Friday, April 30, 2010

Unique Ways to Get Visitors to Your Blog

When starting a blog, it's important to note that you're most likely not breaking new ground, no matter what you're blogging about. The internet has been around for many years, and when something new comes along, it takes about five minutes of internet time for it to suddenly become old. So if you want visitors to seek out your blog, and to look at you as someone who both knows what they're doing, and provides information in such a way as to gain repeat customers, its important to look like an expert.

Whether you're talking about politics, news, or sports information, the best way to set yourself apart from other blogs is to find your niche. Sometimes that can simply mean that you write only about baseball if you want to go into the sports field, but more often than not, you should pick a side. If you want to start an NFL blog, decided what team you think you could cover better than the other blogs out there. Once you've picked a team, say the New Orleans Saints as an example, do your research. I don't mean just read the local papers, or watch highlights of the team. I mean research what kind of information your competitors are bringing to the table. If they aren't covering the upcoming draft as hard as you'd like, make that your area of expertise. While the marketplace may be flooded, any time you can carve yourself out a slice, readers will come.

After you've gotten your corner of the web, make sure people know you're out there, just waiting for them to come join you. One of the more interesting ways to draw attention to your blog would be to use the ultra popular video service YouTube. Anyone anywhere can post almost any video they can find or make on the service, opening the door for your own free advertising. Make funny or topical videos, and continue doing it, and pretty soon you'll have a cult following that is willing to talk about you to anyone, and everyone they know.

Another great way to get your name out there is to look at the other blogs that cover your ideas not as direct competitors but as part of an ever-growing family. Link to them, list them in your favorite set of blogs on a topic, and even contact them to see if they want to do some sort of collaboration. Assuming they aren't too big to notice you, this is a fantastic way to grow your site while making contacts that can be useful down the road.

However you choose among the myriad of ways to get your site into the general public's purview, know that the top factor that must be remembered is to be prolific. Continue posting when you're feeling blue, or sick, or just bored with the whole endeavor. Taking even one day off can mean the different between having a thriving site, and a ghost town.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Best Tools to Promote Your Blog

Guest Post by Anil Gupta

In order to make a success in blogging the quality of content is very important. However, only content cannot help in making a blog popular. You need to know about various successful tools for blog promotion. Internet is full of a large number of blog promotion tools and websites. Here are a few tools which you can use for promoting your blog.

1. MyBlogLog

You might have heard about this service before. This service is offered by Yahoo for blog promotion. Here, you would be able to meet a large number of bloggers and you can ask them to visit and join your blog. You may leave your comments on other people blogs and they will return the favor. It is a trusted method for blog promotion. However, a person can send only 15 messages in 24 hours if he is using MyBlogLog.

2. Technorati

Numerous bloggers have already added their blogs at this website. If you add your blog at Technorati then it will help a lot in its promotion. You can meet likeminded people here. Do not doubt the reliability of this website by focusing on its name. It is a wonderful tool for blog promotion.

3. BlogShowOff

Recently, BlogShowOff has also become a very popular tool for blog promotion. It is very simple to add your blog at this website. You would not face any problem in understanding the procedure of adding a blog at this website. After adding your blog, you will find your blog at the top of the page. Until new blogs are added at this website our blog will stay at the top.

4. Zimbio

Zimbio is another great tool for promoting blogs. It is simpler than Technorati. Wikizines is the feature which makes this tool different from others. Wikizines refer to magazines that can be edited and created by anyone. Google picks up wikizines in a very short time. Therefore, bloggers love to use Zimbio for promoting their blog.

5. Facebook

Facebook can be used to connect with anyone anywhere in the world. A large number of people use facebook at present. You can update your status with information about your blog. Here, you can also meet likeminded writers, bloggers and readers. It is very easy to use facebook. You can join communities of your interest in facebook and get people interested in your blog.

6. Digg

You can add your blog at Digg. You can add your posts and if people like it, they will digg it. More diggs indicate increased popularity of your blog. It is very easy to use Digg. Numerous people use Digg for promoting their blog. Google picks up blog posts from Digg in a fast manner.

Author Bio:
Anil Gupta blogs about Make Money Online, seo, blogging, social media topics like how to promote Facebook fan page.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Knowing Your Target Market for Effective Blogging For Business

Although you must have begun blogging for business after carefully selecting a good theme for your blog, you still need to be very sure of knowing your target audiences before you actually come up with your blog. It is important to understand the kind of people you want to address in your blog before you go ahead and start posting content on it. You need to do proper research else you will fail in your goal of creating the blog.

The people who surf the web have diverse backgrounds and liking so it is important that you understand what segment of the market you want to target. Which is your target market and this largely depends on the kind of service or product you offer. Once you identify the target market, it becomes easy for you to devise your blog in way that caters to the needs and interests of the customers. The nature of the product decides the demography of your customer. Before coming up with a theme for your blog you need to draft a kind of profile of your prospective customer whom you want to address in your blog. The target market segment comes with the basic demographic profile that can be segregated on basis of age, gender, and social or economic status.

• Age: what does your target market actually covers, does it comprise of children, teenagers, adults, or senior citizens?
• Gender. Are your target clients male, female, or transgender?

When considering the theme of your blog you should make sure that the theme of your blog or profile should match the target audiences. The above mentioned classification can be really broad but they certainly cover all the probable categories of the clients. These profile or sets of traits should match the characteristics or features of the products or services that you are offering. Remember, however, that these classifications are still relatively broad and apply only to basic commodities where product differentiation by consumers is still not so distinct. Examples are medicines or medical services, foods, educational services, and others.

For stricter market segmentation, you can differentiate your target markets or narrow them further according to customer temperaments, needs, goals, and fears. Specifically, you can distinguish them according to:

• Needs – sense of accomplishments, sense of belonging, self actualization
• Goals – productivity, efficiency, savings, safety
• Temperaments – serious, happy go lucky, complacent
• Fears – old age, poverty, ill health, rejection

There are still more categories to further narrow your market segment such as educational attainment, life style, mindset, family size, political views, etc. These are relevant if the products or services that you are offering are highly specialized or customized such as travel or vacation packages, luxury cars, high tech gadgets, and other.

