Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Learn What the Expert is Doing to Earn Money on the Web

Marlon Sanders, an Internet marketing expert has just put together a new e-book that I think you might be interested to read. The content of the e-book actually is the combination of 20 best ezine articles revealing the methods and techniques that Marlon uses to make money online. Here's the quick link to download a copy of Marlon Sanders e-book:


Marlon spends the time to write ezine articles in every saturday over the year. He tried his best to pull what he know about making money online, getting traffic, how to find product, generating sales and so on into the ezine articles. Marlon was therefore written loads of ezines articles in the year and recently he asked his team to go through and pick out the best of 20 of his ezine articles. All these 20 articles were then put together into an e-book called 'Best of Marlon Sanders'.

The e-book is free and you can download it here. Inside is the best information of Marlon showing you how to make money with Internet marketing.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Ways To Succeed in Facebook Marketing

Facebook is said to be a very efficient avenue in online marketing. It is easy to start up with a social networking site like Facebook. After you are aware of the Facebook basics, you can set up your profile on Facebook, you can begin with Facebook marketing. You will need to get your page listed in search results. Further, you can try and improve the traffic into your pages by appropriate techniques.

To improve the traffic into your Facebook page, you will certainly need to promote your pages. You will need to reach your potential customers with things that interest them. If you are selling a product or service, you can use Facebook to promote it better among your customers. You can even provide good offers or discounts to people who claim to be your fans. You can also try and collect their feedbacks on the products or services you are trying to propagate. But, you should be prepared to take in both positive and negative feedback from your customers. Further, these comments can help to find popularize your product or service.

When your customers provide you with feedback, their friends will also be able to view the comments you were provided, and if the comments are positive, they will certainly help to boost your sales. This instance will show how powerful Facebook marketing can be.

Many online marketers will try and gain more fans. But, it is not completely true that more fans can gain you a stronger campaign. Instead, you should be able to engage your fans. You will need to regularly try and converse with them. If you are not able to keep up this communication, your fan page may lack any movement and you may have to part with the fans you have already gained in this website.

You are required to spend a good amount of time on your Facebook site. You will have to have time to read the comments that your fans or customers have provided you with and also visit their pages to comment on them. If you need more fans into your page, you will need to spend enough time on them.

You can find several features in Facebook to interact with your customers. You can poke or send messages to your customers. You can put up videos and images to keep your profile complete to the fullest extend possible.

Further, you can keep your audience in several segments, based on specific characteristics like their age, place of residence, nationality or gender. So, you should be able to communicate with the right segment of people in the right way. You can plan your strategies according to the kind of audience group. So, learn who your audience is and cater to their tastes accordingly.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Writing Guest Content - What, How and Why?

Guest Post by Andy Walton

Last week, I wrote a guest post for this blog Money Maker Info about my site www.wikinut.com and the guest post was published to this blog audience. Writing content for other people has obvious benefits for them, but what are the upsides for you? So just one week on, I thought it would be interesting to assess what I gained from the exercise.

What to write?
This is perhaps the easy bit, so I'll just offer 3 suggestions here:

1) Be original. By this I don't mean some new work of genius, I simply mean don't just cut and paste from another author. It shows little respect for site owners if you try to pass some obviously copied work off as your own.

2) Target your writing. Spend a little time browsing the site to which you are submitting. Get a flavour for the type of content they publish, the topics and styles. Try to tailor your copy to suit the site.

3) Write what you know. Stick to subjects about which you feel knowledgeable and comfortable. This will make the piece easier and quicker to write, and should make your post more readable.

How to submit your post?
Find a contact address on the site, and if possible try to write a personal email to the owner or editor.

Explain the background to your post, what you are offering (free use to publish and modify) and what you expect in return (an author credit, a bio, a link to you site, etc).

Why should you bother?
OK, this is the interesting bit. There are quite a few motives for offering content - ego, self-promotion - but mine was to raise the profile of my new site. Therefore, I wrote a page about how Money Maker Info blog readers could earn money writing content for Wikinut.

Primarily I was looking for exposure. So 7 days later, did I get any? Here are the stats:

1) A search on Google for the (unique) first sentence of my post returns 173 results.

2) This results are spread across dozens of different sites.

3) A Twitter search returns over 20 tweets directly referencing my article - never mind related tweets

4) And without giving away too much, the Make Money Online blog directly sent hundreds of motivated visitors - many of who signed up.

This demonstrates the power of the web - a single post can rapidly spread across the internet via a variety of methods and mediums. Remember, these results are just 7 days old. So why not think about guest writing yourself?

Author Bio:
Andy Walton, co-founder of Wikinut, has over a 10 years experience working for some of the UK's biggest ecommerce businesses. He's now inviting you to join www.wikinut.com, a new publishing platform that pays lifetime royalties for your writing on a massive range of topics."

