Saturday, February 28, 2009

Uncovering Untapped Niches

Being a successful internet marketer requires that you find and sell to markets that are not been saturated. Many people that do business online, especially when they are just starting out, attempt to break into markets that are too competitive. Some common ones include internet marketing, financial niches (insurance, loans, credit cards, etc.) and/or computer software (anti-virus, anti-spam, etc.). These markets pay well and the amount of people looking to purchase them is huge. However, it is not until after they have wasted time, effort and money, do most people realize that unless you have a lot of money to advertise or have fantastic SEO skills, then these niches are best left to more experienced marketers. To avoid this scenario, it is much easier and simpler to go after niches that aren’t ultra competitive.

You may be thinking that yeah, this sounds great, but how do I find these little known niches? Well, I’m going to tell you. Don’t worry you won’t have to spend any money to uncover them. However, you will need to invest some time, effort and use the right tools. Below, is exactly how I find those niches that aren’t overly competitive but still have people looking to spend money.

1. Sign up for an account at There are two editions. The standard edition is free. The Professional one is not. Both will alert you every time a new product is added to the Clickbank Marketplace. You will be alerted two weeks after a product has been introduced with the Standard edition, while you will be notified immediately with the Professional edition.

Knowing what new products are added to Clickbank will give you a jump start on other affiliates. A lot of times you will find some fantastic products before anyone else does. You will also discover some products that are not necessarily main stream but which can still make you a lot of money. In most cases, authors spend a lot of time figuring if they have a market for the product. They won’t waste their time and/or money on developing a product that no one wants. To make sure, do some additional research to ensure that a particular niche is profitable.

2. Take 30 minutes everyday and look through the Clickbank marketplace. Now, this will require some grunt work. However, it can pay off big. Look through the categories and sub-categories that aren’t incredibly popular with affiliate marketers. Remember, when I told you that most people start off trying to promote the same products. It’s true. They will go after the most popular markets and leave the lesser known ones alone. If you can figure out what these untapped but still lucrative niches are, you can make some good money pretty quickly.

3. Go to Wordtracker or your favorite keyword research tool and type in the following phrases (not all at once of course), “How to,” “Buy,” and “Natural Remedies.” You will find that you get a robust list of potential products. Now, the only thing that you need to do is go to the Clickbank marketplace and see if there is a good product to promote.

Here are three simple ways to discover untapped niches. Remember, the most difficult way to try to make money online is to jump into competitive niches. In most cases, you will end up disappointed and your pockets a little lighter due to unsuccessful advertising campaigns. This is a common mistake that many new internet marketers. Don’t let this be you. Instead, find markets that not too many people have entered. This will give you the best opportunity to have some success. While there is no guarantee that a certain product will be a winner. There are number of factors that will determine whether or not a product sells. However, you have a far greater chance of success, especially if you don’t have to worry about high pay-per-click costs, with smaller more obscure niches.

Friday, February 27, 2009

32 Days to Success - A Proven Strategy For Reaching Success?

Earlier I told you about a new online money making program called 32 Days To Success. And with the official program launch only a couple days away (March 1st) there is a flood of new free stuff being given away at the website.

And this stuff isn't the typical things you see people giving away, but hours of great content packed videos that give detailed information on several ways to make money online.
Currently, James has just release a "secret video area" with 3 videos that show you some easy ways to start making money online.

Video 1 - This is all about a cool way to make money online by just playing games. Definitely great if you're one of those type of people that play online games.

Video 2 - This goes over a whole bunch of effective ways to get quality traffic to your site and how you can make money by driving free traffic to sites online. Really worth checking out if you're looking for ways to make money online or if you're looking for some great ways to promote your own website.

Video 3 - Shows you how to set up a cash generating online business with minimum effort (in fact 99% of the work has already been done for you with this).

You can get insider access to these videos by just going to the website and signing up. You'll get access to these videos and a whole pile of other cool videos and content like a 33-page report that tells the story of how a high school dropout made $122,672.24 in just 32 days.

James has put in a lot of time and effort into creating the 32 Days to Success program - and it really shows. Simply put, this program will teach you how to make money online.

The techniques he teaches are proven, time tested “money-getting” strategies that have been making people money online for years. And because of this fact, you can be sure they'll make you money online too - despite the current economy situation

There are even people making money with the free info he’s been giving away all month. So if you’re looking for ways to make money online I’d recommend you check out

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bidvertiser: A Smart Alternative to Google Adsense

Guest post by Joe Soderlund

We all know that placing ads on your blog can make you a substantial amount of money. When it comes to choosing the company most people choose Google Adsense because of its popularity and consistency. However, I have found that Bidvertiser is also a good alternative to Google Adsense.

Reasons I like Bidvertiser
  1. Bidvertiser's payout is only $10 which is a lot better than Adsense's $100. This allows people to receive payment more frequently. Many blogs take a while to generate $100 dollars in earnings so $10 looks more friendly is easier to achieve.
  2. Bidvertiser pays by check. For some people who don't have Paypal like me, this is a huge advantage because it allows me to monetize my blog.
  3. For people who have blogs or websites that pertain to making money online, Bidvertiser is for you. I have learned that for these kinds of sites, Bidvertiser outperforms Google Adsense by a fair amount.
Bidvertisers pay per click is around 10-15 cents for me. There are both text ads and banner ads of all sizes. Another cool thing about Bidvertiser is the ability to accept and decline ads that you want on your site. If you see an ad you don't particularly want on your blog, then you can just decline it.

Using Adsense and Bidvertiser

There are a number of people who use Bidvertiser along with Google Adsense. This is a great idea because it diversifies the ads and gives you two places to make money from. From what I have heard and read, the results are pretty good for this.

Referral Program
  • When a user signs as an advertiser and first spends $10, we'll credit your account with $5. When that same advertiser spends $50, you will be credited with an additional $20.
  • When a user signs as a publisher and first earns $10, we'll credit your account with $10. When that same publisher earns $50, you will be credited with an additional $40.
Bidvertiser's referral program is great, but so far I haven't had much luck with it.

If you have had problems with Adsense you might want to consider Bidvertiser. It's reliable and can really help your blog make money.

My Blog:

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What Is The Best Way To Make Money Online?

Guest post by Andrew Hansen from

I often receive the question:

"What's the BEST method of making money online?" or "What's the best way to get to $X,000 per month online?"

If you're really looking to make money online and you're just getting started, it seems like a reasonable question - after all, you don't want to waste your time on something that's NOT the best method, do you? You want the best, fastest, easiest method to make the largest amount of money online possible.

