Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Successful Home Based Business - Why Are People Searching?

Guest post by Christine Chow

We are living in a day and age where you are either your own boss, or someone's slave. For those of you working under conditions where you are not happy, you know exactly what this feels like. People seek to find their own successful home based business because they are wanting something more. They know that life is not just made up of clock work. Feeling like you are slave to a clock can be physically and emotionally draining. Working from home opens up the door to ultimate freedom and gets you away from your dreaded 9 to 5.

The idea of having a home based business has been around for a while, and is now becoming more popular and much more of a reality for a lot of different people with different job backgrounds. You can basically pick whatever it is that you want to do, and go with that idea. You must stay focused on your dream, or it cannot grow into reality. You won't get rich overnight, starting a successful home based business takes time and patience. In time, your business can indeed turn into a successful venture. Having a home based business is often very appealing for people who want to invest little to no money while still reaping the benefits of a large investment. Trying to start a successful home based business is smart.

It is for the mother or father who wants to stay home with their children. Not everyone has the money for the cost of daycare these days. It can be a real hassle for couples with numerous children. Daycare costs can add up to hundreds of dollars per week, taking literally over half of the family's income. Working from home at your home based business can allow both parents to quit their day job, and focus on what is most important.

Having a successful home based business is often flexible enough to allow you to stay at your current position while still working from home to build your future business in your spare time. Most people usually only invest a few hours a week starting off. It can take up to two years for a home based business to grow and become successful. The more hours that you invest, the quicker your business can grow. There are certainly a lot of people out there who are willing to invest dozens of hours a week in addition to their current job because they really want to get away from corporate America. Who doesn't?

You don't have to worry about the high cost of gas. With the way the economy is going, it is no wonder that more and more people are reaching for their home laptops and searching for successful home based business ideas. More and more folks are losing their jobs of today, and fearing that there is no future for them tomorrow. Something has to happen, and it is happening at home. There are so many different areas of business to go into when you choose to do it your own way. You can even choose to have more than one if you would like.

Starting up a successful home based business is worth the time and work. But do not be deceived, there is a lot of work involved. There will be times in the beginning that you will feel like beating your head against the pavement. Just remember to relax and be consistent. A business takes time, patience, and a real effort. The harder you try, the more likely you will be to able to succeed.

More details about a successful home based business opportunity can be found on www.HomeBizTopEarner.com.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Internet CEO - How To Make "Independent" Money Online

Guest post by Carael Knight

Making Money If You Do "Not" Have Your Own Website

What I have learned over the years is that you have to do a lot of small things correctly. One good way to make independent money online is to market your products and services on high traffic websites such as this one. You can accomplish this by having a link or banner (some advertisement of some sort) to your website from their website. For example: Just say if a high traffic website is getting between say maybe 100,000 - 200,000 visitors a month and you took 1,000 - 2,000 (this is on the low end) of their traffic a month, the numbers will quickly add up.

Another way you can make independent money online is to promote affiliate programs. If you have a website of your own that is already receiving a pretty good amount of traffic, you can promote it on your site. But if not, then I would suggest something like Pay Per Click or promoting it on high traffic websites that are on the same theme like the example above.

Making Money If You "Do" Have Your Own Website

You have to build your backlinks if you want to make money online for the long haul. You do not necessarily have to be at the very top of the search engines to make money online but it is crucial that you build a credible website. You have to build a "buzz". One of the best
ways to do this is through building backlinks.

Making independent money online is not like regular internet marketing. It takes a lot more hard work and dedication to marketing on your own terms. This includes using your own avenues to get the word out about your business. You have to be creative as well as think "outside the box". A better way to fully understand what making independent money online is this, ask yourself, "if my main source of traffic was taken away from me today, what do I have to fall back on for traffic and stability? This is why it is so important to have multiple streams of traffic going into your website. Since having a successful internet business is all about longevity, making independent money online is the only way.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Beginner Guide to Setting Up a Freelancing Business to Make Money Online

If you are one of the many people who has planned to get into the Internet freelancing industry, there are some important things you must know. Outlined below are 4 necessary things you must have so that you can start your online freelancing business easier and be more successful when running the business.


Even if you are just starting out with your online freelancing business or even if you simply wish to make use of bidding sites for freelancing, never forget the importance of having a website. Your freelancing website should contain information about yourself, what your credentials are, and what you are capable of doing. If you have a good website for your online freelancing business, it would be easier for potential customers to trust you with the work they require.


When starting a freelancing business over the internet, you would need to publish your own portfolio. If you already have a website, putting your information there is necessary. Potential clients will first be looking at this portfolio to get to know your skills as well as what your freelancing business has to offer. They would want to see your previous works in order for them to determine if your capabilities fit their needs. For this reason, you must be sure to publish your best works that exemplify exactly what you can offer to your clients.


Your website should contain all the pertinent information regarding what kind of services your online freelancing business can offer. Depending on whether or not you have standard rates for your services, you may choose to publish prices in your online freelancing website or advice your visitors to contact you so you can provide them with a quotation for the work they require. However, you must take into consideration that some people prefer to see rates and prices immediately rather than wait for a quote. If you do not have standard prices for your services, you can simply publish a price range for all the services you offer just to give your visitors an idea of what to expect. If the price range that you publish suits their budget, they will contact you for a more specific quotation.


The World Wide Web is open to everyone and there are thousands of business websites that are not registered. However, it is better to have your business registered at least with your local government. Doing this will help you gain the trust of your potential customers. This will also allow you to advertise your freelancing services in your local newspaper. If you opt to do this for your online freelancing business, you will have more chances of gaining clients since more individuals would rather work with registered businesses especially for legal and accounting purposes. This will also help you develop a better reputation for your freelancing business and it will give your potential customers an impression that it is safe to do business with you.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tips for Making Money Online with Cash Crate

Guest post by Joe Soderlund

Cash Crate can be a great way for teens and adults together to earn money online. In this post I will talk about Cash Crate as well as the pros and cons of the site.

What is Cash Crate?

Cash Crate is a gpt site generally speaking where you get paid a certain amount to do little tasks such as fill out free offers or take surveys. These little tasks usually pay somewhere between $.50 to $8.00. Cash Crate makes money every time you complete an offer. When someone completes an offer Cash Crate is paid a certain of money, most of which they pass on to you. This is how Cash Crate is able to stay in business.

  • Filling out free offers with Cash Crate can make you a lot of money in a short period of time. The offers don’t usually take more than a few minutes to complete as long as you stay on task.
  • Cash Crate’s payout is $10.00 which is very low. This makes it easy for you to receive money from them very quickly. You also have the option to change the payout price to whatever you want. This is very convenient if you make tons of money with them and don’t want to be paid every week or so.
  • You only have to be 13 years old to sign up with Cash Crate. This gives teens a way to make money online. Cash Crate is very friendly and is easy to use.
  • Cash Crate does pay. If you don’t believe me type in “cash crate proof of payment” on Google Images and you will see dozens of checks from them.
  • In order to complete the Cash Crate offers, you must give information like your email address and sometimes your address. While this can be partially avoided by making another email address just for Cash Crate, some people don’t feel comfortable giving away their personal info.
  • If you chose to get paid by check, the payment takes a while to arrive. Usually 2-4 weeks.
Cash Crate Referral System

Cash Crate has one of the best referral systems that I have seen. For every person you refer, you get 20% of their earnings. You also get 10% of your referral’s referrals earnings. Another great thing about Cash Crate’s referral system is that once one of your referrals make $10.00, you are credited with another $3.00. If you are able to obtain enough referrals, you can make money just with Cash Crate’s referral system.