Friday, December 25, 2009

Make Easy Money Online with This Legitimate Program

The Internet has so many scam programs that are trying to lure you in and take your money. If you find any program claiming that you can participate and make easy money, you probably will avoid it because your gut tell you that this must be another scam.

But what if there is a real program that allows you to make money online easily? You don't want to miss it do you?

Let me introduce you one legitimate program that really work. It is called Treasure Trooper. This is a program paying people to do something easy.

Treasure Trooper has existed on the Internet for over three years. It can't be a scam because if it is, it should have closed down quickly.

Treasure Trooper is basically a free program that anyone can join. As a member of Treasure Trooper, you can earn cash by completing offers. There are hundreds of offers available for you to sign up and complete.

The process of completing an offer begins by going to a website, filling out an online form on the website for signing up or trying a offer and verifying your email address to confirm your sign up. It takes some time but it's something that anyone can do it with a computer equipped with Internet connection.

Many of the offers are free to sign up but there are some offers that require you to provide your credit card information and some charge you a small fee for signing up an offer.

Doing free offers usually will earn you $0.50 to $1.00 per completed offer. For offers that need your credit card information or charge a small fee, you can earn anywhere between few dollars to fifty dollars each time you completed one and get approved.

Completing offers is a way to earn some extra cash monthly. Many members are focusing on this to earn money.

Completing offers is only available for people in US, Canada and UK.

Other Ways to Make Money with Treasure Trooper

Treasure Trooper has a referral program for everyone (US and International members). The referral program rewards members for referring new members to join Treasure Trooper and complete offer. Each time the person that referred by you completed an offer and get approved; you'll earn 20% of what he/she earns.

Also there are fun contests you can find in the forum of Treasure Trooper where you can participate to win some cash.

Reputation of Treasure Trooper

There are many people like Treasure Trooper because it is a fun and safe site that can help them make extra money online. It has now more than 100,000 members. Check payment is sending out to members who reached the minimum payout every month. Here are some proofs:

My latest check received from Treasure Trooper:

The Amount I have earned so far from Treasure Trooper

Interested on the money making opportunities of Treasure Trooper, become a member now and start earning cash by completing offers and referring members.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Top 7 Reasons Why You Fail as an Affiliate Marketer

Guest post by Dante

Why do so many fail if it is supposedly so easy? It is easy isn't it? That is what you will hear from every successful marketer out there who has got past all the real work involved. To give you a good idea of how to overcome failure here are my top 7 reasons affiliate marketers fail to make any money online.

1) You get too anxious. Look I know when you first start out you will run into a sales page describing the easiest way to make money online. Then you feel you must make millions right away no matter what. Then what happens? You find out there is some actual work involved. Of course there is hard work involved, it is a business just like any other type.

2) The benefits get lost in translation. Now affiliate marketing probably is unanimously voted as the best way to make money online among all internet marketers. There are some great benefits you will find in practically no other job like working when you want, working from home, and no phone calling. But with benefits like that you know there will be some catch and that catch is the hard work of setting up campaigns and sites to presell your potential customers.

3) The term "lazy affiliate" is quite popular. When other successful affiliates talk about how they make money by doing nothing all day it gives other affiliates the impression that they can be lazy and the money will start to flow into their bank account. Do not have this haapen to you. For some affiliates they can be lazy but only because they set everything up on AUTOPILOT and that is the trick to becoming a lazy affiliate.

4) You are still looking for the "right" system. There is no secret system. Get it through your head! Quit searching all over the warrior forum or new clickbank products that have these claims. They all relate to the same exact approach and that is, you guessed it, working hard and applying what you know until you see results.

5) Affiliates are trying to be a "jack of all trades". I am sure you have heard the saying, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket.". When you are starting out you should stick to one strategy at a time until you get it right and start seeing profit. Then you can move on to something else. What many affiliates do is start off the cheap way since they are on a budget and set up affiliate sites. Then they go for something that costs money but not that much work involved like setting up PPC campaigns on google adwords.

6) You work hard and not smart. Quit going at affiliate marketing blindly and start learning what works from the successful affiliates. There are some excellent affiliate programs out there that will go into great detail about what it is you need to do. There are some that are really worth it but you should not give up and try a different system until you make that first one work. Get educated and save yourself time and energy.

7) The downers got to you. You know those people that will say that anything associated to making money online is a big scam? They can easily kill any dream you have to make a full time income from home. You know it is possible. So do yourself a favor and shut your mouth about your affiliate business so they cannot bring you down. Work hard and then once you succeed they will be shining your shoes.

Author Bio:
I could go on all day. But all this can be summed up in a few words. Work hard and develop your own affiliate marketing strategy that works. Make money online and once all the learning and hard work has been done you will feel very good and hopefully be richer.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How to Invest in the Right Web Business

Have you chosen to open a business on the internet? Where would you start? If you stay online for long periods then there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't open a business on the internet. There are many resources available on the web that can benefit you. There are a lot of companies which are willing to work for you if you join them. Here are 5 ideas that will help you save time and money while starting your business.

