Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Make Money Online Though Web Designing

Internet is playing a major role in our present lifestyle. This World Wide Web is not only helping us with information on the given topics, but also provide many options to make money online. However, there are different types of businesses online, which help you in making money from the comfort of your home. Web designing is also one such lucrative business, which will add more revenue on your savings. Therefore, if you are good in web designing, you will be able to find many people who are in need of these services.

You also have an option to earn additional money through this business type. However, there are many people who think that web designing is a difficult task. This is not true. It does not matter what your background or your experience is, taking the assistance of a reputed designer will help you to learn the designing works quickly. There are numerous professionals s in the market that will help you to complete the course within three or four weeks. Therefore, once you complete the course you will be able to design simple website. Once you start building more website, your designing knowledge will also increase and you can easily become a web-designing guru. However, the cost of designing depends on the type of website you are designing.

How to get businesses?
Most of the individuals, who are designing website, do not have enough time to design their official websites themselves. As they have handful of work, they are not able to find enough time to spend on their official works. However, once you get into this domain and build a good reputation, you will find more and more individuals who are looking for your services. There are also few websites on the net, which will help you to find more clients and customers, who are looking for web designers. Therefore, if you provide quality work, you will find more and more customers, looking for your services.

Make Money Online:
As mentioned, web designing will also help you to make money from the comfort of your home. You just need a computer and net connect to make money online. However, you should also have some of the designing tools and software programs such as flash, photoshop and 3D to provide good services. Once you have this tools and proper guidelines to design the websites, you can start your business. There are also few websites, which are providing free web design training for interested individuals. You will be able to find these sites by doing a through research on the web.

Advertise Your Business:
As you are a newbie, most of the people may not be aware of you and your works. Therefore, it is quite imperative to advertise your company and the different types of services you provide. Online advertising, classified advertisement etc can be some of the best options to promote your business. Once you are done with the advertisements, you will be able to find many people calling you for your services.

How to Make Money Online with Google

Guest Post by Osita Modozie

They are two ways to make money online with Google. One is through Google Adsense. The other is through Google Adwords. Google Adsense and Google Adwords are two products owned by Google.

I will describe these products briefly so you can learn this way to do it.

Google Adwords: this method is not free. Google Adwords is simply a Google advertising program. It is a pay per click advertising program. This simply means that you will have ads on google and whenever someone clicks on it you pay your chosen bid usually in cents. An example of this ad can seen when you make a search at Google, the sponsored links beside your search result. This is a method to do targeted advertising. The idea is to make money online through a combination of Google Adwords and affiliate program.

Let me suppose you now know what Google Adwords is all about, but you do not know what affiliate program is all about. They are companies which will pay you to advertise their products and in return you will earn a fixed commission when someone you referred make a sale, lead, impression or click to their site, such method is referred to as affiliate program. I will describe this program in a more clarifying way. Let say I am selling tv. If my tv sells for $200, I may have an affiliate program where someone can sign up. What you will need to do is to simply sign up and start promoting my tv with the link I provide. When someone signs up, you will be paid their fixed commission.

The thing there is to find an affiliate program that pays a good commission and advertise it at google adwords. This will not be an easy process, but it is possible. There are people in this game that generate thousands of dollars per month. If they can do it, why can’t you do it as well? Your first stop right now will be to select an affiliate program. When you have selected one, sign up at their affiliate page and get your link. The next stop is to sign up at google adwords. You will need to fund your account with a recommended capital of $100. You will need to create a website. If you are not ready to buy and host a site, you can as well use a free blogsite. An example of a free blogsite is blogger.

After creating the blogger, create a blogpage where you will review the product of the affiliate program you have selected. You will need to review one product per blogpage. The next stop is to create a google ad using the link of your blogpage, fix your ad usually not greater than $0.20, sit back, relax and watch your money roll in.

In order to succeed using this method to make it, you will need an internet marketing course. This course will enable you to kick aside the challenges in this system of making money. With it, you will be able to save money on advertising and make more money on profit. I urge you to get it if you want to succeed using this system.

Author Bio:
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Monday, March 29, 2010

6 Ways To Make Money Writing Online

Guest Post by Andy Walton

There are more ways than you might think to make money by writing online. Whether you are yet to pen your first paid words or are an experienced author, you probably haven't thought of all the ways to exploit your talents. Here are my top 6 tips for paid online writing.

Write for a rev share site

Open an account on an advert-sharing site such as Wikinut - these sites make it easy for you to focus on the writing, as they will sort out the traffic and the advertising. As well as earning money for any new content you write, you be able to generate cash from any existing articles you've written. Plus you'll be able to build up an online portfolio within a community of online authors.

Join a freelancing site

Middlemen such as Elance will allow you to submit a profile to their site, and put you in touch with potential clients. They list a wealth of writing jobs, plus associated work such as translation and copy editing. They will help you to gain contract work with businesses from all over the world, and allow you to earn money by writing from home.

Get in touch with old colleagues

Use professional networking sites such as LinkedIn to re-establish links with past work colleagues. Make sure you write a full profile of your skills and experience, and always add your latest CV. You'd be surprised at how often offers of work arise from your old acquaintances, so if you're just starting out as a writer work those connections.

Write a blog

If you're brave enough to try something a little more technical why not create a blog for yourself? You can add targeted adverts using Google Adsense, which will automatically display adverts that are relevant to your content. You'll need to learn promotional skills to acquire traffic, so read up on SEO, guest posting and link building.

Become a guest poster

If you do have a blog or other online content to promote, contact blog owners you respect and send them some example guest posts. Ensure you try to target your writing for their style, and always provide a short bio of yourself that includes a link back to your site. By building relationships with a few high traffic blogs you'll be putting your name before potentially huge audiences.

Author Bio:
Andy Walton is inviting you to use Wikinut , a new publishing platform that pays lifetime royalties for your writing on a massive range of topics. Use promo code "5more" at today, and get an extra 5% in royalties.

Make Money Online Posting links in 4 Steps

Guest Post by Kimo

How to make huge money online posting links, there are many ways to make money online posting links but i will show you the most effective and fastest growing opportunity on the internet. A lot of these way mean that you have to pay for some sort of service first. Well what i am about to reveal to you, is top secret and you won't have to spend a dime.

#1 You need to find a place where you can post classifieds ads
for free,yes this is very important, after you locate that site you need to do a couple of things.

#2 You need to select the items you are going to sell best way of finding good stuff is around your house, things that you are not using, important think like a buyer and seller at the same time.

#3 Third step is to post constantly, all ways be shore to post you ads of different items all the time but avoid spamming or you could be banned, buy post frequently you are shore that your ads will be seen, the more your ad is seen the more chance you will make money, some of these
classified ads site get more than 130,000 visitors per hour.

#4 Attend garage sale a little unknown secret is garage sale, buy low and sell a bit higher keeping it cheap this is a good way of getting used stuff for sale people like used stuff because they know it is cheap so for this reason they will buy.


*Post often
*Avoid Spamming
*Sell Cheap
*Find Out what people are buying
*Attend Garage sale
*Research Research your market

Author Bio:
We are the the fastest uprising free classified site where you can post ads and get results, at the same time feeling safe. Free Internet Advertising @

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Blogging for Business: Things to Post in Your Blog

When you have finally got into the blogging for business then you must make it sure that it is able to reach the audience in the intended manner. You need to decide upon the elements which you are going add on to your blog page to make it more impressive. But the problem is that making this decision is little difficult. Let me put across some ideas which can be entailed in your business blog.

