Wednesday, March 10, 2010

4 Steps to Make Money Online Without Spending a Dime?

Guest Post by Jason Mathews

Many people are skeptical when it comes to make money online. They think that there should a huge investment to make money. But in case of online money making that's not true. You can make a lot of money without spending a dime and I will give you the step by step instruction on how to do that.

Step 1
Picking Up The Product

Join an affiliate program. If you are a beginner clickbank will be a good option. Pick a product to promote that gives you more than $20 per sale with a gravity 30-150. Go to google keyword tool and search the product name. It must have some search volume or if the products are new the niche should have a good search volume.

Step 2
Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most important step here. If you fail here, your entire strategy will fail. Don't panic, I will show you exactly how to pick winning keywords every time. Here's what all you should look for a keyword

1. The keyword should have more than 1000 searches on exact match types in Google keyword tool

2. The competing pages for the keyword should be below 30,000. To find the competition go to google and type your keyword in quotes. For example if your keyword is strength training system, search it with quotes, "strength training system" and if the result google gives is less than 30,000 it is not much competitive.

3. Next we have to look at the strength of the top 10 pages on google for the keyword without quotes. This is a crucial step that most newbie internet marketers ignore. If the top ten pages are with authority sites and wikipedia or and if they have optimized for the keyword, ignore it and search for another keyword. If the top ten pages contain ezine articles, web 2.0's like hubpages and squidoo, then go on to the next step.

4. The final step is to analyze the baclinks of the top ten pages. For that go to Yahoo Site Explorer and enter the url of the top pages. As a general guide line average backlinks should be about 100 and there should be pages ranking in top ten with less than 50 backlinks.

If your keywords meet all these four requirements, then you have picked up a winning keyword that can be ranked in the first page of google without much difficulty.

Step 3
Creating The Content

1. Next you have to write a 300-500 words article with the keyword in the title. Also include the keyword in the first sentence, middle and towards the end of the article. Also do not forget to include the url to the products you are promoting in the article!

2. Three places I highly recommend to submit the articles are hubpages, squidoo and articlebase. Google loves these sites and they have a great authority in the eyes of google. So it is very easy to achieve rankings fast. And most importantly for a beginner, these are absolutely free! So submit the article to any one of these sites linking back to your product.

Step 4
Building Backlinks

Building backlinks are the key to top rankings and also the most difficult task. Even some of the articles you created using the above methods can rank highly without any backlinks but some needs quality backlinks to boost the rankings. So here are the methods that I used to build backlinks without much difficulty.

1. Forum Posts - Finding a forum with high pagerank in your niche will be a difficult task at first, but after finding things become easy. All you need is to put the article url in the forum signature with anchor text as your keyword. After that participate in the forum giving relevant posts. Also read the forum rules. Some forums need you to make 10 or 15 posts before including links.

2. Blog Commenting - Search google for "do follow blogs" or "do follow blog directories" and you will end up with a lot of blogs which allows do follow comments, which means that you will get the link juice. Post comment on these blogs with the keyword in the place of name and the article url in the place of website. After the comment approval you will get a valuable backlink

3. Answers - Post relevant answers to the below sites with a link back to your article. Some of my favorites are -

* Yahoo Answers (no follow, but high authority in the eyes of google)

Do not spam these sites. Contribute to the community or else they will make the links do follow and you will lose your valuable backlinks.

4. Articles Submission - These are my least favourite (I'm lazy to write 400 word articles for backlinks) and I will only use them if the sites are not getting top rankings. Some sites I submit the articles are -

* Ezine Articles (You can also use this for your main article, but the disadvantage is that it tooks a long time to approve the articles, about 5-7 days and ezines will only allows one link in the article body, but articlebase allows 3 links in article body and approves within 48 hours)

* Buzzle
* Go Articles

If you complete all these steps, you can achieve a top google ranking and will get lots of traffic and sales without spending a dime on advertising.

Author Bio:
Jason Mathews is a full time internet marketer and loves to make money online with a variety of free traffic strategies like SEO, Article Marketing, Video Marketing etc. He learned most of the techniques from Steve and Tim's Mining Money Online Course.

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