Having a clear picture of the common characteristics of your target market when blogging for business will help you decide what theme or blog design to use, the appropriate mode or tone of your article, and the right web graphics that you need to employ.

These details may overwhelm you at first. But, you should realize that your purpose for blogging is to attract web users who are more likely to use your products or services and to influence them to buy and patronize what you offer. Bear in mind as well that customers now are more discriminating, especially if the products are quite expensive. They scrutinize details and compare them with competing brands.

So to make your blog more effective, know your products well and create a profile of your target market based on your products' characteristics and features. Then, post blog content that will appeal to your target market. Remember, your business blog is created to generate sales. Keep your focus so you will not waste time and effort when blogging for business.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How To Make Money Online Automatically

Guest Post by Aiden Clark

Im sure you are very much aware that there are literally millions of different methods to make money online but choosing one that fits your specific lifestyle maybe a little harder. You may have also already experienced a fully automatic business without even knowing as there are many online marketers who use such systems.

When people search the internet for a cure to a problem, people are more likely to sign up for a newsletter or a free course that will uncover a few secrets that is related to what you these people are searching for. The information is delivered to them automatically using an autoresponder.

If you capture the emails of these people that are interested in a certain market then you can follow up later on with valuable information and tips related to the niche and then you can recommend paid products or services on a regular basis that would benefit the person on your list.

To achieve this business model you would need to create a free course or a series of emails that would benefit your subscribers. You must provide them with something valuable in order to persuade them to sign up to your list. Useless information or free article content is not good enough and will harm your reputation.

You would then need an autoresponder service such as aweber or you can purchase software that can be installed on your own server to cut out the monthly costs. This will be used to automatically deliver your free course and to build a relationship with the subscriber, on autopilot, over a period of time.

Once you have someone on your list, it gives you the opportunity to grow a long lasting and trusted relationship with your subscriber and after a while the subscriber will be more likely to listen to your recommendations and purchase products or services through your link.

The best thing about this business model is every thing can be set up to deliver it all completely automatically which allows you to make money online for years to come without any interference from you. As long as you set up your autoresponder to send out the pre-written emails every week, you can spend your free time on advertising your landing page.

A landing page is basically a one page website that offers a free mini course or an ebook related to your market, on this page you will list the benefits or contents of the course and ask the visitor for their name and email address to receive it for free. Your autoresponder code from your service provider would be installed on this page.

Some people find it hard to believe that by offering a free course that you can actually grow a successful online business, but its a fact that the smartest marketers will not go in for the sale straight away as you may scare away the visitor. Its much easier to sell something after you have established a relationship with the potential client.

You can make sales from the same subscribers for years to come which allows you to continually grow your monthly income. Its alot easier to sell a product to an existing customer than it is to a new one. As long as you only recommend the best products within that market, you will be sure to find success using this kind of method.

Author Bio:
Aiden Clarke is an online business mentor that learns ordinary people how to start and develop a successful online business. He offers a free, 7 day course that teaches you how to copy his exact method that earns him at least $100/day. Visit today to get started.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

5 Steps To Make Money Blogging - Make Passive Income!

Guest Post by Soli Katir

Don't worry. You don't have to be a computer whiz to make money online blogging. What you do is perseverance. This is what sets the winners apart from the losers. You can be one of those winners by following these five steps. Take them in order and do not skip a step and you will succeed. Once you have one small success under your belt, learn from it, and replicate it. This is how you will be growing your online blogging empire! You can do it!

Step 1: Set up a blogging account

You have websites out there like and where you can set up an account and blog to your heart's content. The two I just listed are free to use. But do make sure to read their terms of use. I know does not allow affiliate Clickbank links to be placed on any of their blogs.

Of course, there are other blogging platforms out there, but those two are the most popular. Look around and choose one that fits your style and one that allows you to monetize it.

Step 2: Research what people are interested in online

The best place to start is with keyword research. You can use Google's external keyword research tool to find out what people are looking for when searching Google. This will give you a wealth of information! Learn to read in between the words. Every term is a question someone has. Try to figure out what that is.

Step 3: Write content for your intended audience

You can also visit forums where your audience hangs out to find out what they are talking about and any issues they have. Once you know what's on their mind, give it to them. Give them good information and don't try to force a sale.

Remember that blogs are for information and not for selling. Don't let this trip you up. You might be surprised that a good informational article can do a better at selling than an actual sales letter. Think about when you read about this wonderful product that so and so found and it helped them tremendously. Didn't you want to know more about what it was to find out if it would work for you? Exactly! This is what you want to accomplish with your blogs. Give them useful information and make them thirst for more!

Step 4: Find or make products that solve the problems of your audience

If you find that many people need a solution for a certain problem, write it down and start looking for products out there that solve their particular problem. If you don't find one, think about creating your own.

Step 5: Put affiliate links or order links on your blog

Once you have found a product, you can do an internet search for product + affiliate to see if they have an affiliate program you can join. With affiliate links, you will be making a percentage commission every time someone that you sent over makes a sale.

This is the last step and it is the step that will make you money. You won't get just one payday, but several. This is what is called passive income. What you have just created will continue to work for you until the day you decide to take it down. Can you see the potential? If you continue to grow, the bigger your income can get. The numbers that you might see other internet marketers spewing is not just a dream, but it is a reality.

So, get to it! Make your blog, and make money!

Resource Box:
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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Making Money with Unused Domain Names

Guest Post by Kevin Frost

If you’re like many internet entrepreneurs, you probably have a few extra domain names lying around that you’re not actually using– domains from defunct websites, website ideas that never came to be, or tracking domains used in advertising campaigns. Like forgotten treasures uncovered in the attic, your unused domain names can be a great way to earn a little extra money online.