Features and Benefits of your Products and Services
Describe and talk about your product or service in an enthusiastic and positive tone. It is important that you stress on the topic and present the benefits in a stronger way. It is also good to point out some of the limitations of your product however never be too elaborative in that.

Whenever you launch a new feature or product or simply come up with some lucrative promotional offers you should always highlight them on your blog page. In this way the customers would be glad to watch out for your website and get details. This is a great way to get them hitched to your blog and thus increases traffic too.

With the help of tutorials the customers will get an insight on how to use a particular product or service. You can provide them tutorials which are associated with the product or service you offer. Suppose you deal in women makeup accessories and cosmetics then you can add tutorials on do-it-yourself makeup tips etc. This way you shall be able to connect more easily with your customer’s through your blog and they will find it more useful and thus visit the blog over and over again.

Related News
It is also a great idea to include news about the related industries etc. This makes your blog post more informative and thus the readers would want to visit it more. This way you would be able to connect with the customers from variety of interests,

Related Tips
Customers will surely be happy to see some related tips and tricks on the blog with which they can be able to use the product or service in more efficient manner. Providing Tips and tricks is a great way to promote your product and in this way the users will be willing to visit your website more often as they get interesting stuff on it.

Satisfied Customer Testimonials
It is another way to grab the trust of the users. You can add some testimonials from the clients and companies etc who are already using your product. When the viewers see the comments and experiences of old clients then they tend to build a good impression of your blog.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The 3 Most Important Components to be Successful Online

Guest Post by Ashley

If you destine to be a top internet marketer then you need to build for the long run rather than short term, I am going to explain the three most vital components which will keep you and your business running for long term and which will start to make you money over and over again. The three main aspects you need are:

- A list
- Traffic
- An Offer

With these three components in place you will understand why the top marketers are making so much money online and I am now going to explain each one in more detail.

A List

The money is not in the list but it is in a responsive list. This is a key point you need to remember when you start building your own list. The truth is building a list should be your number one priority for long-term success as no one can take your list away from you. The simple fact is once you have your own list you can generate income on demand with a simple email. So as you can imagine the more people you have on your list that respond to your emails the more money you are going to make over time. This does not matter what niche you are in as long as you can offer you list “cool stuff” which will benefit them, when it comes to you recommending them a product they will be ready to buy through you as you have given them such great cool stuff in the past.

I won’t be the first person to tell you building a list is important and I won’t be the last person either. The truth is until you start to build your own list you will not understand the true potential of having your own list of subscribers.


Without traffic nothing else really matters! Without traffic you cannot build your list, without traffic you cannot sell products and so on. There is so many different ways of driving traffic in this day and age and the fact again is the more traffic you can drive to your desired website the more results you are going to produce whether it is building your list or selling products. I cannot go into to much depth about how to generate traffic because there is so many different ways but I will list a few of the more common methods.

- Article Marketing
- Forum Marketing
- Banner Ads
- Paid Advertising (Adwords, Facebook)
- Social Media

Like I said the list goes on. Once you get the right method working for you that traffic will continue to flow to your site over and over.


What I mean when I talk about having an offer is in the terms of either having your own product or in the sense of what you are going to give away to build your list (lead magnet.) In order for someone to give you their email address you have to give something in return. I always say you need to make sure what you are giving away to obtain an email address has to be something of great value which you could actually go out and sell. This is where giving away “cool stuff” comes into play.

So as well having your own product is going to generate you a massive amount of income and stability within you’re area of Internet marketing. Once you have your own product it will continue to work for you for many years. The simple fact also is once you have created your product you can get others to sell it for you (affiliates and JV’s) Product creation can take a very long time and a lot of effort but you do reap the rewards for your hard work as with your own product not only will you make sales continuously you will also be building a responsive list so you kill two birds with one stone.

Author Bio:
If you are looking to further yourself as an Internet Marketer then you need to grab your free copy of Conquer Internet Marketing Monthly which is a Online Internet Marketing magazine which will help take you and your business to the next level. Get your Free Issue here

Squeeze Page Tutorial – 5 Tips You Can Use Today

Guest Post by Welly Mulia

If you’re marketing your products and services on the Internet, whether it’s a digital or physical product, you need to capture your website visitors’ contact information – specifically their email address (which is what this squeeze page tutorial is all about).

This is very important because there are so many websites today that are competing for the eyeballs of your visitors. If you can’t capture their email address, then chances are they are NOT going to come back to your website again, forever.

You need to create a squeeze page TODAY.

A squeeze page is a very simple website whose ONE AND ONLY purpose is to capture the visitors’ email address by giving them some kind of VALUABLE Freebie. It is different in a blog in the sense that a squeeze page is typically only 1 page long with very little content designed to entice visitors to give their email address.

A blog, on the other hand, typically contains a lot of content spread across hundreds of pages that educate, teach and inform its audience.

Today I’d like to share with you 5 powerful tips that you can use to create a HIGH converting squeeze page:

1. Be Concise

First rule is NOT to beat around the bush and instead get right to the offer you’re making your visitors.

Yes, even though you’re giving away a Freebie (which costs nothing), you STILL need to sell them on taking up your offer.

There are tons of websites offering Freebies – why should they choose your Freebie over others? People are also getting tired of email spam and they’ve become more wary and reluctant to give away their email address.

They have VERY SHORT attention span these days, thanks to the millions of websites that are competing for their attention every minute of every day.

Thus, you should be concise and get to the point FAST.

2. Use Benefits And Curiosity

People want to look for information that benefits them.

What do they get if they sign up for your Freebie? What’s in it for them?

You have to spell out the BENEFITS of what they’re going to get in a CLEAR, STEP-BY-STEP manner so that they understand what they can expect from your Freebie. Assume that your visitors are dumb and need to spoon-feed.

I don’t mean that in a bad way. I want you to think of your visitors that way so that your benefits are CRYSTAL-CLEAR to them.

Also add in elements of CURIOSITY whenever possible to SPICE up your offer to make it more enticing so that they crave for your Freebie even more.

3. Above The Fold

Place your opt-in form (the place where visitors enter their email address) ABOVE THE FOLD to make it stand out and obvious.

Above the fold means the TOP display area on your computer screen without having to scroll down.

We humans read from top to bottom – by placing this opt-in form above the fold, most likely your visitors are NOT going to miss that.

4. BIG Opt-In Form And BIG Subscribe Button

When you place your opt-in form above the fold, you’re already making it (the form) stand out from the other elements on the squeeze page.

However, if you want to FURTHER increase your conversion rate, you should use a BIG opt-in form and a BIG subscribe button too to make your form stand out even more.

5. Use FREE and INSTANT (in caps lock)

As much as I hate to admit it, we humans are GREEDY and IMPATIENT creatures.

You should utilize this knowledge to capitalize your list building efforts. Use the word “FREE” and “INSTANT” in capital letters and if possible, in different fonts and colors as well to make them stand out.

When people see these two words, their eyes will “pop-out” and light with glitter.

Above are 5 tips you can use TODAY to give your squeeze page conversion a boost. Simply knowing these 5 tips is NOT enough; make sure that you USE and IMPLEMENT them to REALLY increase your squeeze page conversion.

As the saying goes “To know and not yet to do, is not yet to know”…

What do you think about the squeeze page tutorial above? Let me know in a comment below…

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Foolproof Business Approach for the Affiliate Marketing Newbie

It isn’t uncommon for new affiliate marketers to make mistakes that not only waste a lot of money, but time as well. While it is always beneficial to learn from one’s mistakes, taking advantage of available resources prior to losing valuable time and money is more beneficial. A successful online business requires enrollment in a profitable affiliate program; and making money through affiliate marketing requires a tremendous effort toward developing and expanding promotional skills. Below are some tips on how to find and utilize the right affiliate marketing program for your online business.

