving out 4 e-books this time. All of these free e-books are written well and providing solid content. Anyone can sign up and download his free e-books. Here are the books Joel is giving away:

AdSense Secrets v4.0 - This is the latest edition of Joel Comm's AdSense Secrets e-book. Containing 232 pages of AdSense and Internet money making tips.

Kontera ContentLink Secrets - Kontera is an alternative of AdSense and can be used together with AdSense. Joel will teach you how to maximize your website revenue using Kontera.

Chitika Secrets v4.0 - Chitika eMinimall is another ad network for you to generate income on the Internet. The book is full of tips about how to optimize Chitika ads on your blog and website.

How to Build Profitable Websites Fast - How to create a website that can provide you multiple sources of revenue? This e-book has the answers.

If you like to grab of a copy of any of the above e-books, just click the link above, enter your email and name; and you'll have access to the book right away. Hope you enjoy the content.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

4 Steps to Forum Marketing Success

Forums are places where your marketing can take the real boost. By joining the popular forums related to your website or business, you can start participating in discussions, sharing ideas, asking questions, helping others and make sure of the signature links to direct targeted traffic from the forums to your website.

Below are 4 steps which you can follow to achieve the results you've always wanted with forum marketing.

1. Choose several forums
One forum won't be enough. You need to choose around 10 forums where you want to post. Also you don't want to choose some lame inactive forum. Find the places which have lots of visitors and which will attract people's attention. With one forum you will have results, but the more forums you choose, the more visitors and buyers you will acquire. After all your revenue is directly proportional to the number of people you can reach out to. So reach out wide. Also, you don’t want to choose the wrong forums. Fins those places where people talk things related to your nice. Are you selling furniture? Find at least 10 furniture forums.

2. Create your accounts
Creating an account is not in itself a difficult process. You just need to register with a valid email address, confirm it and you are all set. But there still are some things to watch out for. First of all you need to use some humanizing data. Even if you don't provide your real personal information you still need to make it look like an actual personal account on each of that forums. So upload a cool avatar and make all accounts look real and nice.

3. Become active
It's not enough to have the accounts. You also need to make them look nice. Don't start posting your links and marketing ads right away. Socialize, comment, discuss and bond with the other users first. If you will post an ad as soon as you've created the account no one will buy it. You need to gain trust in order to market the right way. Talk around, post useful stuff and help people. Make friends and let some time pass before taking action.

4. Repeat on What You are Doing
Gaining trust and establishing your reputation in the forums are the keys to success in forum marketing. So, you should constantly contribute in the forums. Keep helping people who need advice and solutions to their problems. If have found anything good that the members will be interested, share with to them. People will appreciate on what you are sharing.

As you are posting on the forums often, your messages are often read by most of the members and these members will see you as a trusted member. So, the links that you included in your signature line will be interesting to others as well. Many of them will click your signature link to get more info from you or to check out what you are offering. These all are free targeted traffic to you. So, keep contributing in the forums and your messages and signature links will be seen by more and more people which will probably generate more traffic to your website.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Make Money Online By Creating Various Sources of Residual Income

Guest Post by Michael John Wolfe

I have dedicated the last two years of my life to finding legitimate ways to make money online and create sources of residual income. As you can imagine, I had to weed through thousands of scams and hundreds of websites that did not live up to their claims.

Rather than focus on one source of residual income – I decided to create many sources. I only had a few hours each week to dedicate to making money online, but I was able to create $900 a month in total income from all of my sources.

My first source was photography and I took some quality photos at home and while traveling. I uploaded these photos to the many microstock photography websites that are available. Within a few months I was making $200 to $300 a month from only 312 photos. Not a bad start!

The next thing that I did was start writing articles for a variety of websites that paid me each month for the advertising earnings that accompanied these articles. I was able to create $250 a month in earnings from a few select websites. The best part about these articles is the fact that I wrote some of them over a year ago and I am still earning money every month in the form of residual income. This is a great feeling!

One of the more recent ways I have found to make money on the internet is by filling out trial offers. I have found one or two websites that require you to submit your information and they actually pay you for filling out these trial offers. Now don’t get me wrong, you won’t get rich from these websites – but I do make some great residual income each month. I only really invest a couple of hours a week to these trial offer websites and I also get paid for referring people to them. One warning, if you do decide to complete trial offers do not use your personal email address! Create a separate email address just for trial offers. These trial offer companies will fill your email address with spam and advertisements.

Author Bio:
You can see some of these and other ways I have found to make money online by visiting my blog at: Make Money Online.