1. You need to decide the amount of time you are going to spend on the business. Honestly, there are a large number of home based business owners that do not succeed as they do not want to put any time into it. If you have a day job and want to open an internet business at the same time, you should determine the amount of time you have to spend on the business. As soon as you decide the time you have make sure to give the business that much time regularly. Treat this business like any other business that you might take up.

2. You should decide on a particular business. Even if you're planning to sell your own products, you should consider joining another company so that you can build a little additional income by selling their products as well. Having a good mix of your own products & others products is healthy for your business. You cannot succeed in any business if you do not have fun doing it. The more fun you have, the more successful you will be. You can very easily earn a little extra money from this business or maybe a substantial income too. The main reason why businesses are so popular on the internet is because of the ease with which you can contact people.

3. Ensure that you have a designated work area prior to starting up your business. Be sure that you have a home based office set up. Get yourself an up to date computer and a high speed internet connection so that you will not face any problems with uploads as well as downloads. Also, you should get yourself a desk chair that is very comfortable and has sufficient support for your arms and back. Get yourself a mouse and keyboard which you feel comfortable with and ensure that you are surrounded by an organized environment when you get down to work. This helps you think a lot better.

4. How to invest. Before you start investing, you should be certain that this is the best business for you. If you are selling products that are not your own, you may be asked initially to invest some money in order to build up an inventory. You do need some money to start up any business but you should be sure that you have chosen the right one. You should set a budget so that your business does not start demanding too much of you. Never exceed this budget.

5. Use all skills and talents that are at your disposal. Perhaps you can design elaborate websites, or promote your website well. Use all your skills to ensure that your home business takes off and you never have to look back.

Thus investing in the right business is a wise thing, if you want to survive for a long time.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Five Efficient Tips on Facebook Marketing

As you may be aware of, Facebook is one of the most popular website focusing on social networking. It serves as one of the avenues that online marketing people make use of to produce their leads. Facebook serves as a tool that you can make use of to connect to various hierarchies in the online society. The tool provides you with different features like the Facebook Wall to express yourself. You can upload your image and keep in touch with other through Pokes. Through networking, Facebook marketing allows the online marketers to find interesting leads.

Facebook is one of the websites having a lot of traffic into it. You should be prepared to manage the traffic that you obtain through Facebook marketing. Facebook is a very powerful tool in internet marketing. Here are some tips for effective Facebook marketing.

You will need to create a profile for yourself, to be able to begin a Facebook social network. Similarly, you will be able to add only people who have a profile in it. Others may not be able to add you if you do not hold a profile. Similarly, your profile should be a complete one, to be able to attract others’ interest. Also, do not use nick names or company name; try and give your own name in your profile.

Next, you can try and host an event. Then, you can post it up in news feeds of the site. If the news you have posted is of interest to others, you will start gaining interest of others in your network. Further, you will be able to boost your service or your product. You may even gain new visitors if people in your network recommend you to others.

You can now try to let others know of your lifestyle, like what you do and how you operate. Further, you will definitely need to invite your friends into your network, as this will help you to promote your business through them.

You can post articles that focus on news in your Facebook site. For instance, if you are trying to market a product or a service, you can post the latest news regarding it in your site. But, the article you post should be strong in knowledge and information. If your article is knowledgeable, it is sure to attract a good amount of targeted traffic into your site. People who visit your site in this way will be interested in your products and services also.

Further, you can identify others who deal with almost same business as yours, and you can post comments on their area of the network. This will certainly help you to build stronger rapport in your network, and the number of your visitors will increase tremendously.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Internet Marketing Tools that Make Money for You

Internet marketing is a good way make a living online. Through Internet marketing, you can promote affiliate products, sell freelance service or market your website; and in return you can make even more money than you make from your job. But Internet marketing has more competition so you need to be more creative and hardworking.

There are various tools for Internet marketing. These are the tools that can help you market your products successfully. Below are some of the Internet marketing tools available today:

Blog is one of the powerful Internet marketing tools that most of the online marketers are suggesting these days. Blogging will not cost you anything and it can potentially generate targeted traffic to your page for long term. Starting a blog is free using the blogging platforms like Blogger and Wordpress. Then you can introduce yourself, let other know what you are doing and start posting useful and interesting content that your targeted prospects are interest on. Keep updating your blog with good content to build traffic and creditability.

Once you have blogging for some time, your readers and visitors would have known you and you may then write blog posts about your products or write reviews on the affiliate products that you want to promote to your blog visitors.

Articles are another great way to get exposure for anything that you want to market online. The process of using articles to market your online business isn't complicated. You start by writing informative articles or 'how to' articles that are relevant to your product or business, include your website link in author bio of each of your articles and submit them to online publishing websites.