Friday, March 27, 2009

How to Make Money with ‘Get Paid to Blog’ Websites

Guest post by Anil Garg

'Get paid to Blog' websites offer many easy and fast money making opportunity for bloggers in all niches. Bloggers can earn money by writing posts about products, services and advertisers website with these networks on their blogs.

To start making money with any of paid blogging (Get paid to blog) networks, we need to create a publisher or blogger account. All paid networks have their own terms and conditions for accepting new publishers into their network. Some network goes for blog that have:
  • Good page rank
  • Good Alexa and Technorati rankings
  • Some minimum blog age like 3 months
  • Blog cached in major search engines
  • Blogs in active state with some minimum posts in a week or month time
So you should submit your best blog in these networks if you are serious about making money with them. And when we think about the money we will be able to make by writing some paid posts on our blog can be as little as $5 and also can be as high as $1000. But you surely have higher chance of making money with these networks if you have a blog having good page rank like 5 or 6.

So go and create a publisher account on some of popular paid blogging networks like Payperpost, ReviewMe, SponSoredReviews, Smorty and Blogsvertise etc. And once you get your account approved on any of these networks, don’t forget to check your account several times a day. With this, you should check your e-mails on regular basis as some networks send notification about open or available opportunities in your e-mail account that you used while creating account on these networks. Here is a brief summary about top 3 paid blogging networks available today on internet:

Payperpost – is the biggest and most popular company in paid blogging niche. Best thing about this paid blogging network is the high amount of advertisers and thus lots of money making opportunities if you have a blog with some good page rank. The downside about this network is possibly the Google penalty your blog may have to face as you have to including some content like ‘Sponsored by Payperpost’ at the end of each post that you write for this network. They send your earnings on monthly basis in your paypl account.

SponsoredReviews – They have also large number of advertisers waiting for your bids to be placed. Login into your account and browse through the open opportunities and place your bids according to the amount of money you are willing to get paid for that task and according to the maximum budget specified by the advertiser.

ReviewMe – forget about this network if you don’t have a blog with good page rank, Alexa ranking and hundred of RSS subscribers. You can write up to 10 paid posts via this network in a month time. They send payments on the 1st of every month into your paypal account for the previous month earnings.

About the Author
For more money making opportunities, visit Anil Gupta’s make money online blog where you will get lots of valuable tips for making fast money with your blog.

Make Money Online with Chattotext.com

Guest post by Steve Blanchard

I was searching all over the internet for this because I wanted a way to figure out how to use my blog or other social sites for people to send text messages to me even if they didn't have a cell phone and then I could respond back to them so tcahhey can stay in touch with me all for a cheap price. That’s when I found Chat to Text. I just love the idea!

Chat to Text is a new service which allows anyone who visits any web site set up with Chat to Text the ability to chat by text messages to a designated cell phone, without giving out the cell phone number.

The company is based in Stuart, FL. Chat to Text has been launched successfully, targeted primarily at users of social networking sites such as MySpace, FaceBook, and Bebo but can also be added to virtually any web site using a simple script provided by the service.

Until now, texting has required both parties to have a cell phone, and to have each other’s cell phone number. The Chat to Text makes it possible for visitors to a web site to send a text through a window on the site and receive a response within moments, all without the need for a cell phone and without knowing the cell phone number they are sending the chat message to.

The launch of the service at the end of Feb. 2009 was met with great enthusiasm from the many users of social networking sites, as well as from people who want to receive instant chat from customers and prospective customers visiting a business website.

Teens and young people love to chat online, and love to send text messages. Now Chat to Text allows them to do both. The new service also enables customers to earn referral fees by telling others about Chat to Text. Each customer receives an affiliate website link that they can give to friends and family and get credit for each person who signs up using that link.

Some are content to earn enough referral fees to cover the $6 monthly cost, but many realize it is a quick, easy way to earn a substantial extra monthly income. Within days of the launch many have earned very large referral fees that are paid over and over again, month after month.

Features include the ability to turn the chat window on and off, set a schedule of chat availability, block certain people from the chat, save the chat history, and even customize the chat window with a photo and more. The biggest attraction may well be the affiliate referral commissions offered to everyone using the service.

The chat and text service costs about $6 a month for unlimited text chatting for residents of the United States and Canada. It is quick and easy to enroll and then set it up on virtually any web site.

I will cation that if you have limited text on your phone - then you need to be careful as you could end up getting more text messages then you want and go over your limit, but if you have unlimited then it’s fine.

Also remember that you can turn it off to stop the messages or block certain people if they are becoming abusive with the messaging.

Want to see how easy, exciting, and how to make money?

Try Chat To Text

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tips for Making Money Online with Internet Selling

Making money online through internet selling requires proper sifting of the kind of products you choose to sell. These tips on how to make money online will help you maximize earnings according to the type of product that you will sell.

Selling in the internet is made easier by online stores that offer free membership to any interested seller. Gain an edge by choosing a professional user name and ambiance for your collection.

To get a share of the wide market, choose products that are tangible and present them using substantial advertising tools such as clear photos showing multiple angles of the product. Selling of tangible products can be best supported by having a traditional, offline store or stand where your products can be displayed. Remember that selling concrete products will incur other necessary expenses for storage, inventory, packaging and delivery. Long distance deliveries entail shipping or airline expenses that you can put against your client’s payment.

You can make money online by selling intangible, digital materials. These include computer software, plug-ins, graphic designs, website layouts, electronic books and electronic magazines to name a few. Selling digital items online is convenient as these products are made and update at home. They are relatively easy and affordable to create, requiring primarily technical skills of the creator. Sellers can better earn money online since the purchase of digital goods does not require any delivery service. All transactions are made online such as digital downloading.

Whether you are selling tangible or digital goods, make sure to regularly update and support your online store with various advertorial campaigns to make your collection more visible over others selling the same line of products. Internet selling is a lucrative money-making venture if executed properly.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Free 119 Page Ebook Reveals How to Make Money Online with Web Portal

A web portal basically is a website that presents all kinds of information. It also offers services like e-mail, search engine for users to find websites, entertainment, forums, chat, shopping and dozen of other services useful for the Internet users. One of the good examples of web portal is Yahoo.com which earns millions of dollars every year.

Web portal will make you money as long as it attracts traffic. It is an online business model that has a great profit potential. You might want to think about starting a web portal to make money online.

There is an e-book called Web Portal Profits that teaches people to start a web portal quickly and cheaply. You can download a copy of Web Portal free at http://www.webportalprofits.com to find out how you can start your own web portal. You don't have to worry about the complicated programming and site management knowledge that you need to know to run a web portal. This e-book will show you a way to easily managing and running your web portal.

Web Portal will guide you through all the steps you need to take create a successful web portals that will generate your traffic and income. If you are interested on this business model, this is a must read e-book.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Fail-safe eBay Business Roadmap

Guest post by Simon Slade

The problem with starting an eBay business is that there are so many ways to do it. Should you join this drop shipping scheme? What about importing from China, seems like things are pretty cheap there? For the last 5 years, I've sold on a number of different auction sites, including the big one: eBay. I've tried drop shipping, I've done the importing things, I've haggled over liquidation auctions and I've used a lot of wholesalers. And let me tell you this: they're all great in their way. But, I've discovered that there is one particular route to eBay business success that works without fail. Everyone I've seen follow this method has become very successful on eBay. Why? Because this roadmap gets you living and breathing eBay and what sells there. More importantly, you live and breathe it before you actually spend any serious money. In fact, the idea is to start making money first - and then spend what you've earned to scale up fast.