Selling your unused domain names can be one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make money online: there’s no expenditure required beyond a few bucks for registration fees, and the only work required is a bit of research and setting up a few accounts. Let me walk you through the process.

As they say, every mother finds her child beautiful, but in order to sell for a good price your domain names need to appeal to others as well. Here are some tricks to find out if your domain name is trash or treasure:

1. will give you a free automated appraisal based upon several common metrics. For example, Estibot’s report values the domain for my site at $30,000 – not too shabby!

2. Use Google’s Keyword Suggestion Tool to determine if people are searching for the keywords in your domain, and how much advertisers are willing to pay for a single visitor in that space. Anything over 1,000 exact match searches and at least $0.50 per visitor is starting to be interesting, though more is better. “Making money online” gets nearly 50,000 exact match searches a month, with each vistor worth $2.66 on average.

3. Check to see if similar domains are already taken. NameStation will let you check almost 40 popular domain extensions in a single query. If you own the .com and most other extensions are taken, your name is likely valuable. NameStation finds “Making Money Online” regisered in 22 extensions and available in 16 (mostly non-English speaking country extensions).

Even if the results from the above research isn’t looking good, you may still want to try putting the domain up for sale until your existing registration period runs out. You never know, someone may find a swan in your ugly duckling.

Avoid paying a listing fee to sell your domains – the most popular marketplaces will only charge you a commision if they are successful selling your domain name. I recommend creating an account and listing your domain for sale at three of the largest domain marketplaces:
1. – the largest domain name marketplace with over 10 million listings, Sedo sells thousands of domains each month, and charges a 10% commission if they sell your domain.
2. GoDaddy Auctions – GoDaddy is the most popular domain registrar in the world, so it makes sense to go where the buyers are. A standard listing costs $4.99/ yr. for membership plus a 5-7% commission fee.

3. The AfternicDLS will let you sell your domains at popular domain auction site, as well as several partner websites across the web. Membership costs $19.95 per year, plus a commission fee of 10-20%.

Everyone’s heard of blockbuster paydays like the $3 million sale of, or for $10 million. Most domain names aren’t worth a fraction of that amount. The average domain sold on marketplaces like Sedo or Afternic goes for about $1,500 – $2,000. Unless you own a highly-searched one or two-word dot-com domain, you can probably expect to earn anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand for each of your domains. But hey– it’s easy money, and a heck of a lot better than the zero dollars you get if you let your valuable domains expire..

Author Bio:
Kevin Frost is an experienced domain name investor and broker who writes regular articles on domain name investing at the site Making Money Online.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Mistakes An Internet Marketer Needs To Avoid

Guest Post by Ashley Wright

It is all good speaking about the highs of Internet marketing, but then there is always the downside to every marketers progression. The main thing that hindered my progression online was believe it or not…
Actually taking action!

There is no point learning everything under the sun, going to every seminar known to man and when it comes down to it not actually doing anything with what you know!
There is this thing called knowledge overload! If you don’t actually do anything with what you know the time will come when you want to do something with what you have learned and you start to get muddled up as you have to much information in your mind! Then you have to then go through the course again, which as you can imagine is very time consuming.

There are three types of Internet Marketer:

1. Those that buy everything and don’t even finish going through what is taught.
2. Those who buy products and courses go through them and then go and buy more and more.
3. Those that buy a course or product go through it and implement what is taught and actually see results from this.

Believe me now you want to be the last type! Your maybe asking yourself though I don’t buy products or courses. Well if that’s not the case then am sure your reading articles, blogs listening to free material etc and still not doing anything with the information you know!
Trust me when I say you can have as much knowledge as knowledge can be, but if you do nothing with it then the knowledge is powerless. The sooner you take this message on board the better!

So once you get past the stage and are actually ready to take action guess what there then comes another huge brick wall in front of you and you know what that is? DISTRACTIONS!

Distractions can hinder anyone’s progress in anyway not just as an Internet Marketer. You have to see it like this, once you sit down by your computer or laptop how many distractions are around you? Here’s a list of some of them:

* The Internet
* Instant Messenger
* TV
* Phone
* Others in your household

They are what can easily hinder your progression online, I am not saying to get rid of them for good but there are ways in how you can put away these distractions.

The Internet & Instant messenger
The best thing to do unless you need to use the Internet is to just basically turn it off! If your working on a new product, writing email sequences, blog posts etc then what you need to do is gather all your information from the Internet first of and then just switch it off. Trust me this is what made me become more productive and I just seem to get so much more done with this. You do not realize but even if you are doing some research on the net you usually seem to drift and become “too involved” with what is going on. So for example you could be doing some research on a forum, your reading a post then you see a signature box that stands out to you; you then go and click the sig box which leads you to opt in for a free report. You then read the report and guess what you have neglected what you was actually doing in the first place! So what you do is set 5-10 minutes aside for research switch your Internet and instant messenger off and then sit down and concentrate with the task at hand.

TV & Phone
Nothing different here also all you need to do is… TURN it off! It is as simple as that. If someone rings you for a long chat tell them you are busy and will return their call later on. What you have to think again here is if you are in the middle of writing and then you get chatting on the phone, you are going lose that momentum and flow that you had going. The TV is worse as every time you look at the TV screen you are loosing momentum, so the truth is with the TV you are actually not getting any momentum and you will find it harder to work when you have something such as Family Guy on in the back J

People around you
Now this is not as easy as the other two, which is to “turn it off” as it does not work on humans! First things first you want to make sure you are in an area where you cannot be disturbed. Then just let everyone around you know that you will be busy for an hour or so, so that no one bothers you.

I hope you have took a lot from this post and you start to put it into action as you will start see taking action and getting started is the way forward.

