Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Free Webinar: How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing Using Blog

Blog isn't just ideal for generating advertising revenue, it is good for affiliate marketing as well. I know that many bloggers have done well in advertising but not in affiliate marketing.

Successful affiliate marketing through blog can provide you a great source of revenue. So if you are blogging for cash, you certainly want to learn about how to promote affiliate programs on your blog effectively.

Andrew Hansen from will be holding a completely free, content packed Live webinar presentation on how to quickly build your affiliate income using simple blogs and only free traffic methods on this Thursday. Andrew will talk about one hour in the webinar, giving useful information and tips about making money with affiliate marketing through blog. You may also chat with Andrew and ask anything you like after the presentation.

This is a free webinar that worth joining because you can learn a lot about blogging and affiliate marketing. If you like to join, you may go to to register for the event.

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