If you want to start an eBay business, there are two big decisions you need to make upfront: what to sell and where to get it. Let's tackle what to sell first.

Strange as it seems, hundreds of eBay business newbies actually go and invest their life savings in product to sell before they have even tried selling anything on eBay at all! If you were just about to wire off some money to a wholesaler right now, then please stop! Take a deep breath, step back, and go back to the beginning. First, take a look around the house - is that an old microwave over there? What about those clothes in the box in the basement you haven't worn for years?

Second-hand items sell like crazy on eBay, so selling stuff from around the house not only helps you begin amassing immensely valuable business start-up cash, but it also helps you start to build up a picture of what works on eBay. For example, when I got started, I thought that mp3 players would be a good thing to sell on eBay. Boy was I wrong. The hassle of shipping them out, getting buyers to purchase insurance, accepting faulty returns (and dealing with cranky customers who couldn't find the on-button) was just plain annoying - although that could be just me. So I switched to selling t-shirts. Light-weight, practically indestructible and everyone knows their size - fantastic! I ended up saving hundreds of dollars in handling and support time. Point is: it's hard to predict these issues without any experience. A bit of informal selling would have saved me around $1,000 dollars in time and headaches.

Okay, so Step 1 of our fail-safe roadmap: sell some stuff from around the house on eBay, and note any possible niches. Step 2 is to follow up on those niches by checking out completed listings on eBay for similar items. It's possible that the niche you thought you had in a bag is just a fluke. So it's vital that you check Completed Listings to see how many similar items sold in the last two weeks, and how much they sold for. What you want to see is lots of green - ideally, about a 70% sell-through rate. You also want to see an average sale price of over $10, preferably over $30. This is because it's harder to make money on low dollar items when at least $5-$10 is automatically chewed up on listing costs and other expenses.

If all is still going well, then it's time to move on to finding a source for the item you have chosen to sell. For absolute beginners, the easiest and least risky way to start getting stuff to sell is to..buy it off eBay! Okay, that might sound a bit weird, so let me explain. The idea is that you'll just be buying small quantities of several things to continue to test the waters, and more crucially, to build up some capital. What many new sellers don't understand is that you need to be able to afford to invest at least $500, if not $5000, with a wholesaler if you are going to get a price low enough to compete on eBay. Wholesalers are all about quantity. You'll barely get much discount off the retail price if you can only afford to buy
20 units at a time. You need to be ordering hundreds to get yourself a margin. And let's face it, if you are starting an eBay business because of cash-flow problems, you probably can't afford to toss that much money around just yet.

eBay has a separate wholesale category (http://reseller.ebay.com/ns/wholesalelots.html) where wholesalers and individuals can sell in bulk. In fact, many wholesalers that you'll find elsewhere (such as in wholesale directories or via a Google search) sell wholesale product on eBay too, often for even better prices. So there's a good chance you'll get a decent wholesale price - and you may even develop a few useful contacts in the process. The other big advantage of sourcing off eBay is that there is a vast selection of smaller lots on offer. So even if you've only got $50 to invest, you should be able to get started with something. I did pretty well with a few small wedding cake topper lots from eBay just a couple of years ago.

Of course, before you spend a single penny, make sure you check how much the items are selling for individually on eBay. Obviously there needs to be a reasonable margin after you deduct your listing costs and handling expenses.

Sometimes, eBay just won't have what you are looking for. It's worth
checking back over a couple of weeks to find a wholesale lot that suits, but in the meantime, keep an eye on Craigslist and any local yard sales - both great places to pick up bulk bargains.

Another fantastic option is to simply take a stroll down to your local store at sale time and offer to buy up all items in stock, for a negotiated price of course. The great thing about striking a deal with a person you've actually met is that it makes it harder for them to say no! Chances are, you'll walk away with a bargain - and the prospect of a profitable future relationship.

Of course, these are only short-term sourcing options. The idea is to spend at least two or three months sourcing and selling in this way until you have established a good feel for your market and eBay, and made at least a couple of thousand dollars to invest into buying from a wholesaler and taking your business to the next level. As they say, you need money to make money - and now you're an eBay expert to boot! That's what I call a smart eBay business strategy.

Author Bio
Simon Slade is the co-founder of SaleHoo, a wholesale and dropshipping directory. Established in 2005, SaleHoo has a community of over 60,000 members and a growing database of over 8,000 product suppliers. You can find out more about SaleHoo at http://www.salehoo.com.

Monday, March 23, 2009

How to Effectively and Efficiently Make Money Online With Article Marketing

Guest post by Harold Loyola

One of the most effective ways of making money online is article marketing. It is also a very effective means to promote your online business and other sites. The process involves submitting your articles to various web properties that publish them on their sites and this allows you to build links back to your own sites. This then increases your exposure to both internet surfers and search engines, and thus helps in driving traffic to your site which you use to convert into sales, leads, clicks, etc.

Article Directories are not the only way.

There was a time when article directories were the best way to do article marketing. Today it is no longer the case, and article directory submission has become only an arm of the article marketing engine, whereas it used to be the primary means to do it. Don't get me wrong, it is still an effective way on it's own but now there are other equally powerful means to do it.

The sheer quantity of article directories, however still make it a viable means to get good relevant one way backlinks. It is best to start off with the most popular ones such as EzineArticles and GoArticles among others, as they already have good foothold in this niche. You can then extend to the other smaller article directories to diversify your reach.

The Web 2.0 Revolution

Sites such as Squidoo, Hubpages, Wetpaint, and others have opened up many opportunities for article marketing. With some of these sites alone you can already make money online selling products, either of your own or as an affiliate without having your own website. All you need is good quality content, a good product to promote and a well structured page on these Web 2.0 sites. As far as article marketing is concerned, it is also a very powerful way to get links back to your online business or websites.

The popular Web 2.0 sites already generate a lot of traffic and building your own pages on them allows you leverage the popularity of these sites to promote your own sites, through backlinking and RSS feeds. If you create content on these sites that are relevant and compelling your page may become more popular and increases the possibilities of readers looking at the sites you are linking to for more information.

The Rise of the Blog Networks

How do you get other blogs on related topics to your site link back to you? First of all, you will need very good and unique content, with information that other site owners like and will gladly link back to. Easier said than done, as it is not always easy to come up with great content on a consistent basis. This limits the amount of link you may get. What if I told you that there are blog networks that exist where members are able to submit versions of their articles to certain blogs on specific niches within these networks thereby getting one-way, targeted, keyword backlinks to their own sites.

A number of networks such as these have existed for the past few years, however a majority of them are only accessible to members who pay a fixed monthly fee to access the blogs in each network. Each of these networks can have from as little as 100 blogs to as many as 10,000 or even more, with a wide variety of niche blogs in their networks. This is a very powerful article marketing strategy as it can target a specific niche with highly relevant keyword links, and when used over various networks increases it's effectiveness. An example of such membership based blog networks is the one from Portal Feeder.

Promoting your online business or website with the use of article marketing is not hard, however you need to keep a few things in mind when doing it.

The best results come with the use of all these methods of article marketing together as a cohesive article marketing strategy. Sticking to one method limits the potential the areas that a particular method can cover. If you believe that search engine rankings, Google in particular rely a lot on the number quality backlinks to a site in order to rank them on their indexes, then it would be foolish not to utilize every article marketing method available as it will increase the number on links you can potentially have.

The quality of your content plays as much a part of your success in article marketing as the number of links you get. Using any of the methods above still require you to create content that is worthy of being read. Your authority on a specific topic determines whether or not you will get the most out of your article marketing campaign. Remember, you are marketing articles to provide information, and the search for good information is what makes people read your articles. Make your articles good, compelling and unique, make them stand out and you will get both search engine and human interest traffic coming your way.