You don’t have to get it right you just have to get it going! (Mike Litman)

Author Bio:
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Free Training - Make Money Online

Last week I posted about a live training event that you can attend to learn about how to make money online, many have joined the event. if you have missed it, here's a replay:

You'll get to listen to several dozen Questions that Affiliate Marketing & Internet Marketing Expert Michael S. Brown took the time to answer.

Make sure to watch the event from start to finish at it will really open your eyes to exactly how to make money Online.

Michael also agreed that even if you watch the replay you may still submit him questions and he'll answer you!

There is not a better way to learn to make money online than from someone who earns their entire living on the Internet!

Set aside at least 1 hour to watch this :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How To Make Money Using Ebay

Guest Post by Shane O'Driscoll

Whether your looking to make $100 a week or $1000 a week, the internet is a great source to make money. The main problem is where to start and what will yield profits the quickest. Many people opt to start taking surveys and start making cents for filling out a survey that might take them 20 minutes to complete. In my opinion this is pointless. If your serious about making money online then look to something that is proven to make you money.

That is where we arrive at ebay. In large, ebay is without a doubt the easiest way to start making money online. Within the space of ten to twenty minutes you could have your first auction up and your first sale in the bag by the end of that day. Although there are many advanced techniques to selling on ebay, even sticking with the basics will yield you a considerable profit.

So the question is How To Make Money Using Ebay?

* Selling your own possessions or something that you know might yield a profit and you were just going to throw out.

* See if your family or friends have anything they wish to sell and sell it on for them with an agreement that you receive 15% of any profits. After ten to twenty products you wll start seeing some good commissions. Also word of mouth will help get your name out there and you can start to become an ebay broker.

* Source a supplier for a product you are looking to sell. For example, you might wish to start selling ipods or clothing and find a supplier for these will allow you weigh up the profitability.

* Using a drop shipping company to help distribute your products. These are probably the easiest way to make a good income yet you need to know what your doing (This is where the more advanced techniques arise).

* Buying products on wholesale and then selling each off at a profit. For example, you could buy 10 iphones and make $50 profit per phone. This would quickly add up as you sell more.

* Checking the want it now section on ebay, you can locate items people are looking for. Then you check out craigslist to see if you can find that item, if you can you bargain with the seller and then resell on ebay for a massive profit.

* Secret trick: Using craigslist to list an item for sale then when someone emails you regarding the product, have an auto reply set up with your ebay listing. This works particularly well for products like blackberrys or iphones. Your using craigslist to sell more of your products on ebay.

So now I hope this opens up your eyes to some of the methods you can use on how to make money using ebay.

Resource Box:
Click Here if your looking for some more ninja tactics on how to dominate ebay and make $500 by the end of your first week online.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Passive Income From Selling Things Online

Guest post by Scott Carlson

Making money selling things online takes careful planning, a focused approach, and a certain knowledge that can only be gained through experience. While snake oil salesmen try to represent that making money online is both easy and instant, the truth is the process of building a money making website can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months or more. By taking a short term perspective, you are setting yourself up for disappointment and failure.

When you decide that you want to start an online business, you need to have the mentality of sticking with it until you see the results you desire. Anyone who tells you that you can start making money immediately is doing you a great disservice. Realize that snake-oil salesman have an incentive to tell people it is easy to make money online because it will help them sell more of their package. Who wants to hear that selling stuff online requires time and lots of hard work? They could care less if the people that buy their product succeed or fail, all they care about is making the sale.

When you are studying the available systems, software, packages and products for making money online, you can pretty much tell who is full of it by looking at the guarantees they provide: There is never a guarantee you will make money with any business unless you have the knowledge required to get going, and the perseverance to see your ideas through to fruition. If you are looking for something that’s instant, chances are you don’t really have what it takes. If you are planning on starting your own website, realize that you are in this for the long run.

It makes sense, really. The most appealing characteristic of the automated online business model is that once you get the momentum moving in the right direction, your website will tend to pick up steam. Who cares about how much money you make in the first month, when the real measure should be how much you made in your first year, and then how much you improve month over month from the previous year. If you take the time to invest 200-300 hours and build something that is potentially going to generate income for the rest of your life, what happens in the short term just doesn’t matter.

Author Bio:
Scott Carlson’s eBook Education package comes with everything you need to know to start selling online. Learn how to produce or locate a quality product, build a website to sell it, and get traffic to that website. These steps are the key to generating automated passive income.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Maverick Money Makers - Your Affiliate Marketing Success Coach

Affiliate marketing is working. Many people are now making money online with affiliate marketing. If you want to make money online, affiliate marketing is recommended for you to reach your goal.

Affiliate marketing is where you become an affiliate of an online company to promote the company's products or services on the Internet and earn commission every time you refer a sale for the company. It is an online business that everyone affords to start because there are no product you need to create, no inventory to take care and no customer service support to provide. The online company or merchant will handle all the works. You just have to focus on promoting their products or services to generate affiliate commission.

Affiliate marketing offers a number of advantages but it's not an easy business. You must learn the ropes and the techniques of affiliate marketing to start and run the business. Don't worry; it's not going to be difficult. If you have the passion of making money with affiliate marketing, you'll learn everything you need to know. Those successful affiliates who make a living now are just like you before they started on affiliate marketing. They knew nothing at the beginning. They took a good training course and have an expert to guide them. Then they applied what they learned and put the work in; and eventually they achieved good result from affiliate marketing.

So where to find a good training course and a reputed expert to help you start making money with affiliate marketing effectively?

The Maverick Money Makers Club is the answer. Maverick Money Makers is a membership club that provides wealthy of information and knowledge of affiliate marketing. The founder of the club, Mack Michaels and his team will guide you and provide the support you need to ensure your success. Mack and his team are certainly the people you can rely on. Mack himself is a successful affiliate. He has made millions of dollar from affiliate marketing. He's done a lot of seminars, teleseminar and podcasts teaching people about affiliate marketing and work at home. So, under the coaching of Mack and his team you can be certain that you are moving in the right direction in building a steady affiliate marketing business.

