Friday, February 19, 2010

Make Money By Getting Your Listings Seen on Ebay

Guest post by Shane

While it's true that eBay is the world's biggest marketplace with millions of sellers from all over the world, there are still some easy steps you can follow to get buyers to notice your listings. Although the steps are critical since it's very important to bring your listings to soar above the competition, they are few in number. Implementing these tips and tricks can be done by anyone with the end result being more buyers and eyes drawn to your auctions.

To attract buyers you must think like one. This means that you must ask yourself; would you buy something without seeing it, or would an auction with a few pictures be easier for you to bid on? It is a fact that most buyers stay away from sellers with several negative feedback, whether they received it for items shipping late or not as described. For that same reason why would you expect buyers to buy from you if the same could be said of your listings and/or reputation?

This means that in order to get eBay shoppers not only to shop from you, but to trust your listings integrity, you need to include detailed pictures of your item(s). Any spot, blemish or damage on an item should be photograph as well. Always try and upload your pictures at about 400 by 300 pixels jpegs of high quality and take advantage of eBay's free photo hosting service. It is best to resize them to 400 by 300 since eBay will do so anyway and you will end up losing picture details after uploading if you don’t.

Nothing is more annoying and distracting than listings which force the user to have to decipher them. Why would a buyer spend his or her hard earned money in your hard to read listings when there are so many more user-friendly listings available out there? The best way to keep your buyers from leaving your page and reading your auctions is by using a HTML template which helps make the reading easier on the eyes. If you're not too familiar with HTML tags then eBay offers you a low cost listing designer for you to use. Just remember that you don't need fancy code to make your listings readable and simple; and that's what buyers want!

Another thing to be on the lookout for is grammatical errors. Readers hate that as well so make sure your description is not full of typos. There are also many sellers who at times keep their description too short or sometimes give none at all. Too much correct information is never enough information so be sure to add many details when describing your item. If by any chance the product is scratched or damaged in any way, be sure to describe it in detail with a picture to help better describe the damage.

When it comes to the payment options you give to your buyers; the more the merrier. PayPal is the most used on eBay as it gives the buyer the option of paying with their PayPal account, debit card or bank account. However you can and should add money order and check options as well.

So keep in mind that while there may be millions of different sellers hawking the same items ultimately, when your listings are easier to read and well organized they will buy from you. If your auctions contain good quality photos and informative description you will leave others wondering why your listings attract more customers; and you will already know why!

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