If you've ever asked that question, let me give you an important piece of advice... There is no BEST way to make money online. There are SO many ways you can make money and build a business on the internet and they are all very different disciplines. If you're just getting into this stuff, you're going to be coming across a whole lot of these methods and all of them will be telling you they're the best... There's eBay, Pay Per Click Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Writing Content, Surveys, Niche Marketing, Blogging, Article Marketing, Adsense, List Building, Product Creation, JV Partnerships, Ebooks and so many more.

So how does knowing this help you? It helps you because it lets you change your question from... "What's the best way to make money online?" to "What's the best way for ME to make money online?"

Already you're on a much better track. How do you know what's the best way for YOU to make money online? You need to know about yourself. Each of the methods above require specific skills, attitudes, and strategies, some of which you will be good at and enjoy, others you'll be terrible at and hate.

Here's an example:

Blogging is a great way to make money online. But to make money with blogging, you need to do a lot of writing. You need to write content, write articles to promote your site, write guest posts on other blogs, and more. If you aren't good at writing (and you don't have money to outsource) blogging may not be the best option for you to choose in making money online.

Pay Per Click marketing is a great way to make money online. But to make money with pay per click marketing, you have to spend alot of time researching affiliate programs, and setting up ads, with minimal contact with other people. If you're a people person, you're soon going to get bored and quit sabotaging your own success with this method.

The best thing to do as someone starting out in online marketing is get a SMALL sampling of many of the different methods available for making money online in search of one that really fits with you.

Then when you find something that you feel like you're good at and you enjoy (and here's the key)


The only other mistake you can make than choosing the wrong method for you, is choosing the right method, and then changing your mind among the methods so many times that you never make any progress on any method!

But that's the subject of a whole new post.

Finally, here are some guidelines for finding what method could work best for you.
  • If you already have a great deal of knowledge in any particular field (I mean ANY field) you could be sitting on a million dollar information business.
  • If you're a great writer and love expressing your thoughts and knowledge, you could be the next super blogger and make a fortune.
  • If you love research, spotting opportunities, and "trading" (buying low selling high) you might find PPC marketing fun.
  • If you have existing experience with Ebay - you might find it easy to transition a hobby into a full Ebay business.
And of course there are many more.

By finding the method that is right for you, you increase your chance of success at making money online by 100% straight off the bat. It could take time. Some people take years to find what clicks with them online, but when you find it, it won't be long before you see the money flow.

Having earned almost a million dollars over the past three years as an online marketer, Andrew Hansen is a leading expert in the field of blogging and affiliate marketing online. Get your free report on finding profitable niche markets and making thousands of dollars per month from them at

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The PPC Classroom Course Finally Re-Launched - Space is Limited

By Kevin Cleveland

If you are looking for ways to make money online. You are where you need to be right now. I have been in the same position you are in less than a year ago. I have been through getting Programs that were over hyped, didn't teach you what you needed to know, or like 99% of them, just flat out old information. When I signed up for this course I though well I will give it a try. The more I saw I realized I was in the right place. This is where the money is on the internet!

I am talking about affiliate marketing. The amount of money you can make doing this is astounding. You don't have the hassle of having to compete with power sellers on eBay or shipping out the product. When I joined this class I was a "newbie". I can say now that I am well on my way to making a HUGE income online. These are the right people to teach you. They can teach you step by step how to find a product to promote and how to get online traffic to buy that product. Merchants online would rather pay affiliates to go out and market for them than hire a whole team on the payroll. You work for commissions and the more you make, the more they make.

The PPC Classroom course was actually opened last year but it was closed pretty fast as a lot of people rushed to get in, but I was just informed by Anik Singal, the creator of PPC Classroom, that he has re-opened his PPC course. This time he made the course free to anyone. Yes, you heard it right, the PPC Classroom course that helped a lot of people make a living online is now available free to you. Whether you are a "newbie" like I was, a struggling affiliate or an experienced marketer, this course is for you. Here's the link to get PPC Classroom for free:

Click Here to Give it a Try

If you don't know yet, many people who signed up the PPC Classroom last year were actually a complete newbie. After four months in PPC classroom, A sampling of students are now making a combined total of over $4 million per year, and yes even in a down economy.

Although this is a course on affiliate marketing, if you are a business person trying to learn how to promote your own business or product online, they can teach you how to draw traffic to your website. You can market anything you wish after you learn. You can develop the ability to figure out what is hot, get a campaign set up and launch it. After you learn how to do this, you can choose whatever you like to do and become a huge presence online. Given the way they teach this, you also have the ability to let the advertising campaigns run on autopilot while you have the time to do whatever you wish.

Click Here to Get Started

A basic rule of thumb is, put a dollar in and get a dollar back every day. Who wouldn't want an investment like that. I'm not going to say this is going to happen overnight because it takes dedication. If you tried to figure this out yourself, it would take a long time and many people wouldn't make it. This course can cut that time down tremendously. I have been with them a little over 4 months now and I'm well on my way. This will be the best decision you could make! I hope to see you there. -PPC CLassroom-

Useful Tips on How To Make Money Online

Difficult times often call for desperate and difficult measures to earn that much needed income. With the advent of the internet, earning is no longer as difficult with the availability of various modes to earn tangible income from virtual transactions. Note these tips on how to make money online, and start generating income in no time.

1. Explore your online money-making options.

The internet is a lucrative hub of information that points not always to plain entertainment but also to useful income-related activities. Check the internet for a multitude of money-making options, from online marketing and advertising of your products of other people’s products, to offering writing, editing, graphic, or clerical services. If you are wondering about how to make money from the comfort of your own home, these full time or part time online ventures are perfect for you.

2. Invest on your interest and skills.

If you find yourself more passionate in the sales and marketing aspect of your online activity, pursue it in depth to master the details. Explore related activities. For online content writers, you can also earn from blogs and essays, as well as from other SEO activities.

3. Follow through and expand!

The question of how to make money online will be easily answered once you dedicate yourself in mastering your chosen venture. For affiliate marketers, you can earn more by expanding your site to cater merchants selling a variety of products. You can employ other marketing tools to maximize visitor count and site visibility such having keyword-rich contents and expanded links. Before you know it, you could be your own boss in your affiliate program. These tips on how to make money online are guaranteed to help you earn as much as you can over the internet.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Find the Online Money Making Opportunities You're Interested in

Do you know that there are thousand of new freelance job opportunities coming out daily that allow people to work and make money at home using a computer with Internet connection. These new opportunities are posted on different freelance websites. If you want to know about them, you will need to visit each of these freelance sites. It is quite time consuming to search these freelance websites and you could become tired and bored before found one freelance opportunities that is right for you. has realized about this and come out with a solution for you. The site released a very first freelance and home based search engine. Using this search engine, you can immediately find the latest freelance money making opportunities posted on those popular and large freelance sites and also job ad site like Craigslist. Just type in the relevant keyword into the search engine, and it would return you a list of latest work at home jobs you are looking for. This saves you a lot of time as you don't need to go to each freelance site to find them.