The training materials of Maverick Money Makers Club will teach you A to Z of how to make money with affiliate marketing. You will know how to begin and get the proven affiliate techniques and ideas that you can quickly implement to earn money online. You might think that you are going to need to read hundreds of pages of content to learn all of these stuff. That sounds boring.

No! You’re not going to spend a lot of time reading. The affiliate training in Maverick Money Makers is a series of educational videos where you can watch anytime to learn and understand affiliate marketing easier and faster.

Also you can access to the member community forum to meet other members, share ideas and experiences of making money with affiliate marketing.

So if you want to be another affiliate that make a steady income, join the Maverick Money Makers Club now. Maverick Money Maker will provide you video tutorials teaching everything you need to know and give full support so whenever you have question and problem; or need assistance, you can consult them right away.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Want to Make a Residual Income Online by just Posting Answers to Peoples Questions Online?

Introducing! Link the answer is an amazing network that incorporates the newest technology of making money online, and it is so easy to get started! Once you sign up for free you will receive your own control panel and intermission page which you will be able to add your ad sense ID to.

The next step is to start answering questions that people post. Either in forums or blogs it does not matter. allows you to wrap your answer link with your intermission page so before the person whose question you answered gets to go to the answer you suggested for their question, they will first visit your intermission page when they click your link. For example if someone posted a question on whats the best article directory online? And you answered by saying that person would click on your link which is but they first will be taken to your intermission page before arriving at site. On your intermission page you can add your ad sense ID as well as sell banner space to other companies to get more exposure or even add your own banners and links to generate more exposure for your business or affiliate products.

Now depending on how many questions you answer you can start generating a huge amount of traffic for yourself as well as income. And this is how starts to create a reoccurring income naturally month after month for you! utilizes their amazing network to allow people like me and you to create as big of a residual income as we want! The best part of this is that its FREE to get started, there is no cost to get started, all you have to do is create an account and start answering peoples questions online. To sign up and create an account go to Link the answer.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Making Money Online In Your Spare Time

Guest Post by Joe Land

There are many people out on the web today who are looking to make money online but want to do it in their spare time. Maybe they have a different job and are just looking for a little extra income to pay taxes or something. There are many online jobs that can take a lot of time and effort to set up and eventually make money with. Like anything being really successful takes a lot of time. However there are a ways to generate a decent amount of money without taking too much of a persons time. There are many different ways to make money online and in this post I will talk about a couple of ways that don’t require as much work and effort as lets say blogging. These ideas can be used by people who are short on time or by people who just want to make a little money fairly quickly.

Paid Surveys

Paid surveys are a very good option for people looking to make money in their spare time for a couple of reasons. First it takes very little time to sign up with a couple of sites. People make money with these sites by taking surveys and getting paid a small amount per survey. The average is usually somewhere between $.50 and $10.00 depending on the survey site and the length of the survey. The reason survey sites are great for people in their spare time is because they can send the surveys directly to your email which allows you to take them at anytime. Surveys don’t take particularly that much time so its great for people in a tight schedule. Another nice thing about legit surveys sites are that they are free to sign up with. I would recommend signing up with a couple to see how it goes at first.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk pays you to complete small tasks that can’t be done by computers. They are usually pretty easy and pay a small amount. This is a great opportunity because it is owned and run by Amazon. These jobs can be done at anytime which makes it convenient to anyone.


Ebay can also be a great way to make money in your spare time because you don’t really have to put any effort into it too make money. We all have items that we don’t want anymore but could be used by someone else. Why not sell it on Ebay? All you have to do is take the time to set up the item page and you can make some money in your spare time.

Author Bio:
Joe Land make money with paid survey sites such as MySurvey. He also has a blog about making money online.

Friday, April 9, 2010

How I Made $426 In

Guest Post by Afam Obih

By the time you are through with this report you must have gathered enough knowledge that could help you make at least $50 today and grow from there. There is no investment required and all you will need is a free Youtube account and your own video but STOP! Don’t let the idea of creating videos put you off as I will show you where you can convert any written text into a full animated video in less than five minutes.

The 1st step is go to or and sign up as an affiliate then look for a good product you think will sell well depending on the power of the sales copy compared to the price of the product. Just ask yourself the simple question “will I buy this product myself at this price if it were presented to me this way” that will help you determine a product that will sell. Grab your affiliate link for the product you choose, go to and paste it in the blank space at the left and then type in the name you want for your link in the first column of the spaces by the right. Eg. If the affiliate product is about dating you could use “dating success” then click on “snip it” and you will have this link That is the link you will be advertising and any time somebody clicks on that link he/she will be forwarded to your real affiliate link which tracks and credit you for every sale. This is done to cloak the ugly affiliate link that people don’t want to click.

Hint: Make money or internet marketing products don’t usually do well with this system so go for niches like Dating, Self Improvement, Nutrition, Fitness and Weightloss as they are proven to perform better when you make the video interesting.

Now that you have a product to promote the 2nd step is to sign up with Youtube at . You may already have an account but will still need another that will be set up the way I will show you for better performance with my system. In setting up your account take into consideration the product you will be promoting with the account before choosing a username. Eg. If you will be promoting dating products choose a name like “HeAndSheDating”. If you will be promoting nutrition products choose a name like “HealthyEatingHabit” etc. In your profile settings put in information that will make prospects perceive you as an expert in that niche and upload an Avatar which could be your picture, logo or any image you deem fit.

The 3rd step is to go search for popular videos in youtube .Go to and type in any keyword related to the product you want to promote and click on search. In seconds you will have a huge list of related keywords with how many times people have searched for those keywords in Youtube in the past month. Take the keywords with fairly high volume of searches, head over to Youtube and put any of those keywords in the search box at the top of the page then click the button to search. The videos displayed in that search result are the popular videos getting all the traffic when people search for those high search volume keywords . These are the videos you will be piggybacking to get your own share of the traffic and I will show you how to do it rightly. You will get traffic from those videos in 2 ways: Related videos and Video response.