First off, there are literally thousands of various affiliate marketing programs available online. Each of these programs has its own characteristics along with its own product or service, so it will take a significant amount of research to locate the one that is best suited to your online business. Factors like how much the affiliate product interests you should affect your decision, as motivation is a big part of affiliate marketing; however, the program’s profitability and support system is much more important. For instance, lower priced, more common items are more likely to bring in higher profits than high end, specialized products. Affiliate marketers are also far more likely to succeed if they have access to extensive support and marketing resources through the affiliate program.

Another important aspect of running an online affiliate marketing business is having a plan of action. Once you have become familiar with all of the aspects of your affiliate program, it is necessary to plan out the route you are going to take from beginning to end, detailing each step along the way and referring back to them frequently. Knowing exactly how you plan to execute and guide your affiliate marketing business through the development process is key to maximizing your earning potential without making expensive mistakes.

Once you’ve chosen and enrolled in an affiliate marketing program, it is extremely important to begin learning and using both free and paid marketing strategies. Like the affiliate programs, there are many proven strategies available online, meaning, it will take a little determined research to find the ones that will work best for you. In the end, with a combination of thorough knowledge of your affiliate program and a solid set of strategies under your belt, success will come to you.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How to Double Your Blog Traffic in One Month

Guest post by Michael-John Wolfe

In January of 2010 I had over 6,000 visitors to my Residuals and Royalties blog and in only one month I was able to double the number of total visitors to almost 12,000. Many bloggers spend time creating quality content in hopes that they will attract visitors to their blog. The sad truth is that more often than not, quality content alone will not attract readers to a blog that is not established. The key to making money online with your blog is having a lot of unique visitors. Below is a list of things that you can do to attract more readers to your blog…

Yahoo Answers: Go to Yahoo answers and search for unanswered questions that are related to your blog’s topic. Give a relevant, quality answer and be sure and include a link to your blog as well. You can even copy and past your answer onto a multitude of similar questions.

Ping-O-Matic: Every time that you write a new blog post, use Ping-O-Matic to submit your fresh content to a large list of search engines. This system makes it so easy to let all of the search engines know that you have new content on your blog.

Guest Posts: Contact the owners of popular blogs in your niche and ask if they would mind if you created a guest post specifically for their blog. If they accept, create a well written post that will attract others to want to learn more about your blog. Guest posting is my number one source of increasing traffic to my blog.

Reply to Every Comment: If someone takes the time to leave a comment or response on your blog and you don’t take the time to respond back, chances are that that person will not be coming back to your blog. Remember that your readers are the lifeblood of your blog and without them you’d be going nowhere fast!

Interview a Big Name: Ask a big name blogger in your niche if you could interview them for your blog. If they accept, they are likely to put a link to their interview on their own blog and in turn you can gain some quality traffic. Be sure and ask interesting questions that will intrigue your reader and keep them coming back for more.

There are many more things that you can do to attract visitors to your blog. Remember that whatever your niche is, you should always act as though you are an expert in your particular arena. Follow this advice and you too can double your blog traffic on one month. Here you can see a screen shot of the increase in my blog’s traffic from January to February…

Author Bio:
My blog, Residuals and Royalties is dedicated to helping people find legitimate ways to make money online and create residual income. My goal is to find quality resources each week for those people who want to create some passive income. The posts that I create keep my visitors coming back for more. You can visit my blog by clicking here: Make Money Online

Build Income By Buying Wholesale Products and Reselling Them On eBay

Guest Post by Justin Vanhove

It does not matter whether you are an advanced internet marketer or a newbie you can make big money on ebay. When it comes to selling and drop shipping products to make money there is no better place than ebay. First, let me tell you why you should use ebay to earn money on the internet.Perhaps the biggest reason to sell products on eBay is the huge market place. They have the biggest market place of buyers than any place on the entire planet and that is literally no joke.

What this means to your ebay business is a lot more sales. The more hits your products get the better chance they have of selling. Another great advantage to starting an ebay business in todays world is the amount of services that are available to help smooth out the process. These services have been created specifically for ebay business owners to suit their needs.
These tools and services make your work way easier and are essential to running a highly profitable ebay business.The first type of tool I want to go over is market research tools. These tools research ebay and give you data on what sells and what does not sell. This essential in making the most of your time and energy.

If you know what sells and have access to it at wholesale price you can make a lot of money. That brings us to the next tool that determines your success.These are drop shipping companies. Drop shipping is quite different from traditional ways to ship your ebay products. This is not the same as wholesale distriubutors With drop shippers you can speed the process up while getting your essentials for your ebay business at the same time. You can list and sell products on ebay before buying with drop shippers.This is why they are a vital part to the ebay business model of making money. They give you access to the products you need and allow you to sell them to customers on ebay and collect the payment before having to pay for the product themselves saving you tons of hassle and energy.

The main thing that they supply you with is wholesale products that you can sell for retail price. The added bonus is that you do not have to buy them for yourself before you sell them to someone else. The only downfall is that you have to pay for these services. However, without them you can not succeed.

It should cost you not more than one hundred dollars per month for both services combined. Both services will almost certainly pay for themselves. These two services will be all you need to get started. However, once you get so far in the business eBay itself supplies you with additional tools to make it easier for you to earn money online with ebay. This article is not the place to get into the details of the eBay power seller program. I will note that you get a lot of benefits that will have a big impact on the amount of money you earn.

The best part about belong to this program is the discount you get on listing fees. This ultimately leads to a lot more money in the long run. This is what sets the power selling program apart from the other programs on eBay. I have presented a lot of ideas to you in this article about what really goes into making money on ebay and now I am going to sum up what I have said so I know you come out of reading this article with the knowledge to earn money on ebay.

First lets summarize why you want to focus on ebay as place to earn money rather than some other opportunity. There is a massive amount of registered buyers and targeted traffic browsing eBay for products every second of the day. The main goal is to get to power seller status where you can reduce your listing fees and get a lot more extra help from ebay in running your business.

This very hard and is almost impossible to do without some help.The only two things that you need to get you there are the wholesale products and market research. That way you have products to sell and you know exactly what ones to sell.

Drop shippers take selling on ebay a step further. They are different from wholesale suppliers because you can list the product on ebay, sell it auction style, and ship it without ever seeing the hard product itself. The market research companies are the ones that tell you what products to sell on eBay in order to make the most money.

After you use these two services to sell enough products you reach the power seller level opening a lot more doors that will ultimately help you increase profits on eBay.

Resource Box:
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How to Make Money Online with

Guest Post by Chris Ruminski challenges you to make 10 million dollars with a penny. How do you do this? Double the penny thirty times. is a gaming website that will pay you to play games. Yes, you can actually make money online by playing games. No, you probably won’t make 10 million dollars. Naturally, most people are hesitant when faced with this sort of claim. And why wouldn’t they? It seems ridiculous to think that you could make money online playing games. To understand why can pay you to play, you need to understand how they make money.

How Does Make Money? makes loads of cash with their advertising and affiliate programs. Between games, you may have to watch a quick advertisement. They also make money from the sponsored ads in their search engine. To top it off, offers you Moola bucks to participate in their booster program. This is where you complete an offer and you get paid, but gets paid more. Now that you know how makes money, how can you?