Your articles mustn't be written like sale pitches because the online publishing websites and article directories will not accept them. Make your articles easy to read, straight to the point and give some value to the readers. This will make the readers interested to click on your website link to find out more good information from you or know about your offer once they have finished reading your article.

Whatever product or service you are trying to sell online, there will be forums that are discussing topics related to what you are offering. The forums might not talk about products but what they are discussing and posting have a relation to what you are selling. For instance, say you are promoting online games and they are forums that discuss about how to play online games, the strategies they can use and so on. These forums certainly related to your products. The members of the forums are your potential customers. The question is how to direct these potential customers your site to buy your game products?

Participation is the answer. Joining and participating discussion in the related forums will enable you to establish an image in the forum communities. The key to building a good image in the communities is to contribute useful and valuable information that the members are looking for. Always be helpful in the forums and sharing good tips will gradually build up your name.

Add your website links in the signature line. Since you are providing valuable information frequently in the communities, the members who read you messages will see your link in your signature and probably follow your link to check out what you are offering or to get more useful information from you. So another free targeted traffic source to your business website.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Write Content, Earn Royalties on Wikinut

Guest post by Andy Walton

Ever written a review of your hotel for Tripadvisor? Or perhaps your thoughts on your new TV for epinions? Maybe you spend hours on twitter and facebook... basically, do you find yourself writing content but not getting paid for doing so?

Well, now your inner writer can find an outlet. Wikinut is new site that accepts writing on a massive range of topics, and pays you a share of any advertising your pages directly generate. You can sign up for free, and write guides, reviews, tips, recipes... pretty much anything you like.

We'll then publish your work to a worldwide audience and put targeted adverts onto your pages. Anybody that reads your content will then be tracked by our system, and you'll receive a share of the advertising revenue. You'll also be able to check how often your pages are read using our simple but in-depth stats, receive reader feedback and comments and earn Nutpoints as a member of our ever-growing Wikinut community.

We pay out to anybody with a PayPal account, which are free and easy to setup. Plus it means you don't need to give us any private or secure information, all we need is your PayPal email address. We take care of any transaction costs, so you'll receive your full share of royalties.

And as well as earning money by writing, yuo can invite other people to join Wikinut. You'll receive a share for life of any advert revenue your referred friends generate - so you can even make money without writing a word!

Once you become an experienced author, we may invite you to become a moderator. This means you'll get to review other the pages of other users before they are published. For every page you moderate, yes you guessed it, you'll receive a share of the advert revenue.

That's 3 different ways to earn... so stop making other people rich, and get a share of the online goldrush yourself. Get Wikinutting today!

Author Bio:
Andy Walton, co-founder of Wikinut, invites you to join our growing community on www.wikinut.com where you can write content about any topic, and earn advertising royalties.

How to Create Additional Income Stream through a Newsletter?

Guest Post by Anil Gupta

Did you know that you can also earn money online from newsletters which you send to your readers? If you have readers who follow your blog with great interest then you could even get them to sign up for your newsletter.

Most pro-bloggers on the internet gain additional revenue from newsletters. However, many bloggers have a question on how to attract readers to sign up for newsletters.

What are the Advantages of having a newsletter?

Having a newsletter is a great way to have readers keep returning to your blog. This will also create a sense of community which all bloggers should try to achieve. The main benefit of a newsletter is that it allows the webmaster to create an additional revenue stream apart from his main blog. Newsletters are becoming very important to propel the overall growth of a blog after a certain stage.

How to get readers to sign up for Newsletters?

The best way to lure your readers to subscribe to your newsletters is by offering them extra content which they will not find usually in your blog. That content should be useful and unique. So when your readers see that there is more content which is only accessible when you subscribe then they sign up for it. This is possible provided you provide good content. If the content in your blog are useful then chances are readers will know that your newsletter will be even more useful. Basically, newsletter

How to make money from Newsletter?

There are various ways to make money from a newsletter. The conventional ways to make money such as Adsense ads etc. are not possible to implement in newsletters. But there are more effective ways to monetize newsletters:

Direct Advertisement Space: If you have a nice number of readerships then you can opt for showing direct ads and sponsored links on your newsletter. This will be a far better paying than a Pay-Per-Click campaign.

Sell your Merchandise: If you have anything to sell relevant to the niche of your blog then you can use your newsletter to market your products.

Affiliate Marketing: This another lucrative way to make money from newsletters as you will be able to promote content to a more trusting audience therefore your chances of sale increase. However, be careful not to overdo it as this may harm your readership count and may cause them to unsubscribe.

Eventually, once you create a brand for your blog you can switch over to the paid version of newsletters but that is at a higher level.

It is worth considering this different stream of making money online. Have you tried providing newsletters on your blog, if so how successful were you to generate revenue from it? You can drop down the answers below.