If you are searching for paid blogging opportunities, just type in 'blogger' and the search engine will return you the blogs that currently paid people to contribute blog content. For other opportunities like article writing, you can use the search keyword 'writer'; For data entry or typing works, type in 'data entry' and etc.

Visit Freelance search engine now and search for an opportunities you're interested

Even if you have already found an opportunities and started to work online to earn money. The's freelance search engine is also useful to you. You can place the mini version of freelance search engine on your site or blog to help your visitors. The search engine scans 300 freelance sites daily for latest opportunities. When visitors use it, they could find the latest freelance opportunities that they're interested. This way you can provide better information searching experience to your visitors. Those who used the search engine on your site and found what they are looking for may thank you and want to come to your site again.

Placing a freelance search engine on your site is easy. Just copy the below code and paste anywhere you like on your site or blog:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Here's how the mini version search engine looks like:

Besides that, also provides a forum. This forum is a great information source for people like you who want to make money online or work at home. The forum started since 2005 and it is now one of the top work at home forums on the world with more than 37,000 registered members. The members discuss all sorts of ways (online and offline) to make money at home.

As a member, you can ask for tips and advice. Or if you came across a new program or website claimed that they can help you earn income, you can post about it on the forum and let those members who have tried it give you real advice and opinions.

You can be part of the's forum community immediately. Just visit and sign up. The forum will then automatically confirm your registration and you can then start sharing your story and posting opinions.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

5 Google Adsense Alternatives

Guest post by Justin Vanhove

Google Adsense is a great tool that webmasters can use to make money with their website. They way it works is you copy and paste a code on to your web pages that Google supplies you with. Then google searches its database of ads and posts them to the web pages you put the code on. You get paid each time someone clicks on that ad. Google and the publisher split the revenue It is referred to as pay per click and is a great way to make money with a website.

However, google is no longer the only pay per click ad network that webmasters can use to make money from clicks of visitors on their site. Google was the first to come up with this method, but recently there has been a rise in ad networks like this. Many webmasters are switching to a different ad network and seeing surprising results. They are earning more money per click.

This is actually not surprising seeing that Google announced last year that it was cutting back the percentage publishers earned per click(translates to Google keeps more of the profit share). This results in publishers making less money since they only get paid when someone clicks. This is why you should take a look into some alternatives to Google adsense.

Here is a list of 5 alternatives to Adsense

1. Yahoo
2. Pepperjam
3. Adbrite
4. Adsmart
5. Chikita

Yahoo is probably the best out of those 5. Many people report that yahoo pays more per click than Google does which is not surprising. What sets Yahoo apart from other Google Adsense alternatives is that it has a large amount of advertisers. This means that a visitor is less likely to see the same ad on multiple pages. This ultimately leads to more clicks which leads to more money. The other small publishers may provide some great short term success because they pay a lot per click since they just got into the game and are looking to build up business.

Aside from making more money you might have a different reason for switching to a alternative. Google is notorious for shutting down people's for click fraud. When someone clicks on their own ads it is called click fraud. When Google things one is clicking their own ads they shut off their account and it is difficult or impossible to get your account back. The bad part about this policy is that often times a sites visitor repeatably clicks on ads to get that persons account shut off. If you experience this you will want to look for a Google Adsense alternative because getting your account reopened can be difficult.

Author Bio
If you would like to learn how to make money online and make money on the internet visit his Justin‘s personal website. There you will find many free resources and instructional articles to help you make money on the internet.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Comment Marketing To Make Money Online

Guest post by Steve Blanchard

Out of all the make money online - comment marketing can end up being a very good one.

What is comment marketing?

Well it's actually been happening a lot since blogging became popular, however, it's where you consistently leave comments on high traffic blogs of your niche and when doing so you receive a link back to your site, plus if anyone clicks the link on your comment, then you will get traffic from that too.

How you should do comment marketing:
  • Research who the top bloggers are in your industry. You can simply do this by blog searching sites like technorati or just type in some searches on google and see which sites are actually blogs that come up. These guys are already listed in the first page of google so they have been doing some stuff right to get there. Since they are high traffic this will help you.
  • Create a list of these sites and begin a schedule that you can follow to begin posting comments to the sites. IMPORTANT: If you can try to be in the first 10 comments. You will have to find out if the blogger posts at the same time every day or every week and if so, try to be the fist commenter because that will give you the most traffic obviously. You will notice that if you are subscribed and you click on their post immediately once in comes into your email that there could be 40 comments already on there - that is because there is a delay from when they actually post to when feedburner or whatever they are using sends out the message to their list.
  • When commenting: DO NOT SPAM COMMENT! What's that? Well, make sure that you leave legitimate comments about what they posted and you more likely to have your comment posted since most are moderated. So if they are talking about 3 ways to find fish - make sure that you address something in your comment in regards to what was written. This will acknowledge that you actually read some of the post and who knows - you might just learn something that will help you so definitely read the post.
  • Evaluate every month which blogs seem to be getting you traffic and also search for new comers that may have popped up on the high traffic scene. You may have to drop a blog that you thought was doing well and start up with another one.
  • Be consistent. Again everything is about consistently leaving comments so that you can see the traffic start building a little more and more each week. You will still get some traffic even months from the time you comment if 1) the post was good and 2) You got within the first 10.
If you keep at these methods as another weapon you will drive more traffic and where there is traffic there is the potential to make money online. By the way most bloggers won't care that you are consistently commenting as long as you aren't SPAMMING! This is because it actually helps their ranking because the search engines see more activity on their site - so comments actually help their SEO.

Another positive point about comment marketing is that it actually helps your search engine ranking too. I have seen back links created each time a comment is made on another site, so this will help you and can be very beneficial when starting out.

AdSense's New Feature: Font Changing Option

If you haven't read about the latest announcement in the Google AdSense Official blog yet, Google's is giving more freedom to you in customizing your AdSense ads for displaying on your blog or site.

Now when you are in your AdSense account to generate AdSense ad code, you will find an additional option called 'Fonts' that will allow you to choose the font for your AdSense ads.

This seems to be a good new option for AdSense publisher. As you may have known, displaying AdSense ads within the content area or articles is an effective way to generate high AdSense revenue. The font of the AdSense ads have set to be Arial font previously, so if your content uses Time New Romance, you will got to change all your content into Arial if you want the ads blend well with your content and generate better AdSense income.

