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How I Made $426 In

Guest Post by Afam Obih

By the time you are through with this report you must have gathered enough knowledge that could help you make at least $50 today and grow from there. There is no investment required and all you will need is a free Youtube account and your own video but STOP! Don’t let the idea of creating videos put you off as I will show you where you can convert any written text into a full animated video in less than five minutes.

The 1st step is go to or and sign up as an affiliate then look for a good product you think will sell well depending on the power of the sales copy compared to the price of the product. Just ask yourself the simple question “will I buy this product myself at this price if it were presented to me this way” that will help you determine a product that will sell. Grab your affiliate link for the product you choose, go to and paste it in the blank space at the left and then type in the name you want for your link in the first column of the spaces by the right. Eg. If the affiliate product is about dating you could use “dating success” then click on “snip it” and you will have this link That is the link you will be advertising and any time somebody clicks on that link he/she will be forwarded to your real affiliate link which tracks and credit you for every sale. This is done to cloak the ugly affiliate link that people don’t want to click.

Hint: Make money or internet marketing products don’t usually do well with this system so go for niches like Dating, Self Improvement, Nutrition, Fitness and Weightloss as they are proven to perform better when you make the video interesting.

Now that you have a product to promote the 2nd step is to sign up with Youtube at . You may already have an account but will still need another that will be set up the way I will show you for better performance with my system. In setting up your account take into consideration the product you will be promoting with the account before choosing a username. Eg. If you will be promoting dating products choose a name like “HeAndSheDating”. If you will be promoting nutrition products choose a name like “HealthyEatingHabit” etc. In your profile settings put in information that will make prospects perceive you as an expert in that niche and upload an Avatar which could be your picture, logo or any image you deem fit.

The 3rd step is to go search for popular videos in youtube .Go to and type in any keyword related to the product you want to promote and click on search. In seconds you will have a huge list of related keywords with how many times people have searched for those keywords in Youtube in the past month. Take the keywords with fairly high volume of searches, head over to Youtube and put any of those keywords in the search box at the top of the page then click the button to search. The videos displayed in that search result are the popular videos getting all the traffic when people search for those high search volume keywords . These are the videos you will be piggybacking to get your own share of the traffic and I will show you how to do it rightly. You will get traffic from those videos in 2 ways: Related videos and Video response.

1. Related videos: Every video shown on Youtube has a section at the right hand side of the video page where links to other videos related to that video are displayed and the related videos are chosen based on the titles more closely related to the main video title. Now to get your video displayed at the related video section of the popular video selected you must make sure you make your video related to that popular video then, choose a closer related title for your video. Eg If the title of the popular video is “Sex In The Class Room” You could title your own video “Sex In The Classroom Block” or any other related title. Just be creative and use your imagination in this case. In the description part of your video try to include 2 or more of your main keywords in the sentence describing your video. This is because Youtube search engine is based primarily on title and description so the more of your keywords you have in them the better the chances of your video appearing in the search results. Finally is the tagging part. Add as many tags (keywords) as possible from the list you got when you researched your keyword in the Youtube keyword tool. This is mostly done for search engine ranking since Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines tend to rank videos higher in their results. You can also copy tags from the popular video you are piggybacking. To see the tags those videos are using click the “more info” link at the right hand side of the video page just below the profile picture.

2. Video response: This posts your video below the popular video you are targeting and all you will be required to do is click on the video response link just below the popular video while it plays and a link will appear that asks you to post video response. If the video has responses already you can then just click on the “post a video response” link and post your video. There are 3 options to posting a response. You can create the video right there, upload from the one saved on your computer or select any of the videos already in your account. Your video response in most cases will require the approval of the video owner before it appears as a video response so make sure it is related to your target popular video and it sure will be approved. Go for popular videos that have zero to not too many video responses posted to it already so you could ride the traffic wave before it becomes saturated with more and more video responses. I personally go for those with 0 – 5 video responses. You can get that chance if the video is still new like 1 – 7 days old in the network. Some of these popular videos get up to 100,000 daily views and even more in some cases so think of how much of that you can share. One video cannot be posted twice as video response so be careful while choosing where to post your video for better traffic.

Youtube network is designed in a way that the more views and ratings your video gets the higher it is ranked in the search result for the keyword in the title and description. The reason you need to apply the above tactics is to have that first rush of views after which the views starts coming naturally in huge quantities and your video could end up becoming one of those popular videos which results in higher ranking in Google search engine for your chosen keywords.

Hint: Youtube will freeze your view count when it reaches 300 to verify they are real and not fraudulent views from some robots or something similar. When that happens don’t panic as it only lasts for about 24 hrs and it will be released again.

So how does all these make you money? You will be displaying your affiliate links in the videos as well as in the description so your viewers will be compelled to click on them and visit your affiliate site and when they buy stuff you make some tidy commissions. This is one reason why you should use catchy names for your links. If your Video is about a girl who give a guy the boot a link like will generate more click through rate but you must make sure that the product there has something to do with how guys can get girls eating from their palms or something similar. Another thing worth mentioning is your thumbnail which is a snapshot from your video and the picture people see before clicking through to watch your video. It is very important you make it attractively related to what your video is all about for a better click through rate (CTR) to your video.

Do I need tell you how to create videos? Heck no! That will be a full time course but remember I promise to show you the easy way out - Take a few text, paste it here, choose your images, choose a background, choose a background music, select slide style, select slide duration, click done and you have a full blown video in just minutes. Visit the link below for more information.

Author Bio:
Afam Obih is a full time internet marketer who enjoys helping others succeed online. To learn how to have your own marketing video in a few clicks of your mouse go to

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