So now you know that these are methods exist for you to use in promoting your online business or websites. If you need more information on the Article marketing you can read more at http://www.services.ph.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Top Ten Ranking Misconception: How To Make Money Online "Without" A Top Ten Ranking

Guest post by Carael Knight

"If there is anyone who believe that you have to have a top ten ranking/number one ranking to make money online effectively then tell me why there are a lot of internet marketing millionaires who are steady receiving sizable traffic and making money online "without" the search engines?

The internet is big business. There are so many ways to make money online "without" the search engines. In my experience, you do not have to be number one or have a top ten ranking in order to make money online profitably. A lot of individuals do not realize this but there are numerous of six to seven figure online earners that are no where near the top of the search engines but still bring in a substantial amount of traffic. But how can one generate a sizable income without having a top ten ranking? One secret is "the money is in the list". If you can manage to accumulate a subscriber list of say maybe 1,000 to 2,000 (and this is an extremely low number) to start out, you can and will start to see profits. An advantage of building an opt in list is a lot of subscribers turn into customers and then those customers turn into repeat customers. You can sell them one thing and turn around and sell them another. The hardest thing is building the list from scratch.

So how do you build an opt in subscriber list?

Well, the best way is, to offer something for FREE at your website or blog. Just make sure that it is something of value and useful. Having a subscriber list is one of the keys to making money online "without" the search engines. They even have services all over the internet that will provide you with the targeted list you need to successfully make money online.

You do not need a top ten ranking to rake in the kind of money that the number one ranking websites recieve. It helps but it really is a misconception. If there is anyone who like to challenge me, The Internet CEO, on this issue, feel free to comment on this.

Another way to make money online without a top ten ranking is to have lots of articles promoting your product or service. If you have some keywords within your articles, they will help your rankings rise but to tell you the truth, in my experience, it is not really the keywords in the article that gets traffic, it is really the interest of the article that gets traffic. Most people who search for things on the internet are looking for quality and value. But before they see quality and value of something, they have to see the interest first.

Receiving traffic "without" the search engines is what I call "making independent money". The Fortune 500 companies are no longer a threat to the small independent online entrepreneurs. We are becoming more savvy in our marketing avenues while spending less. A lot of the top ten rankings are held by these type of "major" companies but its only because of their budget. The major online companies may have a bigger budget but anytime you have a bigger budget, there is bigger overhead. The independent internet marketers understand this and this is why we have to work harder and network together to build a strong foundation.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

How To Make Your Blog Post Sticky And Readers Stay For Hour?

Guest post by Lee Ka Hoong

As we know, most of the readers are coming to our blog to get some information that they're looking for but not coming to hang around. Sometimes, they get the info in one post and they leave. So, how to make your blog post sticky and make your readers stay for more than a minute or more? In order to make money online, you need traffic. There are a few little tips that might helps to make your blog post sticky and gain more traffic:

1) Put Your RSS Feed Subscribe Higher
You should promote your RSS Feed or newsletter, ask your readers and friends to subscribe your newsletter online. This is a way to make them will come back your blog and read your latest blog post. You should provide several subscribe options for your readers to increase the chance that a visitor will subscribe your blog.

2) Interlink Your Blog Post
This is what everyone and I will do. Everytime we write a new blog post, try to seek a relevant post to link to within your new blog post. Let say if a reader is reading a post about 'How To Make Money Online' and you inserted a relevant blog post link about 'Make Money Online With Affiliate', they might click the relevant post link to read more as well after finished reading the first post about how to make money online. With that said, they will stay for another minute to read another post on your blog, if your another blog post has other related information link within it, your reader will be reading all over and over again.

3) Response To Every Single Comment From Readers
It's to build good relationship with your readers, never act like a superstar and never replied to any comment. This is what I'm practicing in every of my blog post. Once your readers like your attitude and character, they will be more likely to visit your blog again.

4) Focus on Your Niche
Not only we should make our blog post sticky but our blog as well, try to only focus on a specific or single niche. This is the basic tips to make your blog post sticky. If you're writing many different niche, says you have 1 post each in categories like 'make money online', 'food', 'technology' and etc, when a reader is looking for food post, they will only read the only 1 post about food and then leave.

5) Create Archive Page
This is a must for a blog, whenever your readers want to search for something in your blog but they forget when you post it, Archives page might help your readers to seek for the blog post.

By following this 5 simple tips, you might be able to make your blog post more stickier. I will be more likely to hear your other tips on how to make your blog post more stickier too. Simply drop a comment over here and we can discuss more about it. I have to thanks Alan Liew for allowing me to write a guest post in http://moneymakerinfo.blogspot.com/, and thanks all the readers over here read my guest post.

Author Bio:
Lee is a part time blogger who own a blog that write about how to Make Money Online.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Make Money Online with CashCrate

Guest post by Michael-John Wolfe, owner of the Residuals and Royalties Blog

If you are looking to make money online and you want to start making money right away, then you should look into CashCrate. CashCrate offers a very simple way to start earning money within a few minutes. Once you sign up for the website, you can fill out trial offers for money, most these offers pay between .25 cents and $1.50 – but there are higher paying offers that can pay upwards of $15 to $25.

To some people this might seem like chump change, but these trial offers are very simple and most of them can be completed in 1-3 minutes. There are people earning $20 - $25 per hour in supplemental income from CashCrate.

Just think, if you are at your desk at work and you have ten free minutes, you can complete 3 or 4 offers on CashCrate and literally increase your hourly wage by $3 to $5 per hour!

These offers are free to complete and there is no cost to join CashCrate. The best part about CashCrate is their referral program, you can refer as many people as you like and you get paid a percentage of their earnings! Not only that, you also get a second level referral payments from people who your invitees refer.

We all know that there are tons of scams online that promise to make you rich overnight. Well, I am here to tell you that CashCrate will not make you rich, but if you want to put some extra spending cash in your pocket in this tough economy, then CashCrate is the answer you have been looking for.

You can visit CashCrate’s website here: CashCrate

Thursday, March 19, 2009

How To Make Real Money Online Through SEO

Guest Post by Courtney Tuttle

After making 100% of my money online for the last four years, I have become more and more educated on the process of producing online income. I have made money through blogging, affiliate marketing, and through quite a few other methods. I have created my own products and have been featured on sites all across the web. The honest truth is that none of it holds a candle to making money through SEO. It's dang nice to wake up every day knowing that you're going to get a steady stream of traffic on your sites - traffic that you don't have to buy.

Whether I get out of bed or not, I know that I'm going to be able to make money and I want everyone to have that luxury. I want you to be able to learn how to make money online because if you do, life is going to become a lot easier. I have helped a lot of people to learn this business and hopefully some of my insights will place you on the right track.

The first area where people go wrong is that they choose the wrong keywords. If you are choosing keywords that are too difficult for your skill level, SEO is always going to seem difficult. On the other hand, if you choose keywords that are easy, SEO will seem easy.

Look For Weak Competition

When you're first learning how to make money through SEO, you want to choose keywords that weak sites currently rank for. I personally like to take a look at the PageRank of the pages that rank for keywords that I'm considering. If they have PageRank that's three or less, you know it's going to be fairly easy. If they have higher than PageRank four you know it will be more difficult. It isn't that you can't beat pages that have higher PageRank, it's that it will be a lot more difficult and when you're starting out, you want easy wins.