But now, with the 'Font' option, you don't have to change your content font in your website. If you are using Time New Roman, you can keep your content font in Time New Roman and still blend well with AdSense ads by setting the AdSense ads font to be similar to the font of your content pages.

And if you are now thinking to change the font for every AdSense ad unit you have created, don't worry, you don't have to manually change it one by one. The AdSense team has set a quick way for you. You can read how to do it at

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bukisa - Earn Money Online from Articles

Guest post by Manish Singh

Bukisa is new content providing website that provides you with an opportunity to earn residual income based on per page view basis for your articles. Their slogan is Share your Knowledge and earn money. "Bukisa" is Zulu word for "Display". Bukisa is a knowledge sharing website with an added advantage to earn money online. You can write articles on wide variety of topics. Bukisa offers 24 categories right now in which you can submit your articles and expect more to be added in future. In addition to articles you can earn money from video, audio, photos and slide presentations.

Bukisa has founded a unique way to determine how much you are paid per 1000 page views. This is called "Bukisa index". If Bukisa index is 4.20 this means that for every 1000 unique views of your articles you will earn $4.20. Bukisa index is reviewed every month and can increase or decrease based on the earning of

The key to getting more page views is to write informative, high quality content useful to others. you can submit How-to, educational, instructional, creative, reviews and content that teaches new knowledge and skills. Just be sure whatever your submit is your own creativity. You can also submit your content that is already published on other websites.

Writers also earn money by referral sign ups. These writers add up into your personal network and when they submit content you earn a 25% percent of your total network earning.

The minimum payout is a little high at $50 and is paid through PayPal, so you can earn money from Bukisa from anywhere in the world.

Join this unique revenue sharing model called

Authors Bio:
Manish Singh is an Internet Entrepreneur and editor of – Providing free directory of work at home jobs and latest telecommuting jobs leads.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

PPC Classroom will Show You How to Make Money Online!

By Kevin Cleveland

With the economy the way it is and many people getting laid off. People are searching for ways to make money online. I had to go through that this last year. My Father had passed and I had to leave my job of 23 years and move to take care of my elderly mom. I moved from a big city to a little town of about 1500 with no opportunity. I had to get internet based. I had friends that were going to garage sales and selling whatever they could to build their income up on eBay. I thought that just isn't for me.

Besides there probably isn't that many garage sales in this little town. Then I came across affiliate marketing. The more I found out about it the more I realized this is it. This is where the money is on the internet. I did some searching and joined a site. Well that didn't teach me as much as I needed to know. Then I joined another and that one was too advanced. I was having trouble putting everything together.

Well I finally found the right place, - PPC Classroom -. Whether you are just beginning, still struggling to put things together, or an experienced marketer, this is a great online course for you. The class walks you through every step you need to take to start making money online with affiliate marketing (from finding a product to promote, to setting up campaigns for promoting your program or product and generate revenue).

Although this course is focused on affiliate marketing, it is even good for those experienced business owners wanting to promote their business on the Internet. In fact I went to the PPC class live event this last December and found out that there were many businessmen taking this course. I also met several students that were well on their way to making a lot of money. They really know their stuff.

The PPC Classroom was closed three months ago, but it is scheduled to re-open again on 24th Feb, accepting new students. Pre registration is going on right now. I highly recommend you join this online course if your goal is to make a steady income on the Internet. This class can change your life. The PPC Classroom students are now making over 4 million dollars a year. And Yes, most of these were complete newbies at the time when they join in PPC Classroom.

Here's the link to download some of the training materials of the course for free:

Click here to claim your free report

You will get a free report and videos showing some tactics and secrets about generating income with affiliate marketing. Take some time to read these free resources, you will learn something useful and find out if the course is right for you.

There are so many people out there that just want to give you a piece of the puzzle. These guys are not like that. One of their motto is "If I show you what you want to know, I will get what I want". If you are already an affiliate one rule of thumb is set a goal, "whatever you are making now, multiply that by 10 and set your goal to 6 to 12 months. If you are just starting out in this business, I want to let you know. This will not happen overnight. It takes dedication and takes a while to understand, but I have been with them for three months and going to be with them for a long time. I have come a long way in those three months. I am well on my way. In this business the hardest part is at the first. It keeps getting easier. Hope to see you there, -PPC Classroom-.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How to Write a Compelling Product Review

Guest post by Ryan DSouza

1) Does Your Title Create Excitement?
In order for someone to actually read your review, he/she has to find the title interesting. If you just put down, "my product review of XYZ" no one will care to notice. The title should be an attention grabber. At the same time, it shouldn't make exaggerated claims. One way of doing this is to phrase your title as a question. "Did I really lose weight using Bowflex revolution?" or pose a doubt, "Does Bowflex actually help burn fat or is it just a scam?" This appeals to a person's curiosity and begs for a click. Another way, is to make a statement. " I lose 50 pounds in 3 months using bowflex!" or "Bowflex helped me look young again!" whichever technique you use, however, keep it honest. Avoid using deceptive practices, as it will only tarnish your reputation in the long run.

2) Are you presenting an unbiased Review?
Buyers want to know the truth. They have tried countless e-books, get rich quick schemes, and money-making programs in the past, most of which ended in failure and shortcoming. As a result, they have become more skeptical. Your task as an affiliate marketer is to write an honest, informative, and complete product review. Include BOTH the pros and cons. The whole purpose is to help the buyer make a purchasing decision, by providing YOUR personal experience with the product. So, if you have not bought or used the product, there is no true way of doing this.

Most affiliate reviews on the Internet today are written like infomercials, selling hype rather than experiences. People know this. That's why they look to discussion forums and blogs for advice. If you want to sell affiliate products today, you have to first earn the trust and loyalty of your readers. The only way of doing this is keep your reviews honest. Share your experience, whether good or bad. Give the buyer a complete picture of the product. Don't make him/her feel that you are hiding something out. This keeps him coming back for more.

3) Do You Sound Authoritative and Approachable?
Your review should reflect a certain level of expertise. Offer advice or solutions in addition to product experience. Be opinionated. Include your credentials; honors, and past affiliate income, if any, at the end of the review. This answers the question, "why should I listen to you?" Let the buyer know that you are knowledgeable in Internet marketing. If he/she senses that you are a new affiliate with no IM skills, he/she may leave your website, in favor of more credible sources of information. In that case, take time out to learn Internet marketing. The same applies to personality. Are you approachable? Can the buyer approach you, if he/she has a question? Are you easy to get a hold off? If not, take time out learn customer service.