1. Related videos: Every video shown on Youtube has a section at the right hand side of the video page where links to other videos related to that video are displayed and the related videos are chosen based on the titles more closely related to the main video title. Now to get your video displayed at the related video section of the popular video selected you must make sure you make your video related to that popular video then, choose a closer related title for your video. Eg If the title of the popular video is “Sex In The Class Room” You could title your own video “Sex In The Classroom Block” or any other related title. Just be creative and use your imagination in this case. In the description part of your video try to include 2 or more of your main keywords in the sentence describing your video. This is because Youtube search engine is based primarily on title and description so the more of your keywords you have in them the better the chances of your video appearing in the search results. Finally is the tagging part. Add as many tags (keywords) as possible from the list you got when you researched your keyword in the Youtube keyword tool. This is mostly done for search engine ranking since Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines tend to rank videos higher in their results. You can also copy tags from the popular video you are piggybacking. To see the tags those videos are using click the “more info” link at the right hand side of the video page just below the profile picture.

2. Video response: This posts your video below the popular video you are targeting and all you will be required to do is click on the video response link just below the popular video while it plays and a link will appear that asks you to post video response. If the video has responses already you can then just click on the “post a video response” link and post your video. There are 3 options to posting a response. You can create the video right there, upload from the one saved on your computer or select any of the videos already in your account. Your video response in most cases will require the approval of the video owner before it appears as a video response so make sure it is related to your target popular video and it sure will be approved. Go for popular videos that have zero to not too many video responses posted to it already so you could ride the traffic wave before it becomes saturated with more and more video responses. I personally go for those with 0 – 5 video responses. You can get that chance if the video is still new like 1 – 7 days old in the network. Some of these popular videos get up to 100,000 daily views and even more in some cases so think of how much of that you can share. One video cannot be posted twice as video response so be careful while choosing where to post your video for better traffic.

Youtube network is designed in a way that the more views and ratings your video gets the higher it is ranked in the search result for the keyword in the title and description. The reason you need to apply the above tactics is to have that first rush of views after which the views starts coming naturally in huge quantities and your video could end up becoming one of those popular videos which results in higher ranking in Google search engine for your chosen keywords.

Hint: Youtube will freeze your view count when it reaches 300 to verify they are real and not fraudulent views from some robots or something similar. When that happens don’t panic as it only lasts for about 24 hrs and it will be released again.

So how does all these make you money? You will be displaying your affiliate links in the videos as well as in the description so your viewers will be compelled to click on them and visit your affiliate site and when they buy stuff you make some tidy commissions. This is one reason why you should use catchy names for your links. If your Video is about a girl who give a guy the boot a link like will generate more click through rate but you must make sure that the product there has something to do with how guys can get girls eating from their palms or something similar. Another thing worth mentioning is your thumbnail which is a snapshot from your video and the picture people see before clicking through to watch your video. It is very important you make it attractively related to what your video is all about for a better click through rate (CTR) to your video.

Do I need tell you how to create videos? Heck no! That will be a full time course but remember I promise to show you the easy way out - Take a few text, paste it here, choose your images, choose a background, choose a background music, select slide style, select slide duration, click done and you have a full blown video in just minutes. Visit the link below for more information.

Author Bio:
Afam Obih is a full time internet marketer who enjoys helping others succeed online. To learn how to have your own marketing video in a few clicks of your mouse go to

How to Use Google Buzz to Promote Your Online Business

Google Buzz is a new social network site. It is just few month old but already attracted tons of people joining it. Certainly this is going to be another social networking platform that you can take advantage to promote your website and business and generate traffic.

If generating traffic through social networking site is your favorite traffic-generating method, Google Buzz is going to be interesting to you. I'm sure you want to make use of Google Buzz for marketing and branding. Joel Comm has recently written a report about how you can use Google Buzz for your online business. The report is just 31 pages with useful content and it's easy to read. Good for you if you want to learn more about marketing with Google Buzz.

You can download a free copy of Joel's Google Buzz report right away at:

There is no opt-in needed to get the report. Just click the above link and you'll see the download button. Click the button and the report will show up.

Enjoy reading!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

How to Make Money The Right Way With Niche Markets

Guest Post by Darrell Lischka

When I first started off learning about SEO and all the various strategies on building an online business, I have to say I was very confused on exactly where and what to focus my time on. You see, I found a lot of websites provided superficial advice, but really lacked the substance when it came to telling or showing me, a step by step approach. Can you relate?

Depending on which advice you follow, it will be the difference between making money online or not. Like any business, yes even an internet marketing business, you need to invest time in learning some new skill sets.

Why is the Failure Rate so high in Internet Marketing

There are many factors that contribute to the failure rate. However, I found one of the core reasons people fail, is because of the wrong keyword strategy. Based on all the crap I have seen and read, it really comes to down to your initial keyword selection as the pivotal point for success or failure.

Ok, lets just cut to the chase and make this simple. Stop chasing big keywords like, make money online and home based business when you are just starting out.

So, what is the right keyword strategy?

Laser Targeted Niche Markets

Let's look at a concrete example on what I mean by drilling down in your niche market.

First, go to Google's free keyword tool selector here.

  • Step 1 - enter a primary keyword like, home based business
  • Step 2 - look down your list to see all the long tail keywords
  • Step 3 - Say you pick, starting a home based business
  • Step 4 - Now take that long tail keyword and enter that phrase above where you initially entered home based business to get new results.
  • Step 5 - This is what I call drilling down in your niche market. You will get a whole new list of long tail keywords and results.
  • Step 6 - You keep drilling down until you find a long tail keyword that has low competition, yet still has reasonable monthly search results.

