Thursday, March 18, 2010

More Ads are Adding into the Google AdSense Content Network

I received an email from Google AdSense team yesterday announcing that Google is going to allow Google-certified ad networks to compete with AdWords advertisers to show their ads on the AdSense Content network. I'm sure every AdSense publisher have got this email.

This seems to be a good news to the webmasters and bloggers who use AdSense to make money on their site. The AdSense publishers used to display ads of advertisers from Google AdWords network only, allowing other advertising networks to compete with Google AdWords advertisers for ad exposure could lead to more high paid ads to be shown on the AdSense publishers' site. So the AdSense publishers can earn higher pay per ad click which means higher AdSense earning.

But, anyway this is just a little theory I came up on my mind, not sure this will happen. I'll be monitoring my AdSense account to see if there is any positive impact. But one thing that can be confirmed is that the AdSense publishers will have more ads to shown to their website visitors.

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