4) Are You Creating Any Additional Value?
In other words, if the person decides to purchase the product, why should they buy it from you? What added benefit can you provide in addition to a product review. My suggestion is to give something valuable free. This could be an e-book, report, or a free consultation. If your website receives a lot of visitors, the product owner may even be willing to offer a special discount. The main idea here is to create additional value. This is called product bundling. The buyer should believe that he is getting more than just a review.

Author Bio:
Ryan DSouza is an Internet marketer and stock investor. His new blog teaches internet marketing strategy for free. This includes topocs such as SEO and PPC marketing.

Get Paid for Your Accurate Predictions on Predictify

Guest post by Parker Barrile

Predictify is a prediction platform that adds an interactive, forward-looking dimension to the news. You can read a news story, make a prediction on the topic, and have a discussion with other users all in one visit. Unlike a poll, we score every prediction against the actual outcome, so you can build a reputation over time based on the accuracy of your predictions. It's like fantasy sports for everything else.

It's fun to be right, but it can also be profitable. There are no display ads on Predictify. Instead, we offer sponsored questions for marketers who want to create highly-engaging advertising experiences. We charge advertisers $1 per prediction, and we share a portion of that fee with you, the predictors, based on your accuracy to encourage thoughtful participation and high-quality predictions (tell me more). Best of all, it's free - no points or bets required.

So how much can you make? A lot, if you're good. The highest payout to-date is $172.74 -- not bad for spending 30 seconds making a prediction. To see the latest sponsored questions, click here? (we'll be adding more in the future). And tell your friends. The pot increases by $1 for every prediction up to the maximum set by the sponsor.

In 2008, we paid out over $20,000 to our users. We hope you join us for a fun, interesting ... and lucrative 2009!

About the Author
Parker Barrile is co-founder & CEO at Predictify, where he drives company strategy and leads business development and operations. Prior to founding Predictify, Parker was a business project manager at Google and a consultant at Bain & Company. Parker holds an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and a BS in Mathematics from Stanford University.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What are the Options for You to Make Money Online?

'There are many ways to make money online' or 'there are plenty of money making methods on the Internet', how many times you have read these sentences when searching on the Internet to find out how you can use the Internet to make money.

Many articles and blog posts just briefly tell you there are plenty of choices when it comes to making money online, but didn't specifically describe each of the ways of making money on the Internet. So, just how many ways of making money online are there? Today there is an easy way for you to find out through the use of
is a website that lists many different types of money making programs and legitimate work at home jobs available for US residents and people around the world.

Manish, the creator of has done the hard work to find the numerous online money making methods and programs and list them on his site. In the Work at Home Directory which can be easily found and accessed on, you can find the list of online money making methods and home based opportunities. It is quite a long list, some money making methods in the list I can tell you are blogging, freelancing, online survey, forum posting, writing, online tutoring, data entry, get paid uploading photos and many more. When you click on one of these methods, the site will show you more details with programs and companies that can help you. For instance, if you're interested on paid survey, you will click on the 'Online Survey' links and the site will give you a list of survey companies that you can join and make money taking survey online.

Another area of you might want to access too. It is the 'Online Money Making' section. This section provides you a list of programs and websites that allow you to make extra money online without having to sell products or know about Internet marketing. There are websites wanting to pay you to share about your experience on the products you have used, upload your interesting videos, rate products and etc. Many of these opportunities can be found in the Online Money Making section of

Also, if you like to find out the latest work at home opportunities. The Latest work at home job leads section can keep you updated. It regularly updates the newest job ads from big sites like Craigslist, and so on.

So, if you are looking for a way to make money online, Workathomedesk is the resource site you should check out. You may find an opportunity that is right for you.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Telecommuting in Tough Times

Guest post by Michael-John

With the economy in turmoil and millions of people losing their jobs, more and more people are turning to the internet to try and create sources of supplemental income. For those single Moms that are just trying to pay the rent and put food on the table, the prospect of making money online can be an enticing one. Many companies have decided to eliminate office and cubicle jobs and simply hire people who are willing to telecommute.

If this type of job interests you, you should know that it can be tough working from home. There are factors that can wreak havoc on your home life when you add a work at home job into the mix. The first thing you will need to do is create your own work space that is free of kids crying, dogs barking and background noises such as radios or televisions. The last thing employers want from their telecommuting employees is distracting background noise that lets a customer know that you are working from your home. When an employer hires someone to work at home, they don’t want to eliminate the feeling of a professional workspace. The best thing to do would be to instruct your family to leave you alone during work hours and allow you to complete your required tasks. If you can follow these rules then it is very possible to work at home and make money online.

You can find work at home jobs by searching websites like Craigslist and Indeed with the search terms “work at home” or “telecommute”, but beware – many work at home jobs are scams that you want to avoid at all costs. Always find out what a job entails and get the contact info for the person that is hiring you, also get the company address and name and do a search on the Better Business Bureau’s website for any negative history.

If you don’t feel you have the time at home to commit to a full time job, there are other legitimate ways to make money online and supplement your income. You won’t get rich from these sources of income, but they can help you pay the bills. There are actually a few websites where you can start making money online almost immediately. By completing simple trial offers, surveys or freebie offers on various websites – you can earn cash quickly. Most of these websites pay via PayPal withing 24 to 48 hours. You won't get rich from these websites, but you can make between $15 and $40 per hour in your spare time. These days, any source of extra income can be a big help!

You can find some of these websites on my blog at: Residuals and Royalties.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Get the Right Tool for Google AdWords

Posted by Jeff from

Most Internet marketers agree that AdWords has changed the Internet world. It used to take days to get your ads up, circulating and producing results. Using Adwords you can have your ad live in two hours and circulating through the entire Google network of advertisers producing clicks almost immediately. Pretty amazing. What is the downside to this system? You can go broke if you don't know what you are doing. Most people jump into the AdWords system for immediate results not knowing the algorithm and system used by Google to gage pricing. In turn, they play lots of money, and few conversions. You need to educate yourself on the ins and outs of AdWords advertising to avoid overpaying and being penalized by Google.

A few things you need to know about AdWords pricing:

1. Keyword relevance to site content: Google will compare keywords to site content to verify the site is relevant.

2. Site content to ad text: Does the ad accurately represent what the site has to offer? Don't use text that is popular to gain clicks if it doesn't relate to your site.

3. URL misdirection: Google will verify the display URL and the destination URL are the same the site.

If these things are not met in a satisfactory manner then Google may freeze your ad, or what may be worse, run your ad charging you twice what you should be paying. On the other hand, if you get just the right keywords for your site and great ad text written up then you can actually pay less than others because your ad more accurately represents your site. You must learn how to do keyword research to find the right targets for your ad. Listen up, because this is important!