Look For Value

Another area where people go wrong is that they choose keywords that don't have any value. If you can't make money from a keyword there's no point in getting ranked for it. A great indication of whether a keyword has value is whether advertisers are paying for it with Google Adwords. You can check the CPC in the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to find out how much the advertisers are paying. I usually only try to rank for keywords that have at least $1 for the CPC.

Look For Search Volume

The last area where people go wrong is in choosing keywords that aren't searched for enough. They don't take the time to check search volume for a keyword. The Adwords Keyword Tool will also show you search volume so you should know how much traffic you can get from any keyword. You can plan on getting around 40% of the traffic stated by the keyword tool. I always target keywords that have at least 3000 searches per month, usually more.

Once you have chosen keywords by following the three rules above, you know you have solid keywords and you can set up sites to target those keywords. Use your keyword or something close to your keyword in your domain name (or sub domain name). Use your keyword prominently within the text of the page you want to rank, and most importantly use it in the anchors of links pointing at your page. Getting anchored back links is by far the most important aspect of getting ranked and if you aren't ranking #1 for your keyword it's because you don't have enough links or enough strong links.

This lesson is super basic but I can promise you that if you follow what's here, you'll be able to make money online through SEO and you'll be able to do it again and again.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Submit Your Blog Post, Get Traffic and Earn Money in BloggerBase

If you are making money with blogging, I'm sure you you have submitted your blog posts and articles to the large social media sites like Digg, Delicious, Reddit and so on to get free exposure for your blog. But, chances are you don't get much traffic. These social media sites are too crowded nowadays. Tons of posts were submitted daily causing fierce competition on getting your post to feature on the social sites' homepage and earn a lot of traffic. You may consider submitting your blog posts to those less competitive social media sites but still can generate you traffic.

BloggerBase is one of the social media sites I suggest When it comes to submitting content to less competitive social media sites. BloggerBase is a content discovery platform for bloggers and readers. It has designed to be benefiting both the bloggers and readers. Blogger's who want their blog content read by targeted readers can do it by submitting their posts to Bloggerbase and be rewarded for providing quality posts. The readers will read the blog content and rate which one is a good, so influence the community.

Just like other social media sites, BloggerBase is free to sign up and share content. You can submit and publish any blog posts from your own blog to Bloggerbase. Their publishing tool provides you all the necessary features to help you publish your post professionally:
  • You can format your post into the style and look you prefer.
  • Add relevant photos and images to your post to make reading interesting.
  • Include videos from video sharing sites, i.e. Youtube, Metacafe, etc into your post to attract readers.
All your submitted posts will automatically enter into the Bloggersbase weekly competition where your posts will be read and rated by the readers of BloggerBase. This way you will gain traffic. And if one of your post is being rated as the top post (highest point) for that week, your post will be featured on the homepage and BloggerBase will pay you USD40. If you are in second place, the cash prize is $10.

Besides the cash reward, you could possibly gain a lot of traffic when your top post is featured on the homepage page. I checked BloggerBase's traffic stat in Alexa.com and Alexa showed that BloggerBase gets about roughly 3,000 unique visitors daily. So, your featured post can attract part of the 3,000 unique visitors to your blog daily.

Getting featured on BloggerBase, it is tough?

It isn't easy for sure. But as I said above BloggerBase is a less competitive social media site as it is still consider new comparing to social sites like Digg, Delicious and so on.

If you keep submitting useful and interesting content, you have quite a good chance to get one of your posts rated as top post for a particular week.

You may also do some researches on BloggerBase. Take a look at those top posts and highly rated posts. See what topics the bloggers are writing: and information and content ideas they have put in to their post. This way you can get a good idea on how to write a post that will attract good rating.

You can get paid $40 without having to get your post featured on the homepage.

BloggerBase has an affiliate program that will compensate you for referring other bloggers. Any bloggers that referred by you won in a weekly competition will earn you 100% of the cash prize. If your referred blogger win first place, both the blogger and you will be paid $40.

If you have a lot of friends doing blogging or you know a lot of bloggers, you might want to try this affiliate program.

Start getting traffic and make money now at BloggerBase.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

3 Essential Tips For Successfully Making Money Out of Affiliate Marketing

As soon as you learned what affiliate marketing is and you think that you are ready to start experiencing and putting in your efforts into affiliate marketing, here are some tips that you may find useful in finding success.

1. Study Your Target Audience

Among the most important things to do when starting an affiliate marketing business to make money online is to know who your target audience is. Without this knowledge, you are likely to fail in your efforts to build an affiliate marketing business. Take the time to know not only the demographics of your target audience but also where they go, how they behave, and how they think especially when they are online. This type of information is imperative to your success as it is these insights that will guide you in determining how exactly you should communicate with potential customers. If you communicate with them effectively and through the right platform, you are likely to make money online out of your affiliate marketing efforts.

2. Be Transparent

When you start your affiliate marketing business, be sure that you are transparent with all the details. It is important that you build a solid reputation with honesty and integrity. Although it may be possible for you to make money online by tricking people into trusting your affiliate marketing business, that kind of business model is not likely to last long. Also, you are less likely to make money out of it. For this reason, you must always be honest with your business as well as the products and services you are promoting. People online are more likely to appreciate this and, consequently, they will be more likely to trust you in the future.

3. Choose the Right Program

Probably the most important thing to do to be successful in affiliate marketing is to find the right program for you. Do not simply go for the ones that have proven to be effective in allowing others to make money online out of affiliate marketing. Instead, find a program with products you are interested in and truly believe in. Apart from this, take the time to evaluate each of the available affiliate marketing programs in terms of reputation, products, services, and other information that would be relevant to your decision. As long as you choose the right program for you, you can be sure to make money online out of your affiliate marketing efforts.

Discussed above are just the most basic things you need to take note of if you want to get started in affiliate marketing. As long as you keep them in mind, you can be more confident that you are on the right track.

Monday, March 16, 2009

How You can Make Money Online from GDI Income for Life Program

GDI stands for Global Domains International. It is a web hosting company that offers an income for life opportunity. You probably have heard of GDI if you have been on the Internet for some time searching for a way to make money online.

GDI Inc specializes in providing web hosting and domain registration services. It is more than 8 years old and growing consistently from time to time because of its unique income opportunity built into the member area.

What income opportunity GDI has for you?

A lot of people have been attracted by the GDI Income for Life program. They signed up for the web hosting service and took part on the GDI Income Program to make money online.

Basically, GDI Income for Life program works like this. When you join GDI, you will become their affiliate as well. As an affiliate of GDI, you will allow to promote GDI hosting service and income program. You will earn money every time you refer a person to join GDI. GDI pays $1 per month for each member you bring in with up to 5 referral levels. Meaning, if the people referred by you promote GDI and bring in new member, you will also be paid $1 for each sign up referred by them. You will be reward by this referral system up to 5 level deep. This is a good opportunity for you if you wan to build a steady source of income for long term.

Another part of the GDI Income Program is the weekly contest. The contest really impress me. They doesn't require you to compete with anyone to get paid. All you do is get at least 5 confirmed sign up within the one week contest period and you be paid $100. I know many of the members concentrate on this part as it lets them to make good money in short period time.

5 sign up isn't really difficult to those who know about online marketing. But if you are just starting out, I suggest you get access to the free marketing training materials of GDI first before going for the weekly contest.

Is GDI Income Program Legit?

GDI is totally legit and always paying its members on time. The Income for Life program is an affordable online business opportunity for anyone wants to make money on the Internet. You just have to invest $10 to get your business started. After you signed up, you can register a domain name free; use their free site builder to create and publish a website on your domain name. And then promote GDI to earn income.