Author Bio:
Subscribe to ScopeForMoney Newsletter to add more income streams to your business and to learn lots of ways to earn money online at home started by Anil Gupta

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why Blogging?

Why start a blog? If you haven't noticed, blogs have taken the internet by storm. Bloggers are being created by the thousands each and every day. It's a fantastic way to interact with people about information, ideas, and opinions. It can be personal and intriguing.

Blog is the internet version for the term 'web log'. From opinions to random thoughts, it's a way to share information with the whole internet online world. Some blogs are general in nature, while others are specifically targeted to certain topics and readers. They can be used for advertising. You can promote products, services, or affiliate programs. They can be very lucrative when done correctly.

The power of the blog has been recognized by big companies. Anyone with a website of any kind can benefit from starting their own blog. There are many reasons for this power, and some of them are here:

Blogs enable you to stay in touch with your readers or subscribers. It keeps the lines of communication open for feedback and new ideas. It helps you to build a relationship of trust between you and your readers, so that they value the information you have, and will buy the products you push.

They're interactive, allowing your customers and readers to take an active role in the conversation. Other people can be a great source of insight into the theme of your blog. You should always try to have interesting and fresh information for your readers to take in so they'll continue to keep stopping by to visit your blog.

Blogs are also very simple in their make-up. You don't have to know any technical computer stuff to throw up and maintain a blog. The templates and editors are basically very simple and easy to use for the average person.

Another good benefit of a blog, is that you have total control over it. You can use it for reviews, or for information articles, or to push some product or service. Whatever your need is, a blog can supply you with a powerful way to reach many people.

When it comes to the search engines, they love blogs. They eat them up. A blog is one of the best ways to get high rankings in the search engines. If you update your content regularly, you'll find that the search engines pick you up much better than if you're slack on fresh content.

As far as advertising, blogs are one of the best ways proven for advertising most anything. If you have a lot of followers, and they find out about your product, then it won't be long before all the people they know are also in the know about it. And it snowballs from there. This is extremely powerful for selling. Blogging can be a very lucrative occupation, and many have quit their regular jobs to blog full time. So give it a shot, who knows, you may do very well.

Some Updates on MoneyMakerInfo.BlogSpot.com

I have been getting emails from web publishers and bloggers regularly asking for link exchange. Sorry, I was actually stopped doing link exchange for this blog for some time. The reason I'm not doing link exchange anymore is that I want to stop the increase of outbound links on this blog. As you can find in this blog, there were already a lot of outbound links on the sidebars and footers of the homepage. I'm getting worry if the increase of outbound links will against Google webmaster guideline. So, I'm not adding anymore outbound links.

If you want to get a link from my blog, I have a better arrangement for you. I was all the while accepting guest posts. The authors who published guest post on my blog will get two permanent anchor text links to their site and also gain targeted traffic. So, you may consider publishing a guest post on this blog. I prefer informative guest posts that are helpful to my visitors and readers. If you want to submit a post, visit the below link to get the full details about how to submit a guest post:


Another thing is that the recent update and change of Google have increased the traffic of http://moneymakerinfo.blogspot.com. My stat counter, Site Meter show that the daily unique visitors have gone up to about 1,800. That was about 28% increase from the average 1,400 daily unique visitors I used to get. I thank Google a lot.

The advertisers who have advertised or renewed an ad on this blog might have received a satisfying amount of targeted traffic. If you are an advertiser of this blog, hope you have enjoying getting the targeted traffic of this blog.

The 28% increase of targeted traffic to this blog doesn't come easy. For the past couple of months, I have worked hard on link building for this blog. And also I spent time on content creation. Like the recent long article (over 3,500 words) titled 'The Top Ten Free Ways to Get Money Online' which has published on this blog, I took days of time to research and write this article with the goal to provide really useful information to the visitors, searchers and readers of this blog so that they can start making money on the Internet. I'm thinking to write a few more long articles like this in future.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Set Goals to Help Make Money Online

Guest Post by Joe Land

Goals are an important part of a person's life. They help manage a persons dreams and make them sound more achievable in a way. Goals are the groundwork to success in my opinion because they are easy to make and can push a person to his/her limit in life. Now how does it relate to making money online? Well, there are many people who want to make some extra cash online. The problem is they have no idea where to start and what to expect. They are clueless and will probably get scammed unless they research and set goals for themselves.

Keep it simple

When it comes to setting goals in order to make money online, start out simple especially if you are new to the industry. Maybe your goal is to make $50.00 a month at the start; maybe it is to start a blog. Whatever it is make sure you do research and find out whats best for you. Don’t start out for example by trying to $10,000 a month. You will most definitely get scammed by someone. The I’m telling you to keep it simple at the start, is so that you can ease into the system. Once you gain some experience then your goals can get more lofty.