Play Games
Obviously you can make money by playing games on It’s the topic of this post. gives you your first penny. After you receive your penny, you will be allowed to play three head to head games, as well as a slot machine for random wins. After you have earned another penny, more games will open up to you. You will wager your money against other players for the chance to double it. This is not considered gambling because bucks aren’t worth anything until you move them into your save account. And after you do that you can’t touch them until you cash out. Search Engine
The search engine offers another way to make money online. The search engine randomly awards you money whenever you perform a search. It sounds like you can manipulate their search engine so that you can search all day and make money, but you can’t. The search engine usage is monitored, and unnatural searching can get you in trouble. The best approach is to use their search engine whenever you are looking for something online.

Booster Program
The booster program is similar to other programs on the internet that pay you to try out products or services. You can earn money for completing a survey, or a lot of money for signing up for a service such as Netflix. Sometimes you can cancel your service before you have to pay, but not always. It is important to be aware of what you are signing up for to ensure you don’t have to pay. This program is how makes most of their money.

If you can convince your friends to join, you could earn a percentage of whatever they earn. offers a four tiered program. The first tier will pay you 4% of whatever your referrals put into their save account, second tier will earn you 3%. And you can guess the rest. Get enough people to join, and you could make a lot of money this way. is a great place to play games and earn a couple extra pennies, but you won’t get rich. It is a good way to take a break from the work day and make some pennies.

Author Bio:
Chris Ruminski has been making money online since July 2009. The key to success is finding your niche, and diversifying your efforts to prevent yourself from falling into a rut. If you can make money the web, you can make a lot. The name of the game is perseverance.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

More Ads are Adding into the Google AdSense Content Network

I received an email from Google AdSense team yesterday announcing that Google is going to allow Google-certified ad networks to compete with AdWords advertisers to show their ads on the AdSense Content network. I'm sure every AdSense publisher have got this email.

This seems to be a good news to the webmasters and bloggers who use AdSense to make money on their site. The AdSense publishers used to display ads of advertisers from Google AdWords network only, allowing other advertising networks to compete with Google AdWords advertisers for ad exposure could lead to more high paid ads to be shown on the AdSense publishers' site. So the AdSense publishers can earn higher pay per ad click which means higher AdSense earning.

But, anyway this is just a little theory I came up on my mind, not sure this will happen. I'll be monitoring my AdSense account to see if there is any positive impact. But one thing that can be confirmed is that the AdSense publishers will have more ads to shown to their website visitors.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Authority Websites - How to Build One the Google Way?

Guest Post by Darrell

Internet Marketing can be tough on you emotionally and physically. You can go weeks, months and sometimes years without making money online. You need to realize one important fact and its location, location, location. Just like real estate, they always talk about the location. In this case, you want to be in the top 5 inches of real estate on the search engine results. With all the crap out there, its time you got straight talk on how to actually build and rank an authority website?

Below, I have included several key parts to what you need to build a mega site. Those include, research and keywords, niche marketing, domain selection, back linking tips, and some computer software tools that can reduce your time and boost your productivity like an article spinner. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy the article, as I reveal some insider secrets to building your own authority site.

There really is lots of misinformation online, and it comes down to several important key factors that search engines like Google, need to see to display the top results. They want to see high quality and the most relevant information showing up for their customers when doing an organic search. This is actually part of the problem, given the quantity of information that's added on a second by second basis to the internet.

My definition of an authority website, is when you finally rank on page 1 for your keyword on Google. From what I've noticed, authority sites for the big keyword terms, can easily have several hundred articles on a website. That is different from a niche website that can have 1, 5 or 10 articles focusing on specific niche markets. Keep in mind and depending on your long term plan, any niche web site can become an authority site.

The Importance of Research and Keywords

Too many people getting in the online marketing game are going after large keyword categories like, home based business or make money. That is one of the biggest errors you'll make when starting off. Don't try and compete against the big dogs out of the gate. Its like running a marathon. You don't decide one day to run 26 miles and can't even run 1 mile. You need to build up your endurance over time to actually running 26 miles.

Likewise, the competition for big keywords is extremely fierce and you better have your "A Game" on if trying to compete with them. Of course ranking on page 1 is definitely the best place to be, but start off in low competitive terms. You will thank me later.

Niche Marketing Strategies

The foundation in my opinion for ranking any authority site is being on page 1 for many long tail keywords. The real method to accomplish this objective, is by focusing on your niche marketing efforts. By starting off on the lower end of long tail keywords and working your way up to bigger keyword ladder, your website will gain strength. I'd say, look at 1000 to 5000 searches per month along with low competition. You'll have a significantly better chance of ranking on page 1 and making a little coin in a shorter period of time. Remember, you need to check page 1 and see what your actual competition is like. I'm always looking out for keywords that have articles on page 1 for results. If its only web sites on the first page, I might be in for a lot of competition.

I can't stress enough, how important this phase is to your overall success. Keyword research is one of the 2 most important elements to making money or not online. You really need to invest the time at this stage and look at all of the factors before just picking one that sounds good. Pick the wrong keywords or go after the big ones with lots of competition, you will likely end up belonging to the 95% club. Those are the ones that don't make money. If you want to be in the 5% club and make some money, look at the people that are successful and give you straight talk on how to actually do it.

Choosing Domain Names and Hosting

As much as possible, I try and match the key phrase term I picked, to a domain name. You can even add a prefix like "about" or dashes between the title is all right. The reality is you don't have to, but it helps to have your keyword term in the domain name. That is just another SEO tip this week for you newbies.

One other over looked area that people miss out on is aged domains. Over the past few years, many people have talked about the value of picking up aged domains whenever possible. Google and the other search engines love aged domains and it can certainly help your rankings because the site may have built up trust with the search engines. Keep that in mind, next time you are registering a site. If you have the budget and one is available, consider buying it.

I know this doesn't directly relate to building your authority site, but where you register and host your websites are important. For registering your domains, just do a search to find domain registering companies and decide for yourself who you like best. When it comes to hosting, make sure you do your research and go with companies that have 24/7 actual phone support. If your website goes down, it could be in the middle of the night and you will want to have access talking directly with live human being. I like Hostgator personally and have used them for years. Very reliable and they have 24/7 support.

Building Back Links and Ranking Your Websites - The Key Factor

Back Links Defined

A one-way link is when one web site points back to another site. The more quality one way links you get, the higher in the search engines your website will rank. You should really have an internal link structure as well. Which means, your internal pages point from 1 web page to another page within your site.

It also doesn't mean you point all of the internal links back to your home page either. You may as an example, point 10 percent of your links back to the home page. This is just an example and you will need to experiment with this figure to see how your results go. The stronger your internal link structure is, the stronger your overall website will be.

Getting One way links - A Straight Forward Approach

In reality, the process of obtaining one way links is boring. Seriously, its true because you'll have to keep rinsing and repeating the process in terms of writing and re-writing the same content. At the end of the day, how many times are you able to discuss acne removal cream (lol). But, you may improve your back linking efforts by writing high quality content versus the trash kind in my humble opinion. Yes, it takes longer, however, more individuals are likely to read your articles and return back to your website. They may even use your article and post it on their website with a hyperlink back to you.

Also, try to follow the 80 - 20 rule. Meaning, 80 percent of your links should be pointing back to your internal web pages. I see too many people get this part wrong and wonder why their website is no where to be found in the first 50 to 100 pages. Remember, a strong overall website is what you are aiming for.