The INC. Magazine has listed GDI as one of the fastest growing companies. It grows fast mainly because of the income program. More and more people are getting into it. This is a good sign that many of the participated members are doing well in the referral part and earn nice income from what they are doing.

Like any other business it takes time and works to build. GDI income program will make money for you only if you put in effort to it.


This is an online money making opportunity that's worth your time to check out. In fact, GDI is now offering a free 7 day trial letting you access to all the services and start making money with GDI. Here's the link to the 7 day free trial offer:


The will be a video presentation explaining everything and a FAQ to answer your possible questions in the link.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

How to Make Money Online With the Internet Economy

Guest post by Carael Knight

Did you know the internet economy is so wide open? I mean, it never ceases to amaze me how many new millionaires are created everyday on the internet. The income potential is unlimited, the audience is unlimited and the traffic is unlimited. So therefore, the entire internet economy is unlimited. The whole idea of how to make money online from the internet economy is difficult but simple. Actually it is both simple and difficult. It is simple because all you have to do to produce revenue online is by two things: have something to sell and have the traffic to sell it to. Now, this is where it gets complex and difficult.

There is no "one-set" way to market to the online world. There is no "one-set" way to get traffic to your site(s). There is also no "one-set" way to make money online. Think of it like when you cook "gumbo". You cannot cook gumbo with just only one ingredient, it takes a mixture of ingredients to make it complete. This is the same concept to internet marketing and learning how to make money online from the internet economy. When you think about the internet economy, think of it like "wall street". The only difference is, it is the wall street on the internet. The only way to make money online on the internet is to invest in strictly income generating businesses. The internet is the primary way to create the type of wealth that can be passed on as well as built upon for many, many generations to come.

Due to the how the economy is, a lot of people feel that making money online has been very challenging. But if this is true, then how come the economy does not affect those that are still continuing to rake in a steady, consistent six to seven figure income online every month? It seems to me that the only people that the economy is effecting are those who are blinded to learning how to make money online consistently.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Considering a Career in Internet Freelancing

There are getting more and more people wanting to turn freelancing into a career to make a living. This is because getting into freelancing is a lot more easier nowadays thanks to the Internet. Through the Internet, people can quickly access to the freelance websites and search for hundreds of new freelance opportunities posted every day. This attracted many people become interested to move into Internet freelancing to make money online.

If you are one of those who are thinking about freelancing as a full-time career, there are many things you will have to consider. There are advantages and drawbacks to freelancing and you must examine them all before you make a decision.

As an individual engaged in freelancing, you will have the benefit of working where you want and when you want to. You need not report to an office on a daily basis and you can even choose to decline projects as they come. For this reason, you can do what you like at a time and place that is most comfortable for you.

Because of this, there will be no need for you to engage in any kind of office politics and the only people you will have to please are your clients and yourself. Apart from this, freelancing will give you the freedom to engage in other activities. You can take a class, spend time with your family, or even travel across the globe whenever you want to. Essentially, freelancing gives you the freedom of setting your own schedule and taking full control of your life while making money at the same time.

Being a freelancer has a lot of benefits. However, there are also some major drawbacks. Compensation is usually great for people who engage in freelancing but this is only true when they have a continuous flow of projects. There are plenty of uncertainties in this line of business. There may be times when freelancers aren't able to get any projects for long periods of time. Although freelancing can be lucrative, it does not provide the same stability as you would get if you were permanently employed by a company where you would receive a monthly salary as well as employee benefits.

Contrary to what many people believe, freelancing takes a lot of effort and commitment. Not everyone can make a lot of money out of online freelancing. More often than not, you will have to dedicate your time not only in completing your projects but also in attracting potential clients. You will have to learn how to market yourself and manage your finances on your own. You will also have to entertain potential clients as well as manage your relationships with previous ones.

There is a lot of work involved in freelancing as a full-time career. However, if you are able to manage your time well and you have the ability to do everything required to become a successful freelancer, there is no doubt that you can engage in freelancing as a full-time career, enjoy all the benefits that it brings, and make it a very lucrative opportunity for you.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Make Money Online by Uploading Your Document to Oboulo.com

There is a site that people can submit their own document and earn cash. The site is Oboulo.com. Anyone can join Oboulo.com to upload and publish document on Oboulo's knowledge network.

If you have any unused documents saved in the hard drive of your computer, you can upload them to Oboulo.com and make some money. Oboulo accepts any topic of document. The published documents are divided into 30 topics. If you submitted a topic that doesn't fit in any of the existing topics, they will create one specifically for your document.

You will be paid $10 for each published document on Oboulo knowledge database. The document publication isn't immediate. All your submitted documents will be reviewed first before publication. After your document was reviewed and approved, Oboulo will publish it and pay you $10.

What kinds of documents Oboulo is looking for?

They are interested to post documents like reports, term papers, case study, market analysis etc. They don't publish personal pages, websites or video content. The document needs to be original (not copied from other material) and it must be long enough - between 5 to 20 pages.

If you like to learn more about this opportunities, visit:


They provided some helpful tips to increase the chances of authors' document to get accepted. And if you have any questions, you may go to their FAQ pages; you might find your answer there.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

How Do You Earn Money Online When You Have None To Start With?

Guest post by Dean Cullingham

Everyone knows that the best way to be successful in your chosen business is to promote it to as many people as possible. This will usually be done in the form of advertising. Either by posters, leaflets, newspapers, radio, TV or even good old 'word of mouth'. Exactly the same goes for making a success of your online business. This is no real problem to an established online marketeer. The secret is to try and reach a fresh audience who are looking for the opportunity or product that your site provides. But, what if you're just starting out and you have no money to get yourself started. What do you do?

Do not give up. Plenty of people have been successful even when starting with nothing, it just takes a little time. In fact the only thing that you need to get started is an internet connection, computer (obviously) and some time. You also need a goal. It could be to earn just a few extra bucks each month or to provide your family income for life.

Step One: Building a Website
The fact that you're reading this article shows you already have the right idea. Get yourself a website. Using your favorite search engine look for 'free blog site' or 'free website'. When you find one that you like the look of sign up and give it a try. Spend some time adding content and customizing it the way you like it. Remember that the content you add should be unique (do not duplicate or copy other sites). This will help you in the long run get a better page ranking and more visitors to your site. Once you are happy with you site you need to promote it.

Step Two: Getting Your Site Noticed
Not as easy as it used to be because there are so many sites competing for attention. If you create a site, add lots of content and update it fairly often it will eventually get noticed by the search engines but this can take many months or even years. So how do you help the process along? Fortunately this needs nothing more than a little time and effort. Simply start adding articles and comments on popular websites with a link back in your signature to your website. If you wrote and submitted a new (again must be unique) article twice a week and posted it on some popular blogs you would effectively have around 100 links back to your site after 12 months. This has two major benefits. Firstly people who check out the blogs may see your article and follow your link directly and secondly the search engines will do exactly the same. When they find lots of links to your site and the number is increasing they will deduce that your site is popular and give your site a higher ranking. Even just adding a few links will start the process off.

Step Three: Getting Your Site to Earn Some Money
This is where things get interesting. This essentially means selling advertising on your site. There are many articles on the web that can give specific details. The easiest to use are the 'ready made advertising campaigns' run by the big search engines and other organizations. Simply sign up and paste the code that they provide onto your site. You can also sell space directly to local businesses if you want too. If your site is interesting, has enough content and enough visitors you will soon be earning enough cash to move onto better things.

