Saturday, February 7, 2009

Is Ezine Articles Still Effective For Free Traffic & High Rankings?

Guest post by Roxanne Manning

There was a time when you only had to write an optimized article, submit it to Ezinearticles and watch it rocket up the search engines, even for pretty competitive keywords or phrases. Today, it is much harder to get these types of results. One of the primary reasons is that there is a lot more competition then it used to be. A person could also count on getting traffic simply by being member. However, with more and more quality article directories popping up on the internet, this type of traffic is beginning to diminish as well.

More and more people have discovered the merits of article marketing and are utilizing it to grow their businesses. Also because this form of internet marketing has been around for some time, article marketers have gotten increasingly savvy. They don’t simply write an article and hope that Ezinearticles does it thing. Instead, they promote it and utilize search engine marketing techniques similar to those used by individuals attempting to get their websites ranked highly. Those people that know what they are doing experience tremendous success and are wiping the mat with people who do not. If you are one of those people on the outside looking in and wondering how it is possible for some to achieve so much with article marketing and others so little, keep reading. Blow, we will discuss some of the most common promotional techniques and tricks of the “big dogs”.

1. Get Incoming Links From Other Article Directories: The most important part of the SEO equation is to get incoming links. One great place to get them is from other article directories, especially from those that are well respected. Try Buzzle, Article Dashboad, Go Articles and other top directories. You will find that this is one simply, easy, fast and effective way to get quality, incoming links.

The purpose of this is to build up the incoming link count to your Ezine article. Because this directory has the best chance to get ranked, using one of the available links in your resource box from article directories to point to it, makes good sense.

2. Getting Incoming Links From Social Networking Websites: This is probably the most commonly used method of the article marketing pros to get incoming links and drive their articles up the search engines. It will take a little trial and error to determine which ones will allow you to link to Ezinearticles. Some won’t but others will. You can do this yourself or you can pay someone to do it if you do not have the time or would simply rather not.

3. Submitting Your Article’s RSS feed: Your Ezine article will have a RSS feed. Write it down and submit it to RSS directories for some easy traffic and back links.

These are some simple techniques to build up the link count to your Ezinearticles’ article and promote it. The more incoming links that you have, the greater chance you have to rank highly. Remember, other article directories and social networking websites are great places to begin.

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