I have discovered that the top places to publish your new content are places like Ezine Articles, Go Articles and Idea Marketers. Your website is likely to get indexed within a few days. One other tip to remember, is that I only submit 5 to 10 posts to each place. In my view, its the law of diminishing returns. The search engines will only assign you so much SEO link juice from each directory. Besides, you need to include as part of your overall approach, making comments at numerous do follow boards, blogs and making some guest article posting at authority sites. I've done that and it provides you a quality back link.

Now before moving on, I need to stress the importance of getting one way back links. This is where you will be spending most of your time in getting your website ranking for your keyword terms. I would look at spending 80 to 90 percent of your time writing content and posting it all over the place. Too many people spend time making their website look pretty and that's fine, but is that bringing you any traffic? Probably not - right? Focus your time and energy on activities that produce results.

Leveraging Your Time and Productivity - Article Spinner

If you want to make money online, then you have to be on page 1. There are 2 major approaches to getting lots of content out all over the place. First, submit good original content to top quality article directories, websites and Blogs. Then, to get more link juice out of each article, you can manually re-write each article. I'm sure the blogging community will be happy to see you do that. But, how much money is that approach making you?

Second, you can utilize software tools to assist you in getting more unique content out to various article directories. Bottom line, if you want to rank on your keywords and generate income, then make use of every legitimate method out there, because your competitors are utilizing all kinds of software tools to leverage their time like a content rewriter.

Prior to even looking at anything like an article rewriter or article spinner, I used to rewrite my content over and over again. As well, I tested a theory out myself for 1 year to see what my results would be. I had set up 150 Blogger accounts and used to post the same article to dozens of the same Blogger accounts. I wanted to see firsthand what duplicate content would do for my results.

Would you like to know what happened?

Keep in mind, I tracked my results for a year and at the end, only a couple of Blogger accounts actually got indexed and showed up in my results for various keywords. The rest ended up in a place I like to call, Google's Duplicate Repository. Yup, they never got indexed. If want to bypass the filters and get full SEO link juice, you need to have unique content.

So, there you have the method of creating an authority site the Google way. Start via doing key phrase analysis, drill down into the assorted niche markets, choose your domain name, and the most essential ingredient to really ranking your website, developing high quality one way back links. Also, I touched on one area to help you leverage your time more effectively with the help of software tool like an article rewriter or what some people call article spinners. However, the bottom line to being successful and making money is actually doing the work.

Resource Box:
To learn how to leverage your time more effectively, make money online and get more out of each article?

Go Here: Article Spinner

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How to Make Money Online by Picking Keywords

Guest Post by Shaun Connell

Every moment of every day, millions of dollars are spent over the net. Type in a keyword, click, and a ‘personal shopper’ called a search engine has scanned thousands of data bases and found just what you’re looking for. And, the only ‘legs’ needed for this virtual shopping expedition are keywords. From anywhere in the world, people are searching a global mall where their choice has been narrowed down to a few top rated web sites—and all this, because someone somewhere knew how to make money online by picking keywords.

Keywords Make Money
Anyone who knows the net understands the enormous marketing and advertising impact of keywords. Every day millions of dollars are paid to the people who create, develop and disperse keywords. Whether by advertiser cost-per-click, blogs, or creating links to a well-written hub, the people who know how to make money on line by picking keywords are making lots of money. And although content is important, in some cases, it is not automatically ‘king.’ If an on-line marketing company is tasked with helping to restore an individual’s or company’s reputation, their chief concern is to implant keywords throughout the text, ‘the story is not important. What is important is that the anchor text is worked seamlessly into the narrative 3 times.’

Location, Location, Location
To find the best keywords, know exactly what the customer is looking for; what is their Unique Selling Point? What words are triggered for example, if people are looking for ‘how to make money online by picking keywords’? If an aunt or uncle were looking for information about this topic, what words would they use? Once discovered the keywords should be placed within every piece of text. Notice some stores have the same goods located in different areas throughout the store; keywords are just like that; they must be everywhere a search engine might look. The same keywords need to be mirrored in the web content, blog and every article submitted or linked to hubs.

Window Shopping is Good Advertising
Of course, every article needs to be useful and informative otherwise people won’t be bothered to read it. But if the text doesn’t have the keywords embedded in it, it’s a waste of time as far as the virtual shopper is concerned. Keywords are the highlighted passages; which clearly mark the way to a web site. Without them, potential visitors will be left searching in the dark and they may never find what they are looking for. Keywords also help keep the text remain focused and to-the-point. If the text is vague or ambiguous people will get lost. If the text is about ‘lower left back pain remedies’ it’s no good putting in a keyword about hot-tubs (unless that is the specific remedy), so keep keywords relevant, and specific. Finally, for people who are interested in how to make money online by picking keywords they need to be word smiths. A client may want their text to be ‘not promotional, self-serving or comparative.’ In other cases they may want, ‘a story which reflects the subject in each hyperlink. Whatever the style of writing in all cases it keywords are critical.

Author Bio:
Shaun Connell runs several websites dealing with debt consolidation loans and loves to teach others how to make money online.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Five Tips for Selling Items Online

Guest Post by Thomas Westling

With many services and Web sites available today for consumers to sell products or services online, it can be challenging to figure out which one will work best for you. But regardless of where you decide to sell online, there are basic sales principles you can follow that will make a difference between achieving a profitable sale and having a prospective customer skip right past your product listing. Following these rules will help call attention to your listing and put your offering in the best possible light to prospective buyers.

1. Be honest. If your item is five years old, don’t call it brand new. Describe how long you’ve had it and what wear it has gotten. Otherwise you are wasting the potential buyer’s time and creating distrusting.

2. Do your research. When selling a product or service online, spend some time researching similar items for sale and how they are being advertised. This will help you decide which information to include in your listing, what features to highlight and what price to ask for your item.

3. You’ve gotta see it to believe it. People want a chance to see an item before offering to buy it, so include a high-quality photograph showing the item. If it’s a large object like furniture or a car, use more than one photo with multiple angles in your listing. Research by the advertising industry proves that photos catch more buyers’ eyes and increase sales.

4. Pay atention to speling and grammer. See what we mean? A successful listing is written and proofread carefully. Is all your spelling and grammar correct? Many sites allow you to preview your listing before posting, which could save you from losing a potential buyer.

5. Don’t forget this is a business deal. Respond to all customers promptly and politely. Answer all emails with a greeting and closing, full sentences and your name. Be clear and complete in your descriptions of the product, price and delivery options. If you meet a buyer, be punctual and courteous, no matter how the negotiation goes. If you send your product to the buyer, be sure to package it securely to protect against damage and make sure it arrives to the buyer promptly. You are selling yourself just as much as you are selling your old things, so pay careful attention to how you deal with potential buyers.

Author Bio:
Westling is the founder of, a new online classifieds site presenting consumers and businesses with a more effective way to sell and buy products and services within their cities, towns, or even within the ultra-local confines of their neighborhoods. is the only free site offering a user and family-friendly online selling arena.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

How to Model the Success of Affiliate Marketing Gurus

If you enjoy making money online by promoting products or services, then the chances of you being in affiliate marketing are fairly high. You might have signed up as an affiliate with one or more online businesses, who then give you a specific affiliate ID. Many of the online businesses that are involved in affiliate marketing might have provided you with a simple marketing package like banner or text ads and your affiliate sales page link. The only thing you really need to do now is to use these great tools and drive traffic to your affiliate sales page.