Achieving Your Goals

It doesn’t do any good to set goals that you are not willing to achieve. That is why I said to start out easy. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Making money online takes a lot of work. You will not be successful in making money if you do not put in the effort. Its that simple. Another important thing to know about setting goals is to limit the number of them. Only have 2-4 goals at once. That way it is a lot easy for you to manage them.

Example of Money Making Goals

Here are some examples of realistic goals that you might want to consider when first starting out on your quest of making money online.

1) Sign up with three paid survey sites.

2) Make $20.00 in the first month of working online.

3) Stay away from obvious scams.

Remember that goals are just a way to layout your overall plan of making money online. Don’t set goals just to set them. Really concentrate on achieving your goals and you will succeed in making money online.

Author Bio:
Joe Land has a blog about that helps beginners make money online. It has lots of great advice and tips. Joe’s favorite site to make money online is CashCrate.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Increase Conversion Rate With Keyword Research Software

Every Internet marketer knows the importance of using the right keywords for their marketing campaign. In fact, keyword research needs to be your top priority once you have decided the product that you are selling online.

There are plenty of keyword research software available online, so how do you decide which one is the right one for you? First of all, you have to be honest with yourself and use the software that suits your expertise level because every keyword research software have their unique features that differentiate it from the rest of the tools out there.

The next point that you need to consider will be the price that you have to pay in order to acquire the software for your usage. Some of the keyword software will require you to pay a certain price on monthly basis, while some of them will only require you to make a one time payment for the keyword tool that you purchase from them. Whatever your decision is, you need to start using keyword research tool because you’re putting money on the table if you don’t use it to discover new niches.

If keyword research and PPC campaign management is something that you are doing on daily basis, then you can consider getting the keyword research software with recurring monthly fee. But if you are only starting and need something that can help you analyze your keyword competition and new niches, then you should just get the software that only require you to pay once.

Keyword research software is an excellent tool that every online marketer that uses article marketing strategy and PPC advertising to promote their products and services because it will help you to find out the monthly searches and the competition that any keywords have on the search engines.

You can do it yourself by not relying on keyword research software but it will take you more time to do your keyword research. We all know that time is a very valuable asset that is extremely precious and shouldn’t be wasted on mundane task. I call it mundane task because keyword research is actually very simple but most people decide to spend several hours on it and decide to do nothing with the research that they have done.

The more advanced keyword research software will help you to find the number of monthly and daily searches that every keyword have and also the number of real competition that you have for the keyword that you are using.

You will need to think outside of the box and be creative with the set of keywords that you have gathered. This will make your potential customers to feel more ready to spend money on the products and services that you are promoting.

Learn how to do performance testing and compare the conversion rate that each keyword term brought for you. This way you can identify which keywords to use and which one to ditch. This step will maximize your return on investment because some keywords might not bring the conversion that you desire resulting more money being spent on PPC campaign and also more content creation.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Some Tips for Making Money Online with Your Website

Guest Post by Anil Gupta

Do you also dream to have million dollars in your vaults? The opportunities available on internet are tremendous in number. Although the opportunities are vast but beware of the swindles. It has been seen that internet business make money online gimmicks are floating all around the web wherein many of them are fraud artists promoting their packages, which does not help you, make millions online but lose plenty of cash. Things are not as easy as scammers present them to you; you need to be extra vigilant in doing business online. It is internet that has made it possible for ordinary people to reach their million-dollar dream. You have to apply the right business building tactics and move forward systematically.

Ways to make money even without a website are online surveys, selling on eBay, writing, surfing the internet and reading email. While examples of opportunities to make money with a website are putting advertisement on one's site, blogging and affiliate marketing.

Following are the tips making money online with your website:

1. There is hardly any difference in online business concepts and other business concepts. The concept is to reach a well-researched idea and then pour in your time, energy, dedication and efforts for its success. For some people making money via internet is making money for nothing; which is completely disagreeable for it provides one of the most amazing business opportunities for zero cost, low risk and high reward business.

2. Never waste your precious time and money in search of software programs in order to make money. No secret tools exist that online marketers use to build internet business and most of them never even use these programs.

3. Research is very important from the initial stage itself, i.e., when you begin with your website. Many ideas that have worked for others may not work for you and many that have turned out as failures may do wonders for you. Only research and study can simplify this search. Try to locate ideas that are not yet saturated and are high in demand.

4. Stress on what you already know before following anybody else’s concepts. Exploit your skills, knowledge, experience and education for successful business make money online opportunities.

5. Making money online is about how perfectly can you make use of your personal skills and solve problems that may be small or big.

6. While marketing the internet business make sure that you obey the rules. Do not use software to trick the search engines and follow all the webmaster guidelines set by search engines.

7. A website requires good amount of fresh content all the time. People love the pages where they find full information. Therefore, the only way to keep visitors on your site is the content that delivers all their wants.