There are several pieces of information that you need to keep in mind when deciding on long tail keywords. First, I look for monthly search results in the range of at least 1k to 5k. Sure you could have more, but this is just an example and its a good starting place. Second, I need to see what the actual competition is going to be. So, enter that long tail keyword term in quotation marks. With quotation marks, it will give me a clearer picture of what my true competition is like. Third, when looking at the search results, I am looking for results on page 1 with actual articles and not just the home page showing up.

Here's why I look for articles in my results. I know that beating an article on page 1 will typically be easier than trying to out rank a website. I won't stop there either, because one other element you need to know about is the number of back links or strength of the results on page 1.

Go to Google first, enter the following format in the search field: and hit enter

You don't need the http or www part, but you need to enter that format. This is constantly in flux, so the results that you see, will not be 100% accurate or up to date. For example, say your results come back showing that particular URL has 10 back links showing on Google. You know that it will require some work. However, if no results show up, meaning no back links show up, then its a good indicator initially, that you may have found a low competitive term that you could easily rank for on page 1.

Now go to Yahoo, do the same thing with the link format above. In Yahoo, you will typically see more results, which is good. Because now I have a better picture on how many back links are showing up for that particular URL. If your results only show a few back links in Yahoo, then it might be a good indicator that again this is a good keyword phrase to go after.

One other point before moving on about the number of back links, is to keep in mind where the actual back links are coming from. If they happen to be coming from a site that is on page 1 and say with a page rank of 6 or 7, then you should realize that its a very strong back link. Page rank is not as important as it used to be, but its still an indicator that Google will factor in.

Is your Niche Market Profitable?

Just a couple of things to keep in mind when you are looking at your results to decide whether or not a particular keyword or phrase is worthwhile to go after or not. We need to analyze how profitable it will be. After your initial results, you will see a number of columns and results. Just below the captcha form, you will see something called, "Choose columns to display". On the drop down menu, select "Show Estimated Avg. CPC." This will show you what advertisers are willing to pay per click.

Also, beside the Global Monthly Search Volume, there is another drop menu called, "Match Type". You should click on that and select Exact. You want to know exactly how many searches there are per month.

As a general rule of thumb, I will only go with CPC value's higher than $1. In many cases, it will need to be $2 and above. The reason is because you will only get a small percentage of that amount when someone clicks on the ad. For example, say you pick a term that gets $1 per click. Expect to only get 10 or 20 cents for that click. Hence, the reason for not going after ads lower than that value. Yes, you certainly can, but how many clicks will you need to get if you only receive 5 cents versus 50 cents or $1 per click?

Lets look at an example of how I would calculate whether or not my long tail keyword is viable or not.

Going back to the above example using "starting a home based business", I see there are 2400 searches per month. Now take that figure and multiple it by the CPC value to get an overall initial value.

2400 x $3.62 per click = $8688

I know that this value is not our total potential from an internet marketing aspect. In actuality, we won't ever get 100% of that value. If we are in the number 1 position, we get approximately 40% give or take a few percentage points.

Our new revised figure;

$2400 x $3.62 = $8688 x (40%) = $3475.20 potential

Wait, there's still more to this calculation. We will only see a percentage from the $3475.20 because Google will get their cut etc. So, in reality, we are likely going to get anywhere from 10 to 25% of that amount and only about 5% of people coming to our site for that keyword term will even click on an Ad.

$3475.20 x 25% = $868.80 x 5% = $43.44

You might be thinking, that's a lot of work for $43 bucks a month and you would be right. But you need to look at the overall strategy and what we would actually do. That's only 1 long tail keyword phrase. It doesn't include the dozens of other related terms you could go after. What if over time, you had page 1 rankings on 20, 30, or more keyword terms?

30 terms x $43.44 = $1303.20 monthly potential

What I look at is the total potential value of all the keywords added up in that particular niche. Remember, some of the long tail keywords you go after might only take a handful of backlinks to get ranked on page 1. I haven't even talked about niche marketing strategies using affiliate products or other Ad companies like Chitika. You see, this is just 1 strategy, but the nice thing about once you are ranking on page 1, you won't need to do a lot to stay there. You may stay there and never have to do another thing with getting back links or you might occasionally have to write up an article and post it at an article directory for another back link.

The point of using Google Adsense, is once you achieve your page 1 results, many times you can set it and forget it. The money will keep rolling in and you move onto other projects. That's why I like Adsense. However, its not the only thing you should include as a strategy in your niche marketing.

There are times when I will go after a term and use an affiliate product like article spinners as an example. My Adsense revenue might be 50 cents or $1 per click, but selling 1 article rewriter might bring in $30 for a sale. You can go to Clickbank and open an account. They have thousands of products to choose from. There are all kinds of good affiliate programs that you can promote.

Well, that wraps up another monster post from me. I hope you understand the value of going after laser targeted niche markets and the peace of mind it will offer you over the long term.

To learn how to dramatically increase your article marketing efforts and get more back links...

Go Here: Internet Marketing

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FREE Live Event – Easy, Legit Way to Make Money Online

By Jimmy Chambers

If you are not making money online yet and want to learn one of the most effective ways to do so – you need to attend this free, live online training event.

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He's even allowing me to give away a special $197 training module for everyone who attends the live event. The special module will help you kick start your own online profit streams without any prior experience.

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Michael has also agreed to answer EVERY question asked by the audience as well! So ask anything you'd like and Michael will take the time to actually answer it for you live on the air.

Be sure to set aside a small amount of time and get in on this live money making event and learn how Michael is earning a living on line and how you can too.

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See you LIVE on the event!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Top 3 Reasons to Start Your Online Business with Acme People Search

By Chad Timms

When it comes to working online you have many choices and there is always some new program that many online gurus are promoting. My journey to make money online started in April of 2008. I joined a few online businesses and then ended up quitting. It was not necessarily because the online business opportunities were scams or anything like that they were just difficult to learn and I was new.