This is the strategy almost all affiliate marketers follow, but there is a problem here. Though this is a good strategy, in order for you to make a decent amount of money, you will need to have thousands of people visiting your affiliate sales page before even one product/service is sold. That being the case, you can imagine how hard it can be to actually make a $10 commission. Even if you succeed in doing so, the amount of time and effort you would have spent in earning those $10 would be huge!

Not just this, there is another problem with earning these commissions too. If you look at the terms and conditions of your affiliate marketing program, maybe they don’t pay commissions till you have earned at least $30. That means another thousand or more visitors and then, you might just have a chance at looking at those $30.

But here is something you need to consider without getting discouraged. Internet marketing is an excellent way for you to make extra cash on the side, and it honestly does not need much of an investment.

Four Step Affiliate Marketing Process:

Instead of advertising your affiliate program directly, make use of this four step process.

1. Providing value-add: Before getting down to advertising, provide something valuable to your potential customers. The simplest ‘valuable’ thing that you can provide without much effort is free information. You can provide this free information in the form of a series of email courses, eBooks and so on.

2. Give when you get: Don’t give away your free information till you get the email addresses of your potential customers. It is vital to know the name and email address of all the prospective clients, so that you can move on to the other two steps in the affiliate marketing process.

3. Earn trust: The next step in this four step process is to earn the trust of people, due to the valuable information that you have provided.

Just as you would closely monitor information provided by someone who gives you good advice on managing money, time or effort; others will start trusting you, provided your information is trustworthy. Since you have the name and email addresses of the potential customers, you can send them occasional emails with valuable information. Remember, don’t spam their mailbox. Else, they may block you and you will lose sales.

4. The actual sale: If you have been providing the potential customers valuable information regularly, they will trust you enough to buy a product/service you recommend. The sale is easier, if you can somehow make them realize that what you are recommending is worth the amount they will be spending.

In affiliate marketing, try to sell products and services that have helped you personally. This way, it becomes easier for people to trust you and you can share your experiences with them too!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

You Can Also Make Money Online from Affiliate Marketing – But You Have to Take Right Steps

Guest Post by Stephen Phillips

You can easily make money using the internet. There are various useful methods which will help you to make reasonable money online. You can take online surveys, turn a blog in to a cash machine or sell other’s products (affiliate marketing) thus making huge commission. There are other methods as well but affiliate marketing is considered as one of the most trusted ways to make money from the internet.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is all about selling the products online and getting commission on each such sale. If you are good in marketing, you will be able to make a lot of money from the affiliate marketing. You will need to setup a website, although you can use free blogs also. Three best things about Affiliate Marketing are:

1. You don’t need to have a product of your own.
2. You need not to worry about technical support and customer complaints. Product owner is only one responsible for that.
3. You need not to spend money to start. You can start it for free.

3 Steps of Affiliate Marketing

1. Product Selection
In order to succeed in the affiliate marketing and making money online, you will need to select the proper product. A product that suits your marketing style and at the same time is in demand will surely give you a great start. If you want a head start then you should select a product which you know a lot about. This will allow you to market it even more effectively.

2. Landing Page Creation
You will also need a high quality landing page with a good sales letter on display. Remember that the sales letter and the landing page play an important role to increase the number of conversions. You should also make sure that you are building a list from your landing page as well. You can offer things like free eBooks etc in return for subscription. This will help you build a wonderful list for the future prospects.

3. Online Marketing
You should ideally market your products on all the fronts. You should use the paid advertisement and at the same time you should also try out the free methods. Some of the free methods are more beneficial than the paid advertisement. For example, you can create a product page on all the front runners in the social networks. This will help you to market your product directly and without any cost. It will also help you to develop brand recognition among various sectors of online society.

It is easy to make money online especially from the affiliate marketing but for this you will need two things i.e. hard work and smart work. It is a hard truth that most of the affiliate marketer fails because they don’t work in right direction. While hard work plays a role, the smart work enables you to take the lead. Smart work will save you a lot of time and effort and will also make sure that you are getting the maximum from your resources.

About Author:
Stephen Phillips is an experienced affiliate marketer. Read how he turned from a struggling affiliate to making 5 figure monthly income at his blog, Affiliate Marketing Masters. Here you can also read his personal review of Maverick Money Makers.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What Does It Take To Start A Passive Online Income Stream?

Guest Post by Soli Katir

The internet is big! There's no debating that! It started out as the information superhighway. Now it is becoming the place to go to check to for deals. It is also the place to go when you are trying to save money.

So, how can you take advantage of all this business that is conducted on the world wide web? If you set things up properly, you will be rewarded with a passive online income stream for years to come. This is the ideal form of income. Who doesn't dream of getting paid for sleeping? Or getting paid while you're on your vacation and you've been gone for 3 months? That is the life! Well, for me. I don't know if you feel the same way. Some people are workaholics and cannot be away from their work. But, to each their own.

Companies are reporting that with each year, their online revenues are increasing. They love it. Online marketplaces cut down on overhead tremendously. There is no need for a big office building with fancy lights and such. All that's needed for them is a big warehouse, an internet site, and someone to handle the orders as they come in.

Settings Things Up
This is the hardest part. You will need to set time aside to learn how the internet works and you will need to know a little about marketing as well as what people are searching for. This is key for this will determine what will be successful for you.

Once you have the basic information, you can either use free sites or set up your own. Then you build it so that it is attractive and so it offers useful information, the info that the searcher is looking for. Then you add in offers that will suit your audience, offers for which you are an affiliate. Then you work on sending traffic to your site. And that is it!

This is exactly how some people have broken out of the rat race and gained their financial freedom through the world wide web.

Selling Online
They have created their own little storefront and are selling products that other people need at lower prices than the local physical stores. Some people harness the power of eBay to build their online store.

Others don't want to have to worry about shipping or dealing with customers, so they sign up as affiliates to eBay and other businesses. For these people, every time they send an interested party to eBay or whatever, they get credited the sale and make a commission.

Yet others will offer their services through the internet community through sites like and

Author Bio:
Soli Katir, Internet Marketing Expert
Download My Free Report at

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

4 Steps to Make Money Online Without Spending a Dime?

Guest Post by Jason Mathews

Many people are skeptical when it comes to make money online. They think that there should a huge investment to make money. But in case of online money making that's not true. You can make a lot of money without spending a dime and I will give you the step by step instruction on how to do that.

Step 1
Picking Up The Product

Join an affiliate program. If you are a beginner clickbank will be a good option. Pick a product to promote that gives you more than $20 per sale with a gravity 30-150. Go to google keyword tool and search the product name. It must have some search volume or if the products are new the niche should have a good search volume.

Step 2
Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most important step here. If you fail here, your entire strategy will fail. Don't panic, I will show you exactly how to pick winning keywords every time. Here's what all you should look for a keyword

1. The keyword should have more than 1000 searches on exact match types in Google keyword tool

2. The competing pages for the keyword should be below 30,000. To find the competition go to google and type your keyword in quotes. For example if your keyword is strength training system, search it with quotes, "strength training system" and if the result google gives is less than 30,000 it is not much competitive.

3. Next we have to look at the strength of the top 10 pages on google for the keyword without quotes. This is a crucial step that most newbie internet marketers ignore. If the top ten pages are with authority sites and wikipedia or and if they have optimized for the keyword, ignore it and search for another keyword. If the top ten pages contain ezine articles, web 2.0's like hubpages and squidoo, then go on to the next step.

4. The final step is to analyze the baclinks of the top ten pages. For that go to Yahoo Site Explorer and enter the url of the top pages. As a general guide line average backlinks should be about 100 and there should be pages ranking in top ten with less than 50 backlinks.