Don't go for the popular keywords in your campaigns!

Example: If you are advertising a weight loss product, don't use "losing weight" as one of your keywords because the competition is too great and it will cost you fortune.

You need to narrow your audience to those most likely to purchase your product and find keywords with a lower search volume to get better cost per click. If you think about it, it is better to pay $5 per click for one keyword with 550,000 searches per month or pay $.40 per click for 20 keywords like "losing weight plans" with an average search of 1,000 per month? You will get more clicks, pay less money, and a more targeted audience for high conversions. Of course remember when picking those keywords, don't just look at search volume, they need to be relevant keywords.

Just like doing anything else, getting the right information is extremely important and can potentially save you thousands in advertising dollars. A tool I have experience with called Google Ambush has been invaluable to me in marketing my various sites. It helps pick keywords, show price per keyword, and will upload your ad to Google. They also give training videos showing how to effectively use the software as well as give you other marketing tips.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Got Niche? - Why So Many Blogs Don't Succeed

Guest Post by Joshua Lee

Finding a niche is essential to success in the blogging world, especially if you're writing a blog by yourself. Too often, I see people with great ideas set out to make their blog. And you know what happens? Nothing. They fail, even though their ideas were sound.

Why does this happen? Most often, it's because proper research wasn't done on the subject beforehand.

Let's take a common blog topic: Politics. You decided to make a politics blog. So, you get a nice sounding domain, some snazzy themes, load it up with great WordPress plugins, and start pumping out quality opinion pieces and news analysis every day. On top of that, you even advertise it on other blogs and do excellent SEO.

Is it going to work?

Well, it's certainly possible to succeed with this strategy, but it's like trying to climb up a steep cliff covered in dry ice without using your hands while blindfolded.

What's the problem, even after you did everything right?

You didn't focus on a niche! Sites that focus on the entirety of politics, such as The Huffington Post [on the Left] or RedState [on the Right], are not really niche blogs at all. Politics is a huge subject matter, after all. They have dozens of writers and editors working together to ensure huge amounts of quality content. Trying to compete with dozens of people working together, all by yourself, is just plain silly.

So, instead of a politics blog, let's look at a more closely targeted the audience, a niche if you will. For the sake of argument, we'll say I live in Colorado. I'm going make a niche blog, not about politics, but about progressive Colorado politics.

Notice how I'm putting in two qualifiers that focus who I'm targeting. I'm only looking for readers from Colorado, and only those that are interested in progressive views.

Huge national political blogs generally skimp on local state politics to focus on the big national issues, so there's certainly a lot of open space to grow. With this niche, you now know immediately who your audience is. What's the next step? Determine the market and the competition.

Obviously, the market for such a niche blog is smaller than a national political blog. Nevertheless, there are millions of progressive Internet users in Colorado, so there's certainly a big enough market.

What about the competition? Well, a simple Google search shows me only about a half dozen true competitors. This makes success much more easy.

There are thousands (if not millions) of political blogs all competing with each other to dominate the term politics. But, through restricting our niche to Colorado Progressive Politics instead, we've already eliminated a lot of that competition. With so much less competition, hard work, quality content, and solid SEO will put you on the front page results relatively quickly.

Focusing on a niche makes Google AdWords much more effective, too. For those that use it, now you have some specific search terms to use with it. Instead of trying to get traffic by targeting the term politics (a hotly contested and expensive item to get Google ads for), instead focus on your niche (Colorado progressive politics) and specific, related topics.

I hope this guide helps you on your way to creating a successful blog.

Author Bio:
Josh's blog is primarily focused on making money online in a thorough and intelligent manner. It also delves into SEO, Google, Freelance Writing, and other topics. If you enjoyed this post, feel free to subscribe to his RSS Feed or visit Josh's blog @ The Brainy Money Blog.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Learning the Basic is Necessary to Start Making Money Online

In this bad economy situation, people are still making good money on the Internet. I heard that a lot of bloggers, affiliates, webmasters and Internet marketers are still earning a consistent income every month. Me as a blogger hasn't experienced much changes on my blog revenue and traffic for the past two months as well. So, it seems that the economy recession doesn't affect the Internet much. In fact, there is prediction shows that the online spending is going to raise this year.

So if you are thinking to find an extra income source now, using the Internet is one of your good choices. You can use a blog, a website, PPC advertising or build a list to make money online. A blog isn't difficult to set up as there are free Blogging Platforms like Blogger and Wordpress that let you set up your blog easily and quickly. Once set up you can use the blog to promote affiliate programs and display ads to make money online. Website also works the same ways.

Whatever methods you like to use to make money online, you must know how to get started. You must know What are the essential things you need do in the beginning steps so that you don't move to the wrong direction.

You don't have to worry about how to get started on the Internet to make money with affiliate program using a blog or website or PPC advertising as there are e-books, reports and courses that can help you. One new report that I find pretty helpful to people who want to start making money online using niche blog or website is CrapCutter Marketing. CrapCutter Marketing was written by Andrew Hansen who has already making money on the Internet five years and helping many people to do the same.

It doesn't cost a single cent to download this report and the report contains the information you need to know to start making money on the Internet. You can grab a copy of this report at:

Andrew laid out all the important fundamental steps you need to go through in the process of earning online income. You will discover how to find profitable niches, choose the right affiliate programs, research keywords and more. Andrew has written the report in a way that is easy to understand, so it isn't difficult to learn them.

Also, the report gives a lot of tips on how to promote your blogs, niche website and affiliate programs to generate online income.

As I always says, you need the right knowledge and information to start making money on the Internet. CrapCutter Marketing is one of the reports that provides you the right information. So, the report is definitely worth a read.

Download a free copy of CrapCutter Marketing now.

Using Twitter To Expand Your Business and Create Lifelong Customers

Guest posy by Roxanne Manning

The social networking website, Twitter has become extremely popular and for good reason. It is a pretty cool website that allows individuals to keep up with their family, friends and associates. Savvy business owners and entrepreneurs are also using it to not only grow their businesses but to get repeat business. When used correctly, this is exactly what can happen.

The best way to use Twitter if you are looking to make money (and if you are an internet marketer, of course you are), is to encourage your customers or web visitors to follow you on Twitter. Promise them that they will be notified of any specials or sales that you will be offering. Make these special prices and deals available only to Twitter members. This will encourage them to sign up.

Make sure that you promote your Twitter account on a prominent place on your website. Add it to any e-books that you are selling or giving away as well as any articles that you write and submit to article directories. You want to grow your Twitter followers as much as you can. These people will act similarly to an email list. You will be able to keep in contact with them and sale them products in the future.