8. Do not spend hours in searching for links. Take out little time everyday for link building but do not be trapped in the link craze.

9. It takes at least three months to see kind of results. This implies that your site should have loads of content to keep it sustained for three months. Later, go around and hunt for links for each of your page.

Following the above steps will surely bring results for all those seeking online money making opportunities.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Will your Blogging Idea Make you Money Today?

It is no longer enough just to have a great idea for a blogging web site. It can and will be hard to tell the difference between yours and all the other blogging sites on the web today. The secret is to find your own specialization, and roll with it. No matter if you are starting out, or improving your current blogging site, if you wish to grab a hold of and maintain a grip on the blogging community, you must use your own special appeal to your advantage.

This still leaves plenty to do though. Simply finding your specialty is only the beginning. You must be able to fill a unique need with it, if you wish to develop a lasting relationship with internet bloggers and surfers.

All successful blogging sites have started with a great idea, and yours is no exception. Nowadays, there are countless sites aimed at this market, and the competition growing between them is epic. If you wish to stand out from the rest, you have two choices. You can do the same thing an already popular site is doing – and do it better, or you will have to offer something that no other site has.

Take a look at sites that already have a following, and see if you can incorporate any of their fundamentals into your own idea, while adding your own genius and elegance to your project to make it unique. You can also set up AdSense on your site, which is easy and takes less than an hour.

Most people agree that in the World Wide Web economy, the sites that stand out and do the best are the ones with the most personality. The surfers who utilize the blogging community have been shown to respond strongly to this as well, and you need to take a look at how you can give your site a strong magnetism and traits to make it stand out as a reflection of your own persona when considering its content and development.

So once you’ve implemented your great idea, have narrowed down your specialty traits and added your own identity and charisma, the next step is to generate the buzz and get the word out. Just having the grand idea isn’t enough. You must come up with an intelligent and realistic approach to market it and bring traffic to target readers. With the other qualities in place, your content will keep them coming back, but it is crucial that their first visit will make a lasting impression, and their own style recognizes the charm of your site as appealing, so that it stands out among the rest.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

AdSense Tips from Google AdSense Specialists

Google AdSense can be a powerful money maker for you if you like it and believe on it. For a new web publisher or blogger, Google AdSense can be the easiest ways for them to start generating revenue from their sites. This is a motivation to them and will give them a taste of making money online.

If AdSense is a money making program that works for you, then I'm sure you are always interested to learn how to improve your AdSense performance. A good way to learn how to use AdSense effectively is through the webinar run by the Google AdSense specialists and experts.

From time to time the the AdSense specialists and experts of Google run a series of webinar focusing on topics like AdSense optimization, increasing your AdSense revenue and taking advantages of new features. These are helpful webinars you can participate for free. Not just you'll learn the optimization techniques that will increase your AdSense revenue but also you can ask questions live to the AdSense specialists through instant messaging.

If you like to sign up for the series of AdSense webinar, here's the link to join:

AdSense Webinar Schedule

There are also previous AdSense webinars that have been recorded. You can watch them anytime.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Get the Top Selling Affiliate Marketing Course for Free

Last week I wrote about the $1 offer of Chris Carpenter's Google Cash Course, now you can get the course at no charge. Chris has just yesterday decided to give out his Google Cash Course totally free to fight the scam programs that used the similar name, 'Google Cash'.

The Google Cash Course was originally released by Chris Carpenter. Chris began by putting up his course for sale on Clickbank in year 2003. In just after the first week listing on Clickbank e-book marketplace, the Google Cash course turned out to be the best seller in the 'Money and Employment' category of Clickbank. The course then became the best seller for the next two years and people who are in affiliate marketing know the name of Chris Carpenter.

But in years 2008 and 2009, there are more and more scam programs showing up on the Internet using the similar name like Google Cash Kit, Google Cash Success Kit, Google Pro kit, and many more.

All these scam programs work the same way. They claim to offer a start-up kit that will guide you to start making good money with Google. Visitors who sign up for these kits will need to enter their credit card details and get charged a $2.95 (or a little more) shipping fee. The program will then send the kit to the visitors who signed up.

But many people have complained that they didn't receive the kit and get charged an expensive monthly fee of $60 to $80 that they have no idea what is it for after 7 days of sign up. Then you'll find it hard to cancel and getting refund of the expensive charge seems not possible.

These programs have been widely promoted to millions of people. So, be careful when you are searching for information about how to make money online. You could be presented with one of these programs and become another victim. If you like to know about these scam programs, you can read a previous post that I wrote about the Google Pro Kit Scam.

Anyway, what Chris offers is totally different from these scams. Chris's Google Cash Course is a step-by-step course teaching you how to start making money online using Google AdWords and affiliate programs. The course contains a lot of useful information and you get the chance to learn the successful methods that Chris has used to make a living online.