If your keywords meet all these four requirements, then you have picked up a winning keyword that can be ranked in the first page of google without much difficulty.

Step 3
Creating The Content

1. Next you have to write a 300-500 words article with the keyword in the title. Also include the keyword in the first sentence, middle and towards the end of the article. Also do not forget to include the url to the products you are promoting in the article!

2. Three places I highly recommend to submit the articles are hubpages, squidoo and articlebase. Google loves these sites and they have a great authority in the eyes of google. So it is very easy to achieve rankings fast. And most importantly for a beginner, these are absolutely free! So submit the article to any one of these sites linking back to your product.

Step 4
Building Backlinks

Building backlinks are the key to top rankings and also the most difficult task. Even some of the articles you created using the above methods can rank highly without any backlinks but some needs quality backlinks to boost the rankings. So here are the methods that I used to build backlinks without much difficulty.

1. Forum Posts - Finding a forum with high pagerank in your niche will be a difficult task at first, but after finding things become easy. All you need is to put the article url in the forum signature with anchor text as your keyword. After that participate in the forum giving relevant posts. Also read the forum rules. Some forums need you to make 10 or 15 posts before including links.

2. Blog Commenting - Search google for "do follow blogs" or "do follow blog directories" and you will end up with a lot of blogs which allows do follow comments, which means that you will get the link juice. Post comment on these blogs with the keyword in the place of name and the article url in the place of website. After the comment approval you will get a valuable backlink

3. Answers - Post relevant answers to the below sites with a link back to your article. Some of my favorites are -

* Yahoo Answers (no follow, but high authority in the eyes of google)

Do not spam these sites. Contribute to the community or else they will make the links do follow and you will lose your valuable backlinks.

4. Articles Submission - These are my least favourite (I'm lazy to write 400 word articles for backlinks) and I will only use them if the sites are not getting top rankings. Some sites I submit the articles are -

* Ezine Articles (You can also use this for your main article, but the disadvantage is that it tooks a long time to approve the articles, about 5-7 days and ezines will only allows one link in the article body, but articlebase allows 3 links in article body and approves within 48 hours)

* Buzzle
* Go Articles

If you complete all these steps, you can achieve a top google ranking and will get lots of traffic and sales without spending a dime on advertising.

Author Bio:
Jason Mathews is a full time internet marketer and loves to make money online with a variety of free traffic strategies like SEO, Article Marketing, Video Marketing etc. He learned most of the techniques from Steve and Tim's Mining Money Online Course.

Free Webinar: How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing Using Blog

Blog isn't just ideal for generating advertising revenue, it is good for affiliate marketing as well. I know that many bloggers have done well in advertising but not in affiliate marketing.

Successful affiliate marketing through blog can provide you a great source of revenue. So if you are blogging for cash, you certainly want to learn about how to promote affiliate programs on your blog effectively.

Andrew Hansen from will be holding a completely free, content packed Live webinar presentation on how to quickly build your affiliate income using simple blogs and only free traffic methods on this Thursday. Andrew will talk about one hour in the webinar, giving useful information and tips about making money with affiliate marketing through blog. You may also chat with Andrew and ask anything you like after the presentation.

This is a free webinar that worth joining because you can learn a lot about blogging and affiliate marketing. If you like to join, you may go to to register for the event.

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How to Sell Expensive Items on eBay

Guest Post by Shane

Whether you sell expensive items on eBay or low cost merchandise, how you market the item is what ultimately determines the success or failure your listings may have.

This does not mean you should start placing ads all over the internet; you want to keep your marketing at the eBay website. The truth of the matter is that whenever you list an item on eBay, that auction actually becomes your automated marketing campaign.

Determining the value of your item should be your top priority and this is done in three different ways. Following this step will help you in deciding what your reserve price is going to be. (This being the lowest amount you're willing to accept for your item on eBay) You first have to find out what the real market value is for that expensive item you have. You do this by researching similar items that have already ended and seeing what those items sold for. Lastly, you need to figure out what the real value of the item is to you. Once you have all this information it should be easy to determine and establish what the lowest amount that you would be willing to sell the item for is.

Now you will set your reserve price while setting your opening bid as well. The opening bid should be no greater than $50 no matter how high you set your reserve. In essence you are using a great marketing tactic where you will offer an item worth thousands of dollars at a low starting bid of $50 or less. This will guaranteed that you attract and bring in many potential buyers looking to steal a deal. The catch is that since you have your reserve price in place, you won’t have to sell your item unless the final bid matches or surpasses that amount. All the while, you are using a marketing gimmick designed to simply get customers to 'set their foot in the door'.

Providing as many details as possible when describing your item is also very important. Choose your words carefully when describing your listing. If you provide as many details as possible - including information that proves the authenticity of your item – will sure to go a long way in attracting potential customers.

However, be sure to include any scratches or marks the item may have. The pictures you take should convey this fact to the buyer. Let the buyers know how much it will be for shipping and insurance, which must be purchased in case the item gets lost or damaged once you ship it.

Most eBay sellers feel better using an escrow service for higher priced items. You can offer this option to the seller explaining to him or her that one, the buyer must pay for the service and two, this helps protect the both of you from scams or fraud. There is an escrow serviced which eBay has partnered with especially used for high priced ticket items.

Author Bio:
Finding ways to increase income is more essential today than ever before. One definite way to boost your finances is to use Ebay. We've got the ultimate inside scoop on how to make money on ebay now on

Your Complete Online Marketing Plan – This Is Valuable

Guest Post by Paul

I wanted to write an article that covered the high level concepts behind a long term internet marketing plan (1 year+) so that you can see into the future and understand the income potential that can be earned from consistent and intelligent action.

I am an online marketer that believes in creating sustained, long-term and secure growth just like any offline business. It’s not a get rich quick scheme but it’s an absolute proven model that I always advise my subscribers to pay attention to. There are many top internet marketers (I’m actually at a conference with one as I write this) who follow this exact model – so this article can be worth gold if you follow it to the letter.

Here’s where you start:

First of all, let’s take a long term view of this. Many businesses evolve over time, each step is taken one at a time. So you need to think of an area in which there is ample room for growth. Here is your growth path:-

1) Affiliate marketing
2) Product creation
3) Membership sites or recurring monthly incomes

For those of you who are new to the industry I’ll translate. Firstly, you sell other people’s products. Then when you’re ready and consider yourself an expert in your niche then you create a product. Finally, and the most powerful of all, you need to set up a membership site and start trying to create a recurring income out of your subscribers.

This strategy is hugely powerful and it’s a long term approach – something that is going to bring an income that has longevity.

Choose Your Niche

With the three steps that I have just mentioned in your mind you are now in prime position to choose your niche. Remember, in the long term you want to create a recurring income through a membership site – this means you need to choose a niche that you can see yourself being a voice of authority in. Take my advice and choose something you’re interested in.

Build Your List

Building your list sounds really hard but actually it’s pretty easy. You need to create what’s called a squeeze page – a squeeze page is a simple page that is designed to capture the names and email addresses of those people who visit your site.

This is a must. Build your subscriber list.

Not sure how to? Don’t worry – it’s easy. Like I said at the start of this article – I am talking concepts, not technicalities because technicalities are always easy to overcome, so we’ll go into how later.

Build A Relationship With Your Subscribers

People who know and trust you will be more inclined to buy from your web sites. FACT. You need to provide your subscribers with relevant and useful information that provides real value. This means no sales pitches for the first few weeks at least. You’re an expert in the field (even if you’re not, you should have done your research so that you’re more educated than the average person) and so you should be able to provide your subscribers with real value.