Once you get people to join and follow you on Twitter, you now can update them on any other products that you are selling or you can offer discounted prices. However, be sure to not only send out sales messages. Instead, provide some information that is informative and helpful. You want your followers to get some real value from you. If they begin to feel like they aren’t, then they may begin to simply ignore your messages.

If you decide to provide discounts, you need to provide some pretty significant ones. Try to offer 25% discounts or more. This will make people feel like they are real getting a deal. This will also encourage other people to follow you. While you will be charging less, you should increase the number of people that make purchases from you. Over time, if you can build up your “list” you can make a good amount of money simply from your Twitter account.

Twitter allows you to answer the question “What are you doing?” Your readers, i.e., friends, family, co-workers and/or customers can easily be updated on what is going on in your life or business. Provide well-written, relevant and informative posts and you can quickly develop an audience that can’t wait for your next update.

Twitter is much easier to manage then an email list. You don’t have to worry about fake email addresses, people complaining about spam, bounce backs or your messages being ignored. You simply provide updates to people that have already made a decision to follow you. Offer them good information that they are interested in as well as special discounts and sales. This will allow you to make first time sales and also create repeat business.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Pre-launch Gifts of 32 Days to Success

James Racine has something big to be released. He is going to launch a new program that is designed to help people really make money online. He called the new program the '32 Days To Success'.

You might have read and heard about many money making systems that failed, but for 32 Days To Success, I can tell you it is not another system that offers interesting content but not good enough to help you making money online. James has achieved online success and made a fortune. In the 32 Days To Success program, he will give you a money making strategy that has been proven and tested with detailed step-by-step instructions explaining each aspect to ensure you learn all the essential things so that you can really make money on the Internet in this recession economy.

The 32 Days To Success program is still now in pre-launch stage, it is expected to be launched on 1st of March. And during this pre-launch stage, James wants to give you a bunch of quality information about how to make money online for free. Here's what James has prepared for you free:

- 20 Minute 'Money Getting" Video with solid content. The videos explained three methods where you can used them now to make money online. Definitely it's worth your time to watch it.

- Audio interviews with ordinary people that have achieved success online and how they did it. A lot of tips in these audios. You'll learn what are the things you can do to make online and also what are things you need to avoid when you just started.

- PDF report explains exactly how the 32 Day to Success Strategy works and how you can put it to work for you.

- And more....

So how to get all these 'how to' money making info for free? It is simple. Just head over to, fill out your name and email and you will get instant access to all these useful content.

There are people already making money online using the free info of James. So, definitely I would suggest you signing up for the free information that James has released to learn everything you could and put what you learn into work to make money online.

After you signed up for the free stuff, your email address will also be put into James's 'Early-Bird' list where Jame will notify you immediately when the 32 Days to Success program launched.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Is Ezine Articles Still Effective For Free Traffic & High Rankings?

Guest post by Roxanne Manning

There was a time when you only had to write an optimized article, submit it to Ezinearticles and watch it rocket up the search engines, even for pretty competitive keywords or phrases. Today, it is much harder to get these types of results. One of the primary reasons is that there is a lot more competition then it used to be. A person could also count on getting traffic simply by being member. However, with more and more quality article directories popping up on the internet, this type of traffic is beginning to diminish as well.

More and more people have discovered the merits of article marketing and are utilizing it to grow their businesses. Also because this form of internet marketing has been around for some time, article marketers have gotten increasingly savvy. They don’t simply write an article and hope that Ezinearticles does it thing. Instead, they promote it and utilize search engine marketing techniques similar to those used by individuals attempting to get their websites ranked highly. Those people that know what they are doing experience tremendous success and are wiping the mat with people who do not. If you are one of those people on the outside looking in and wondering how it is possible for some to achieve so much with article marketing and others so little, keep reading. Blow, we will discuss some of the most common promotional techniques and tricks of the “big dogs”.

1. Get Incoming Links From Other Article Directories: The most important part of the SEO equation is to get incoming links. One great place to get them is from other article directories, especially from those that are well respected. Try Buzzle, Article Dashboad, Go Articles and other top directories. You will find that this is one simply, easy, fast and effective way to get quality, incoming links.

The purpose of this is to build up the incoming link count to your Ezine article. Because this directory has the best chance to get ranked, using one of the available links in your resource box from article directories to point to it, makes good sense.

2. Getting Incoming Links From Social Networking Websites: This is probably the most commonly used method of the article marketing pros to get incoming links and drive their articles up the search engines. It will take a little trial and error to determine which ones will allow you to link to Ezinearticles. Some won’t but others will. You can do this yourself or you can pay someone to do it if you do not have the time or would simply rather not.

3. Submitting Your Article’s RSS feed: Your Ezine article will have a RSS feed. Write it down and submit it to RSS directories for some easy traffic and back links.

These are some simple techniques to build up the link count to your Ezinearticles’ article and promote it. The more incoming links that you have, the greater chance you have to rank highly. Remember, other article directories and social networking websites are great places to begin.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Residuals and Royalties

Guest post by Michael-John

If you are like most people in America, you probably work a typical 9-5 job and are getting frustrated with the daily grind. Those people that work 40 hours and get paid for 40 hours of work are earning what they call “linear income”. In other words, they get paid for the exact amount of hours they put in and not a penny more. There is a better way to earn income – this better way is through residual and royalty income.

Until now, only actors and authors received residuals or royalties for their work, but the internet has changed this. Nowadays you can do plenty of things online to create residual, royalty and passive income. You may ask yourself “how can I create residual income?” – well, the answer is on the internet.

There are plenty of ways to Make Money Online and Earn Residual Income; you can sell your photos online, write articles, sell your arts and crafts, earn money from your blog, add Google AdSense to your website and do many more things to create residual and royalty income. In fact, there are people earning hundreds and even thousands of dollars per month online in the form of passive income. The best part is that you keep getting paid over and over again long after you have put in the initial investment of your time and effort.

There are so many scams online that it is hard to actually know which websites are legitimate and which ones will just take your money. You need to know where to look to find the websites that are going to help you create supplemental income and not rip you off. There is a blog written by Michael-John Wolfe, an actor who has devoted all of his free to finding legitimate ways to make money online. Each day his blog lists a new form of residual income for you to investigate and research as a possible form of residual or royalty income. While Michael-John lists tons of websites, not each income source is for everyone – but if you take some time to browse through his website, there is no doubt that you will find a source of income that fits with your skills or situation.