I then stumbled upon Tissa Godavitarne’s acme people search business. I can still remember 2 years later doing a search in Google for affiliate programs. I saw an ad that said affiliate programs rock and the ad also read how I made 2.2 million dollars from one affiliate program. Well this caught my attention and I ended up reading Tissa Godavitarne’s sales page. He had a letter from Google on their congratulating him on all the traffic that had been sent to his sight and he also had his 1099 tax information for his 2.2 million dollar commissions. He also talked about how he had spent $600,000 dollars in advertising to make that money. This obviously caught my attention.

It is 2 years later and I am still part of acme people search and I love it. Why? Because it is a real online business where you can make money. It is not a get rich quick scheme but a real business with real products that are in demand.

So here are my top 3 reasons to join Tissa Godavitarne’s acme people search.

1. There is real demand for the products and you get all the tools you need upon joining.
2. After you make $75 in referral fees you are paid a $125 guaranteed bonus.
3. You have full support and training at your fingertips to learn how to earn online.

So if you are searching for a real online business that does not have a bunch of smoke and mirror promises then join Tissa Godavitarne’s acme people search business today.

Author Bio:
Chad Timms has been an affiliate for acme people search and Tissa Godavitarne for 2 years because the program works.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Freelancing for Big Bucks

Guest Post by Tynnisha Hamilton

Due to worldwide economic slump in effect today, more and more people are now going online to hunt for other sources of income to fill their needs. The internet offers a wide array of online jobs to choose from, and one of the most popular jobs is freelancing.

Contrary to what many believe, freelancing can be an extremely lucrative, income-generating job. Here, the market features quite a number of sites that offer numerous lists of online writing jobs that guarantee big bucks. You can earn a lot of money, as long as you put your heart and effort into it and spend hours online scouring the list of jobs on the market. The more jobs you take, the more money you will earn. A beginning freelancer can earn from 500 to 6,000 a month and once you get the hang of it, you can earn even more than that.

What makes freelancing so popular is that you are able to work on your own your time, set your own pace and decide how much you want to earn—as long as it is reachable of course. It is impractical to set an income goal way above your earning capability.

Freelancing saves you from the burden of going to and from a workplace since you’ll be free to work from home. You do not have to look professional—you can work in your underwear if you want! There is no superior to boss you around and matter how you look, as long as you are working and giving quality work, you will surely earn a lot. Remember, in freelancing, you will only earn if you work.

Just a piece of advice, though: get only the job that fits your field of expertise. There are many freelancers who grab every opportunity that they find interesting. The result: they end up submitting low-quality works, thus lowering their writing status and their earnings. Although quantity means more money, those earnings can be reduced based on the quality work that you are submitting. Quality work, rather than quantity, guarantees long term income because customers and employers will look for you to work on their future projects.

Author Bio:
Tynnisha Hamilton is the creator of CashChaser, a site where procrastination is thrown out of the window. This site teaches real ways to make money online site teaches the real way to make money online. Period.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Marketing Essentials

Guest Post by Paul Centeno

Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individuals’ and companies’ goals. Marketing starts with the organization’s mission, which is the process of fulfilling goals through the exchange of goods, services, and ideas.

A marketing orientation is a customer focus that is embodied in a company’s mission and strategy. Marketing orientation is essential because it helps a company achieve its mission. The most important thing a company must do is pay attention to its customers to satisfy their needs, wants, and demands. A company should know the difference between stated needs, real needs, unstated needs, delight needs, and secret needs, and should provide many options to satisfy each need.

The five approaches to marketing is production, product, selling, marketing, and societal marketing, and it is common that a company might change from one to another to stay competitive. In order to manage demand, marketers need to know the forms of demand and adapt marketing strategies to them. These include latent demand, increasing demand, irregular demand, full demand, overfull demand, declining demand, unwholesome demand, negative demand, and no demand.

The marketing process begins by identifying the market opportunities that will best help the company achieve its mission. The opportunities are determined by knowing who the target customers are and why they should by “our” product instead of the competitors’. A business will have only two kinds of customers, individual and other businesses or organizations. A company should know the many forces that drive a customer to buy and the steps that lead them to their decision.

Organization customers are different than individual customers because they buy the goods and services from one business that will help their own business. Basically, they are looking for the best possible deal. The three kinds of organizations are for-profit, institutions, and government, and they all have buying patterns which includes the straight rebuy, the modified rebuy, and the new task. Also, organizations differ from individuals when speaking of their purchasing decisions but, the buying process is similar for both of them.

In order to have a continuous customer advantage, a company must sustain a competitive advantage that has meaning for their customers. The company should perform a competitive analysis, beginning with determining who their competitors are. There are both existing and potential competitors, and the most threatening are the potential rivals. Once a company knows who their competitors are, it needs to analyze the rivals’ strategies, objectives, strengths, and weaknesses. Also, a company can tell the level of danger of a competitor by how they respond to changes in the marketplace.

The market strategy of a company will answer why the customers should buy their product instead of the competitors’. The main goals of the strategy is to understand the competitive advantage, how the product fulfills the customer’s needs, and ensures that the product does fulfill the customers’ expectations, needs, and desire. To achieve these goals, a company needs to know the target market’s size and behavior, the benefit of the product, and understand sales, profits, and budget.

It is important for a company to decide what the product is, what the price will be, what place it will be sold in, and what promotions are needed. Differentiation is the act of distinguishing a company’s offering from competitors’ offerings in ways that are meaningful to customers. Positioning is determining and communicating the central benefit of the product in the minds of target buyers. A company must always remember that all products have a life cycle and eventually the product will decline.

Marketing communications is essential because it tells the target market about the availability, benefits, and price of the product. The most effective marketing communication is advertising because it allows the public to view and hear of the product from multiple places at any time of the day. Another type of marketing is a sells person that has to call and persuade a person buy the product.

Author Bio:
Paul Centeno is a young entrepreneur who has been in the business of making money online for almost two years, and he has succeeded in a few home businesses. Now he has decided to show people, step by step, how to make money on the internet at no cost with a brand new website and newsletter. If you want to know more about his Free program, please go to