Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Baby Boomers Need Home Jobs More Than Ever

Guest Post by Bruce

The oldest of the Baby Boomer generation are now starting to retire and many are finding they can’t. This is because they haven’t saved enough money as they thought Social Security would be enough to get them though to the end. It turns out that inflation and longer life spans have made it so more money is needed to retire than they ever thought.

There are options for many of these newly retired people and they come in the form of finding income sources online. Alan’s blog does a good job of outlining many of them and the Internet means that a supplemental income can be generated by almost anyone. All it takes is a time commitment and a willingness to learn.

Unfortunately, while this opportunity is available to everyone, this older generation is the least likely to take advantage of it. Not having grown up on computers, the online world is still a mystery to many people who are 60 years and older. This is a shame because that is the very age group that could benefit the most from the opportunities it affords.

Most seniors don’t need a full time income to get by. All they need is an extra $100 to $500 a month and amounts like that are very doable online. Whether it be an additional income from freelance writing jobs, creating Hubpages and adding Adsense to them, or filling out surveys, seniors could be earning that additional money they need right from the comfort of their homes.

Blogging and knowing how to get search engine traffic is another example of something anyone can learn if they put their mind to it. This blog is an example of that and it makes good money in the process. If they don't want to have to rely on the search engines, pay per click marketing is an alternative that many people have made a lot of money doing. Although it does come with some risk, the nice thing is all that is needed is a computer and Internet connection. It seems the possible ways to make money online are vast indeed.

Baby boomers have all the creative and writing abilities to succeed online and yet many of them shy away because of their unfamiliarity and unwillingness to learn anything new. This lack of technical knowledge means they aren't taking part in one of the biggest advances in our lifetimes. This Internet does have its detractors but as a means to do business and make money, it has been a lifesaver for many. It's just too bad that more seniors don't take advantage of it!

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