Friday, March 26, 2010

Squeeze Page Tutorial – 5 Tips You Can Use Today

Guest Post by Welly Mulia

If you’re marketing your products and services on the Internet, whether it’s a digital or physical product, you need to capture your website visitors’ contact information – specifically their email address (which is what this squeeze page tutorial is all about).

This is very important because there are so many websites today that are competing for the eyeballs of your visitors. If you can’t capture their email address, then chances are they are NOT going to come back to your website again, forever.

You need to create a squeeze page TODAY.

A squeeze page is a very simple website whose ONE AND ONLY purpose is to capture the visitors’ email address by giving them some kind of VALUABLE Freebie. It is different in a blog in the sense that a squeeze page is typically only 1 page long with very little content designed to entice visitors to give their email address.

A blog, on the other hand, typically contains a lot of content spread across hundreds of pages that educate, teach and inform its audience.

Today I’d like to share with you 5 powerful tips that you can use to create a HIGH converting squeeze page:

1. Be Concise

First rule is NOT to beat around the bush and instead get right to the offer you’re making your visitors.

Yes, even though you’re giving away a Freebie (which costs nothing), you STILL need to sell them on taking up your offer.

There are tons of websites offering Freebies – why should they choose your Freebie over others? People are also getting tired of email spam and they’ve become more wary and reluctant to give away their email address.

They have VERY SHORT attention span these days, thanks to the millions of websites that are competing for their attention every minute of every day.

Thus, you should be concise and get to the point FAST.

2. Use Benefits And Curiosity

People want to look for information that benefits them.

What do they get if they sign up for your Freebie? What’s in it for them?

You have to spell out the BENEFITS of what they’re going to get in a CLEAR, STEP-BY-STEP manner so that they understand what they can expect from your Freebie. Assume that your visitors are dumb and need to spoon-feed.

I don’t mean that in a bad way. I want you to think of your visitors that way so that your benefits are CRYSTAL-CLEAR to them.

Also add in elements of CURIOSITY whenever possible to SPICE up your offer to make it more enticing so that they crave for your Freebie even more.

3. Above The Fold

Place your opt-in form (the place where visitors enter their email address) ABOVE THE FOLD to make it stand out and obvious.

Above the fold means the TOP display area on your computer screen without having to scroll down.

We humans read from top to bottom – by placing this opt-in form above the fold, most likely your visitors are NOT going to miss that.

4. BIG Opt-In Form And BIG Subscribe Button

When you place your opt-in form above the fold, you’re already making it (the form) stand out from the other elements on the squeeze page.

However, if you want to FURTHER increase your conversion rate, you should use a BIG opt-in form and a BIG subscribe button too to make your form stand out even more.

5. Use FREE and INSTANT (in caps lock)

As much as I hate to admit it, we humans are GREEDY and IMPATIENT creatures.

You should utilize this knowledge to capitalize your list building efforts. Use the word “FREE” and “INSTANT” in capital letters and if possible, in different fonts and colors as well to make them stand out.

When people see these two words, their eyes will “pop-out” and light with glitter.

Above are 5 tips you can use TODAY to give your squeeze page conversion a boost. Simply knowing these 5 tips is NOT enough; make sure that you USE and IMPLEMENT them to REALLY increase your squeeze page conversion.

As the saying goes “To know and not yet to do, is not yet to know”…

What do you think about the squeeze page tutorial above? Let me know in a comment below…

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