Monday, February 1, 2010

Make Money Online By Creating Various Sources of Residual Income

Guest Post by Michael John Wolfe

I have dedicated the last two years of my life to finding legitimate ways to make money online and create sources of residual income. As you can imagine, I had to weed through thousands of scams and hundreds of websites that did not live up to their claims.

Rather than focus on one source of residual income – I decided to create many sources. I only had a few hours each week to dedicate to making money online, but I was able to create $900 a month in total income from all of my sources.

My first source was photography and I took some quality photos at home and while traveling. I uploaded these photos to the many microstock photography websites that are available. Within a few months I was making $200 to $300 a month from only 312 photos. Not a bad start!

The next thing that I did was start writing articles for a variety of websites that paid me each month for the advertising earnings that accompanied these articles. I was able to create $250 a month in earnings from a few select websites. The best part about these articles is the fact that I wrote some of them over a year ago and I am still earning money every month in the form of residual income. This is a great feeling!

One of the more recent ways I have found to make money on the internet is by filling out trial offers. I have found one or two websites that require you to submit your information and they actually pay you for filling out these trial offers. Now don’t get me wrong, you won’t get rich from these websites – but I do make some great residual income each month. I only really invest a couple of hours a week to these trial offer websites and I also get paid for referring people to them. One warning, if you do decide to complete trial offers do not use your personal email address! Create a separate email address just for trial offers. These trial offer companies will fill your email address with spam and advertisements.

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You can see some of these and other ways I have found to make money online by visiting my blog at: Make Money Online.

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