Only Then Do You Monetise Your List…

Once you’ve built a relationship with your list you can pitch your first product. The product must be excellent and it must genuinely help your subscribers by solving a problem.

Not sure what products are good and what are bad? Email the product vendor and ask for a review copy – he’ll usually be more than happy to send you the review copy as long as you can demonstrate your expertise in internet marketing (they’d be mad not to – you’ll be driving sales for them!).

At This Point You Start Looking At Product Creation

Once you really feel like you can add some value of your own to the niche that you’re in, you can start looking at creating products of your own. The powerful thing about product creation is that you can attract an army of affiliates to do the sales for you – this creates a snowball effect and is where you can start to make some really good money without doing a whole lot of work.

Finally, recurring income time…

Your final step – and by this stage you should already be earning a good amount online – you need to create a recurring income. This is where you start looking into building your own membership site.

It’s a heck of a lot of work, and so you may want to outsource some of your work, but once you can populate a membership site to a level that provides real value to your subscribers then you can start using your list to promote it.

If you can get 20 membership site sales per month every month then your recurring income can grow at $400 / month (assuming your membership site costs $20/month to join).

Furthermore, you’d then build an army of affiliates to drive traffic to your membership site and take home 50% of the income of those sales too.

This Is The Only Strategy You Need To Follow

Save your money – you don’t need to buy any more information products about online marketing because this is the high level strategy that you need to follow to create a long-term, profitable and secure online business.

Resource Box:
If you’re serious about creating an online business and want to learn the specifics that I’ve outlined in this article then don’t miss what I have here: You’ll also be able to contact me if you have any questions about this article.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Making Money Tips For Beginners

Guest Post by Joe Land

Beginners at anything almost always have trouble when they start because they have no idea what they are doing and they are inexperienced in what is going on. The same basic concept holds true to beginners who want to start making money online. They are very susceptible to online scams and programs that will lead them nowhere in terms of making money online. In this post I will not necessarily give you names of specific programs, I will give you some valuable tips that will help you make your own decision and help you get off on the right foot so you can make money.

Start Simple And Build Up

One of the most important things you can do as a beginner is to start simple. The phrase keep it simple stupid is perfect for the making money online business because simpler means that you are less likely to get scammed. Now keeping it simple forever is not the best idea either. You should start out fairly easy and work your way up to more complicated ideas that will earn you more money. This way you can learn as you go and not have to worry as much about getting scammed.

Avoiding Nasty Scams

There are millions of online scams out on the world wide web that are waiting to take your hard earned money. A general tip for beginners is to start out with programs that are free and that you have nothing to lose with. These include paid survey sites and article writing sites. There are numerous sites out there in these categories that are free and that will provide beginners with a legit way to begin making money online. The key in the beginning is to stay away from the sites that charge you a fee in order to join in their site. While these sites are always tempting, even for me, they are almost always scams and were designed for one thing. Taking your money! Avoid these sites at all costs.

Researching Is Key

When it comes to making money online, one of the most important things you can do is research. Lets say you have come across a nice site that looks like a good opportunity for you to make money online with. The first thing you should do is google the site and see what experiences others have had with it. If a site is a scam then other people will have written about it on Google or other places. Remember to do your homework about a site.

These three tips if followed will help any beginner make money online. Remember that making money online takes time and effort and a person will not become rich. Most people are just looking for an extra income that they can use in one way or another. The most important tip to when it comes to making money online… Don’t get to greedy.

Author Bio:
Joe Land has a blog about making money online for beginners. He also makes money with survey sites such as CashCrate.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

If You are Really Making Money Online – PROVE IT!

Guest Post by Michael-John Wolfe

The internet is full of websites that claim to help you make money online or earn residual income. The problem is, 95% of these websites are simply scams or MLM schemes that want to take your money. I have spent the last two years scouring the web in search of legitimate ways to make money online. Only a select few websites actually back up their claims and really do provide results and I have listed these websites on my blog – Residuals and Royalties.

There are three ways that I prove to my readers that I am actually earning a profit from these websites and I will list each one for you. These three forms of “proof” help my readers have a little faith that if they put some effort into these websites, they WILL get paid. The three ways that I prove my earnings are: screen shots, check proof videos and auto-calculating banners.

Proof of Earnings Screen Shots: Every time I get a payout from a website, I usually like to take a screen shot of my earnings to post on my blog for the world to see. The only downside to screenshots is the fact that they can easily be photoshopped or changed, which causes some people to be skeptical of my earnings. I can tell you that I don't have the time or interest in trying to photoshop my screenshots.

Check Proof Videos: To further prove my earnings to others, I like to take videos of the checks that I receive in the mail from various sources. Not all of the websites that I work with provide actual paper checks, but when they do – I always record a video of the check. If you do the same, be sure and cover the personal information like you address, the check number and anything else you don’t want visible to the public. There are two primary checks that I have been video taping every month – my CashCrate check and my Google Adsense check.

Auto-Calculating Banners: I have a CashCrate banner atop my Residuals and Royalties blog that automatically updates when my earnings change. This banner shows the exact number of referrals I have made and how much money I have earned for the month as well as my total earnings overall. This banner is an excellent way to prove my earnings, since I have no way of altering the figures.

If you have another way that you use to prove the legitimacy of your online earnings, please let us know by commenting below.

Resource Box:
You can see all three forms of earnings proof on one webpage by clicking here: Make Money Online.

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Robert Allen's Internet Income System

Right now everyone has the opportunity to make money online. But the question is where and how to start? This is the big question that most beginners have. As a beginner wanting to start making money online, you must first gain the necessary knowledge of how to get started and do thing successfully. A good way to get the real working knowledge of making money online is by learning from people who has the best knowledge.

But who has the best knowledge?

The people who are already an expert in the field and successful in making money online are the people that have the best knowledge. Learning will become easier if you can learn from one of these successful people.

Among the successful people, Robert Allen is one of them that can provide you the real knowledge and solid information on how to make money online. He has been working on the Internet for many years and become an Internet millionaire. He knows exactly how to really make money on the Internet.

Robert has taught many people in different training programs and seminars. A number of his students are now earning their living off the Internet. And recently Robert has put together a new training course for anyone wanting to start making real money on the Internet. His new training course, the Robert Allen's Internet Income System is going to help you right from the scratch to building online wealth using the proven strategies and techniques he has used. You’ll also learn the different ways of making money online.

Seriously the information and tips in the course aren't just going to teach you to start earning some money from the Internet. When you are putting what you learn from Robert to work, you can potentially achieve the lifestyle that you always dream of.

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Also, Robert has thrown in a set of audio CDs as bonus to his new training course. These audio CDs packed with nine hours of practical tips and information for building wealth on the Internet. Certainly these CDs material will be very useful to you.

Robert wants to post your success story

The new Internet Income System was actually created to help a group of people who are willing to work on it using the strategies, tips and tools provided by Robert to make a good income from the Internet. Once you have used what Robert taught you and achieved satisfying result. Robert will post your success story in his upcoming promotion. So, you get to share your success story with others while increasing your exposure on the Internet.

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Robert has created an offer that I seldom see on the Internet. For a measly $9.95 of investment, you can get access to the entire course and the bonus CDs to learn the powerful money making strategies and tips of Robert. And if you aren't satisfied for any reason after signing for the course, you can request for a full refund within 365 days. No questions asked. As you can see you can't lose in this offer, go Ahead and join Robert Allen Internet System Now.