Step Four: Making a Living
This is generally considered the 'ultimate goal' for many online marketeers. Many fail at this stage because there are many (I mean thousands) of 'systems' claiming to make you rich overnight. To avoid the worst of these you will need to research the companies you are interested in. The number one rule for avoiding failure is:- do not spend more than you earn. This is the whole point of your hard work up to this point. You do actually want to make money not spend it. There are no get rich schemes. Steady growth is the key to long term success. If you use your head to make any decisions and not your heart then you will not go wrong.

There are people who read this that may say "this is too slow" or "too boring". This article was written to give some idea on how to start in this business without any startup capital. Remember there is no 'free lunch' here. All successful businesses take work. Here I am simply stating that in place of start-up capital or even an advertising budget you can succeed with time and hard work. If you do have some spare cash you can (but be very careful) accelerate the process. It is far more satisfying to build the web traffic yourself, you'll probably find it fun. Posting articles and joining forums can be addictive and you will learn more than you thought possible. Surely that can only be a good thing?

Best Wishes!

Dean Cullingham

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How to Make Money Online with an Effective Article Marketing Campaign

Article marketing is one of the effective ways you can use to promote businesses and make money online. It involves submitting articles to article directories so that you can build links and drive traffic to your website and subsequently convert the traffic into income.

When you use article marketing to promote your online business or website, you must keep in mind that the most important part of your entire article marketing campaign is your resource box. This is where you can place a short description about yourself and your online business as well as a link to your website. Without publishing a link to your online business website, your article marketing campaign will be useless in reaching your goal of making money online. However, this is not to say that you should focus your attention on what you publish in your resource box as there are also some very important elements you must keep in mind when publishing articles to make your entire article marketing campaign successful.

For an article marketing campaign to be successful in driving traffic to your online business website so that you can make money online, you must be sure that every article you publish will impress your readers. Keep in mind that internet users are always hungry for information. For this reason, the articles you publish for your article marketing campaign should not just be well-written and easy to read but also interesting and informative. If you are able to catch the attention of your readers through the content that you publish, they will be more likely to click the link that is located in your resource box and allow you to make money online out of them.

Other than publishing a good number of good quality articles, you must make use of the right keywords so that search engines will index them appropriately and your target market will easily find them. Make use of a few of relevant keywords in each of your articles but be sure to use them correctly.

Once you have already written your articles and are ready to submit them to article directories, be sure that you are familiar with the guidelines of each directory you want to make use of in your article marketing campaign. Each directory has its own rules and you must follow them so your articles will not be rejected.

As long as you follow the tips above you can be sure that your online business will be able to make money out of your article marketing campaign.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Monetize Your Blog with Widget Bucks

Guest post by Joe Soderlund

Widget Bucks can be a great source of income to your blog or website. In this post I will tell about Widget Bucks and how you can use them to monetize your blog.

Widget Bucks is a program that allows you to place certain ads on your site. It will pay you a certain amount per click. I have learned that a user receives an average of 25 cents per click. The ads they offer are different to the conventional text and banner ads that you are used to. The ads show products that are for sale. These ads look very professional and are very appealing (at least to me).

Use with Google AdSense for maximum revenue

Widget Bucks can be a great source of income for your blog, but it is best if used with another ad company like Google AdSense or Bidvertiser.. Combining Widget Bucks with Google AdSense ensures that your blog has a variety of different ads. Many bloggers have successfully used both to monetize their blog.

Referral Program

Widget Bucks offers a referral program that can give you a second way to make money. For each person you refer, you get 15 percent of their earnings for the first twelve months. While this isn’t the greatest referral program I’ve seen,. Once you sign up you are automatically in it so you might as well take advantage of it. There are many banner and text ads that Widget Bucks gives you to help you gain referrals.

If you are looking to monetize your blog and want another program to coincide with AdSense, then you might want to consider Widget Bucks. The good thing about this company is you pick and choose the ad and the location you want it. With Widget Bucks you gain another source of income for your blog.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tissa Godavitarne's Program - A Legit Program Where You can actually Make Money Online Participating in It

The economic wasn't shown any good sign of recovery and you moved on to the Internet to find if there is any way for you to make money online. You found different types of money making methods and programs from your online searching but just don't know if there are real. In this case, you might consider the Acme People Search Engine program.

The Acme People Search Engine program Program has become quite popular lately. It was Tissa Godavitarnecreated by a guy named Tissa Godavitarne. So, many people like to call it Tissa Godavitarne's program.

Tissa Godavitarne's program is 100% real. Tissa has his own office and you can meet him personally to discuss about the program.

So how Tissa Godavitarne's program works?

The program isn't complicated. When you sign up, you will get access to the back office (control panel) of Tissa Godavitarne's program to set up your own people search engine. People search engine is a website where Internet visitors can use to find people by name, address, phone number and email. It is a site that provides USA Free People Searches.

No technical knowledge and experience needed to set up a people search engine through the program. You just have to follow instructions, click the mouse and a new people search engine will be automatically created for you.

You would then place ads from different reputable advertising networks such as Google AdSense, Clickbank, HD Publishing and Reunion onto your people search engine.

Once you have inserted all the ads, the people search engine is ready to generate revenue for you. Tissa will advertise your people search engine on Google to help you make money for the first month.

Besides generating revenue from the ads displaying on your search engine, you will also get paid for referring people to join Tissa Godavitarne's program. Tissa is paying generous commission in his referral program. $125 referral commission will be credited to your account immediately after you sign up for Tissa Godavitarne's program. You just have to refer three more people who compete the 3 step setting up process to reach the minimum payout of $200 and withdraw the entire commission.

If you want to know more about making money Tissa Godavitarne's program, you may go to http://www.squidoo.com/TissaGodavitarneProgram.

Can I really make money with Tissa Godavitarne people search program?

Firsly, I like to let you know that this isn't a get-rich program that you can sit back and watch the money in after setting up everything. In fact, there is no such program existing on the Internet.

Many people have joined Tissa Godavitarne's program and quite a number of them are making a consistent income now. They shared about their story and experience in forums and blogs. All these people who have got good result with the program have one thing in common, they put in time and work to make their search engine generate revenue.

So, once you got into the Tissa Godavitarne's program, you do need to work on it to see result. They key is to generate as much traffic as possible for your search engine to make the most money. Traffic comes from marketing. So, you need to keep on working on advertising and marketing for your search engine in order to generate traffic and income.

But not too worry on the marketing part as Tissa will advertise for you for the first month free to help you get traffic and make money. After that you can choose to continue the service with a monthly charge of $29.95. The program also teaches you a number of other methods of marketing your searh engine. You can go for the $29.95 paid marketing after one month and use also other available marketing methods together to maximize your traffic. Alternatively, you can stop the $29.95 paid marketing and use all other free and low cost methods you've learned to market your people search engine.


Tissa Godavitarne's program is a real program that can help you make money at home. You only need to spend a little money to get started. The program will guide you through all the steps to set up your own money making people search engine. The earning potential is high because the program offers multiple streams of income, i.e. AdSense revenue, Clickbank commission, Tissa's referral commission and etc. You should consider taking this opportunity.

Click here to learn more about Tissa Godavitarne's program.

How Independent Traffic Equals Independent Money

Guest post by Carael Knight

Getting a website to the top of the search engines "on your own" is what independent traffic is. It is also what independent money is. Look at it this way, the way to get your website to the top of the search engines is by simply having more backlinks to your website than your competitors. Not just any backlinks though, they have to be "quality" backlinks. The search engines will determine what website will rank number one by these three key factors: trust, authority and the relevance of the backlinks.