Michael-John even lists sources of supplemental income and part time jobs that you can do for extra cash. Everyone wants to make money online, yet only a lucky few will actually take the steps necessary to create an easier life for themselves. Imagine never having to worry about working a “regular” job as a corporate drone ever again! Imagine the freedom you would feel if you had multiple streams of income flowing in from different online sources. Don’t let another year of your life pass by without creating some unique sources of income for you and your family. You can visit Michael-John Wolfe’s website here: Earn Residual Income and Make Money Online.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

How to Make Fast Money with a Blog

Guest Post by Anil Gupta

When we search internet to find some easy ways to monetize our blog, we find lots of stuff already written on this topic. And when we study deeply at all ways to earn money from a blog, there may be hundreds of ways to earn revenue from a blog. But not all methods are going to help you make some quick cash. In today's article, I will discuss some techniques that a blogger in any niche can follow to monetize his/her blogs quickly and fastly:

PPC Ads – With PPC (Pay per click) Ads, we are going to get paid for every click that is made of an Ad on our blog. There are many networks who are offering PPC Ads in all niches. And the most popular PPC Ad networks are Google Adsense and YPN (Yahoo Publisher network), which is available for US citizens only right now. Applying for Google Adsense will not take more than 2 minutes and once you have Google AdSense Account, you have to just place AdSense widgets on your blog where you want the ads to appear. AdSense ads are highly customizable and can be placed in any section of a blog. All PPC networks serve ads according to the content of your blog.

Text & Banner ads – Selling text and banner ads will be easiest way to monetize your blog if it's already popular. There are lots of advertisers who are willing to place their ads on top blogs in their niche. We can earn from $10 to $100 or so for a link/banner for a month on our blog depending upon our blog popularity, traffic, Alexa ranking and Google Page rank. We can add a section like 'Advertise here' or 'Banner' here on our blog to attract advertisers. With this, we can also try some networks that can sell text/banner ads on your behalf and will share revenue with us.

Writing Articles – With these options, we can make money with what we are already doing i.e. blogging. There may be many advertisers in your niche who will be interested in getting a review about their service or product on your blog. With this 'Get Paid to Blog' kind of scheme, we are asked to write a review about a product or service and include their links within our review. But we should be extra cautious when going for this scheme. We should write about advertisers only who are directly or indirectly related to our niche and if possible should include nofollow links in our paid posts. There are many paid blogging networks on internet where you can register yourself to get extra money making opportunities. Some of popular 'Get Paid to Blog' networks are Payperpost, ReviewMe and SponsoredReviews.

Author Bio
Anil Gupta is the Author of make money online blog where he talks about ways to making fast money from blogs and how we can increase traffic to our blogs.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

You Need the Right Information to Make Money Online

The Internet is changing rapidly leading to more and more online money making opportunities appear. Some of the popular ways to make money online now is affiliate marketing, blogging and completing paid survey.

Affiliate marketing is about promoting online companies' products or services and share a percentage of revenue for each sale or lead you generated for the online company. This is a low start-up cost online business, so a lot of people participate in affiliate marketing.

Blogging is even more popular nowadays. You can earn steady advertising income while writing about your passion, share your knowledge and opinions in your blog.

Paid survey is about taking survey from the Internet market research companies. These companies generally will reward you cash or gift for the online survey your completed. Paid survey can't offer your full-time income potential but can be a great source of extra monthly income.

Whatever way you choose to make money online, you need the right information and knowledge to get started. One new website that recently launched can help you get started on the Internet. The site is called The owner of, Jeff Wasson has taken time to put together the programs, e-books and guide teaching you how to make money online with affiliate marketing, blogging, paid surveys and etc. For those of you who are always wondering how you can start your own money making venture from scratch, check out Jeff's Jeff will recommend you the right resources so that you can get all the information you need to start making money online.

Besides, Jeff also shares with you the useful marketing tools for building and making your online business. For most of the types of online businesses, it is essential to research keywords, competition and your targeted prospects in order to effectively generate profit on the Internet. These marketing tools suggested by Jeff will assist you in the process so that you can save a lot of time and work.

If you have any question about making money on the Internet while browsing, do send an email to Jeff. He is happy to help you and answer your online money making inquiries.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Upcoming Tele-Training: How to Use Facebook and Twitter to Make Money Online in 2009

This Wednesday on a live tele-training call Glen Hopkins will be interviewing a Internet marketing teacher named Bob Jenkins on:

"The Secrets To Increasing Your Profits In 2009 Using Facebook And Twitter!"

This is a free tele-training you can join and learn about how you can use these two big social networking sites to promote your website or your online business and build your very own profit potential network.

If you are interested to join this call, here's the link to get all the details and sign up for the call:

Glen has also prepared some bonus money making products for those who attend this live training.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Simple Ways to Advertise and Grow Your Membership Website

Many internet marketers recognize that a membership site is a great way to bring in a comfortable and consistent income. So they find a great niche, set up their membership website and add great content, there is still one major step, getting members to join. At first glance, this often seems a bit overwhelming and is the point where membership site owners often get discouraged. Not knowing how to find members stop many online marketers even before they get started.

Fortunately, it is not too difficult to grow your membership base. As long as you understand that it may take some time. Don’t expect to fill up your site overnight. Instead, shoot for a couple of new members a day. Overtime, you will be able to draw a pretty good income. Below, are some simple ways to advertise:

Start An Affiliate Program: One very effective way to grow your membership website is to offer people (members and non-members) the ability to earn money by getting other people to join. Think about it. If your monthly fee is $29, offering individuals 50% or $14.50 each month for every new member that they sign up would be very enticing. If you get the right affiliates, you may not have to do much advertising at all.

Hang Out Where Your Potential Members Are: Spending time at the same places that people who might be interested in joining your membership site is a really good way to get members. This might include forums and social networking websites.

Try Adwords: Depending on what niche you are targeting, Adwords may be a great way to get the word out about your site and to get new members. Make sure that you carefully target your audience so that you don’t waste your money and time.

Write Press Releases: Press releases are another excellent way to advertise your membership website. There are a few fairly good options and some excellent paid ones. If you don’t know where to begin, consider If you optimize your website and choose good keywords, you can get some good rankings for both your sales page and your release.

Forum Marketing: Once you figure out where your target audience spends their time online, it is time to go to them. Often times, forums are a great place to find people that will be interested in your offer. If the forum allows, make a post advertising your membership site. If they do not allow blatant advertising, then create a signature link ad.

Social Networking Websites: Social networking websites are another fantastic, advertising option. Find one that caters to your niche and then create short articles or blurbs that would interest them so that they click onto your website. After you get them there, it is up to you to sell your product. Consider, giving them a few free days or a free report so that they have some idea of the quality of content that you are offering.