But believe it or not, you do not necessarily have to rank number one and be at the very top of the search engines to generate independent money online. It helps but it is not mandatory. A lot of online entrepreneurs feel that they have to rank number one in order to see profit and make money online but this is not necessarily true. For example: you can receive a consistent amount of independent traffic from other people's websites and thus making independent money as the end result. There are a lot of independent internet marketers who's websites are far from being number one but they are still steady generating a six to seven figure monthly incomes online with ease through receiving independent traffic.

Always remember that independent traffic equals independent money.

Traffic building is simply a means of creating bridges (backlinks) to your website. It is really not that difficult if you can put a little time and effort into it. Now, this does not mean that you will not need help making money online. You have to have some type of network stream where traffic is transferred from one site to another. A lot of people would classify making independent money online is equivalent to getting free traffic "without" the search engines. In other words, this simply means getting traffic from other sources other than finding a website from the keyphrases or keywords people search for in the search engines.

There are a lot of independent internet marketers who's websites are far from being number one in the search engines but they are still steady generating independent money and consistently raking in six to seven figure monthly incomes online with ease through receiving independent traffic.

Author Bio
The Internet CEO, Carael Knight is an independent internet marketer who has accomplished this and shows you how to do it too.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

5 Quick Online Money Making Tips to Use Now

Guest post by Jeff Wason

Are you looking to start a new business on the internet? There are a few things you should keep in mind as it can be confusing when you first start out. Here are a few tips to make sure your online money making efforts go smoothly.

1. Think about the market that you want to be in. Making money on the Internet always comes down to providing a service or product that somebody needs. The real key is that you're in a market where people are spending money so you have a chance to get some of it!

2. Consider the product that you are going to sell. Some people sell themselves and provide a service there is a need for it.

For example building websites is something you can earn money doing for other people. There will always be a demand for websites on the Internet.

Solving people's problems will always give you the upper hand when it comes to the product you sell. People go online researching information for questions they have.

If you can provide a product that answers questions you have a much better chance of turning your online money making dreams into an Internet income of your own.

3. Create an online presence including a blog. As a matter of fact the term website and blog are now being used interchangeably because so many people are bypassing the traditional website in favor of a blog.

Social media has become a big part of our Internet culture and a blog gives you an excellent chance to participate in it in multiple ways. For example things you can include in your blog include articles, graphics, audio, video, and so on.

4. Spend the majority of your time marketing your business once you have set up. Many people make the mistake of constantly fiddling with the design of their website or blog.

They also make the mistake of surfing the Internet and having a good time when they really should be working. You will never make any money unless you get visitors coming to your site and purchasing something. The only way to do that is to create a strong advertising and marketing campaign.

5. Focus like you have never focused before. It's very easy to get distracted on the Internet and constantly jump around from product to product. The real key to making money online is to focus on selling one product and make it profitable before taking on another one.

In summary this is five quick online money making tips you should follow to ensure your own Internet business success!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Where to Start

Guest post by Michelle Meine

You've probably found yourself in a situation that, no matter how much money you make, you just can't pay all the bills. They keep coming, but you can't find the money to pay for them all. After going through an experience like that, naturally, you'll try to find a way to make some extra money. When you come to this stage, the inevitable question is: „Where to start?“

You have probably heard about that guy from your friend's friend who makes a fortune online. If you're not into computers and internet, that may seem a little strange to you – but if you think about it, it's really not. Many people earn money on the internet all the time. Some make enough to cover some extra needs they have, while some work full time online.
Let me tell you some basic steps what you need to do to start earning money online.

1. Learn how to earn money online - Everyone wants to start earning right away, but it's just not how this works. You have to take the time to read some good articles, tutorials and how-tos before you start.

2. Make a blog – Today, almost everyone has a blog. There are many free services that allow you to open a blog for free, and write. You should pick a topic that interests you (so you don't lose interest in the future) and just write. Don't think about the money primarily right away. It will come, believe me.

3. Affiliate programs – When your blog gets going, and you acquire some regular visitors, register for an affiliate program. There are various programs out there (use Google to find the best ones for your niche). Put them on your site, and just wait for the money to come in.

4. Sell advertising space – If your blog becomes successful, people will contact you and buy advertising space. You just put their banner on your site, and you get paid.

Of course, while doing all this, keep on reading. Don't ever think that you know it all, because things change all the time on the internet. Follow as many informative blogs as possible, get a membership on a reputable forum and chat with other webmasters, etc.

In the end, let me say one thing that you need to remember. You need to have patience in order to succeed. Success doesn't come overnight. You have to wait, and the time will come.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Get Paid to Chat at Yuwie

Guest post by Justin Vanhove

Yuwie is a new website that is a lot like Facebook and Myspace. You have a similar profile with friends, pictures, a blog, and your own customized layout. The difference is at Yuwie you get paid to chat and do all the other things you do on on your Facebook/Myspace accounts. While this sounds crazy that they would pay you for this kind of stuff it is really not.

Take Youtube, Myspace, and Facebook into perspective for this example. If you think about who build those sites into multi-billion dollar companies. It was built for free by everday people on the internet looking for something to do on the internet. All these website did was provide the layout that would enable everyday people to build the sites.

All Youtube did was provide an easy way for a internet user with no computer programming knowledge to be able to download a video and make it live online without having to code anything. It is the same with Myspace Facebook. All those sites do is provide a system that allows everyday people to build their website. What happened after that for each company was huge success with all three website ranking in the top 10 in terms of traffic according to Alexa.

What all of these website fail to do is share the billions of dollars in advertising revenue they make with the everyday people that build their websites. Yuwie has recognized that this business model is so profitable that they can pay members for their contributions and still turn a big profit. Therefore, Yuwie pays you for literally everything that you do on their website from watching videos to uploading pictures to blogging. You get paid to chat and do so many other things.

However, the real earning potential if you are looking at Yuwie from the stand point of wanting to make money is the referral program. Where most referral programs are one level deep, meaning that you only get paid for the direct people you refer, Yuwie's referral program is 10 levels deep. Getting enough referrals to earn serious money might not be to hard if you already participate in Myspace and Facebook communities. Yuwie gives you referral banners that you can easily place on your profiles and get referrals that way.

Author Bio
Justin is an expert in earning money online. If you would like more information about how you can get paid to chat just click on the link in this resource box. For more ways to make money online visit his personal website for more ways.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

3 Reasons Why You Should Go Freelance

Freelancing has been widely received by workers and students alike who wish to earn more than what they do in their day –or night – jobs. Freelance jobs range from online content writing, blogging, resume writing, graphic designing, video and music editing, photography, data entry and virtual assistance to name a few. While the need for a regular job remains to be a constant ring to each worker’s ear, why should others keep an open mind about freelancing? Here are some tempting reasons that will want you to opt for an Internet freelance job yourself.

1. You own your time.

The greatest contention of freelancers is the time flexibility that they can afford to enjoy while doing freelance projects. Most freelance jobs are given as time-bound projects with a specified deadline. It becomes the freelancer’s prerogative as to how he or she will manage his time to finish the project within the period set by the client. Nonetheless, a freelancer owns his time and can choose to work on the project in broad daylight, or at night in the case of artsy, nocturnal beings. So, it is a great opportunity for you to make money at home.

2. You can exercise your expertise—and explore other skills.

And because they own their time, freelancers have the freedom to explore other activities may it be related to work or not. As long as a project is done and finished on schedule, freelancers can travel and bring their work, without necessarily harming their livelihood. Freelancers of many expertise can also take on a variety of projects in one time.

3. You can earn more.

Freelancing allows you total control over the number and kinds of projects that you accept, including the rates to which you agree to do them. Freelancers can maximize opportunities form a number of employers offering freelance projects, thus enjoy the opportunity to earn more than an ordinary employee does.