Google Cash Course used to sell at Clickbank for a price of $67 with 45 days money back guarantee. So, if you don't like it for any reason after purchase, you can request for a full refund. Certainly no way it is a scam.

OK now, since Chris wants to clear his name and fight the scam, he is giving out his Google Cash course for free. If you want to start making money from affiliate marketing but don’t know where to begin, this is the course for you.

Grab a Free Copy of Google Cash Now

Monday, December 7, 2009

Creating Money Making Affiliate Website Using Easy Website Builder

Guest Post by Paul Vrieling

If you want to make money online, then you have a few different ways to do it. One of the most popular ways is by using affiliate marketing. You find a good product to promote, get your links for tracking your sales and make a website. You drive traffic to the website and for every sale you make, you get paid. Sounds pretty easy, right?

Well, actually it's pretty hard! There is a lot of competition out there in the affiliate marketing world. You need an advantage to get your sites ranking high. Another major roadblock for most people is the fact that you have to make a website to make money this way. You can't just take your link and market that! That is not a good long term strategy and Adwords will take your ad of sooner or later if you use this method.

So, most people turn to Wordpress to make affiliate marketing websites. Wordpress has lots of cool features and plug ins, so if you are a technical genius - go for it! One of the hardest parts is creating a data base. Most newbies don't understand how to do this.

Well, thankfully one internet marketer finally came out with a better way. It's an affiliate marketing website builder that is super easy to use and has many of the same features marketers love with wordpress! You can create affiliate review sites in just minutes...Here's how.

1. Open up your favorite FTP program (Filezilla is mine, it's free)

2. Connect with your host on your domain name (this is very easy and they have directions)

3. Upload a file folder to your domain

4. Log into ---> YourDomainNameHere(dot)com/admin.php

5. You are DONE!

That's it! You just enter your domain name into your browser and add the admin.php part. You enter you user name and password and you are in the editor. You are now able to change titles, descriptions, add tracking codes, content, articles and more!

Much easier than using Wordpress with many of the same great features, such as:

1. Easy What you see is what you get editor and html mode for advanced users as well

2. Ability to update site and add content very easily

3. Automatically creates RSS feeds and a SITEMAP for you websites! This is great for SEO...

4. Automatically PINGS whatever sites you want every time you add new content! Hello Google!

5. Visitors to your sites can leave comments and rate the products you are promoting (you allow the ones you want to appear) creating an internet "buzz" about your products and boosting sales!

6. These sites were created to sell products and they work!

I was lucky enough to beta test the affiliate genie and I absolutely love it. I immediately built a website for a product launch that already went live. My review site was indexed in 2 hours and I was number one in Google within 2 days. There is proof if you click my link below...

Author Bio:
Affiliate Genie makes wonderful looking affiliate marketing websites that are designed to sell products. It is very easy to use and the sites are fully SEO optimized to get you traffic. For affiliates who can't wrap their heads around Wordpress or more experienced marketers who want to crank out powerful websites fast, it is your best bet for a professional looking website.

If you would like to learn more about the affiliate genie and see the proof of my website rankings after just a couple days using this product, then check out this link affiliate genie reviews or affiliate genie. One of the bonuses you'll get when you order from my site is a step by step guide of everything I do on a product launch to get my site to #1! Great info for people who want to make serious money online.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Choosing the Right Blogging Platform

So you’ve decided that blogging is for you to make money online. Now, one of the things you need to choose is which blogging platform to use. Selecting the right one will make your blogging days easy. Choose the wrong one, and you could end up never enjoying blogging again.

A blogging platform is a program designed to help you in managing your blog. From the first steps of creation, all the way to adding, editing and deleting posts, as well as approving or deleting comments. In addition to these common tasks, your platform may be able to enhance your blog with other elements as well. Therefore, it is important to spend time experimenting with different types available to see which platform is right for you.

Of course you want a user friendly blogging platform that allows you to customize your blog to make it unique. Don’t expect it to just fall right into your lap though, part of this process is to see which one suits you and your needs most ideally. Spend some time feeling them out and testing them before settling with your favorite choice.

When searching for the right one, it will help to know what you are looking for. Do you want one that is simple to use with less features perhaps, or perhaps a highly customizable one that adds features and enhancements is more for you.

One such platform, Moveable Type, is a highly customizable platform, but may be a poor choice if you do not have HTML or Javascript experience. If you are comfortable with code and computer languages or you are an experienced web master, this may be the choice for you.

Conversely, if you are not so technically savvy, an automated platform such as WordPress and Blogger may be your best route to success. If you don’t mind using templates, or are a new blogger, WordPress and Blogger offer an extremely user-friendly alternative for those without skills in coding.

You can’t get an accurate depiction of the best blogging platform out there though. You will have different needs and ideas for your blog than the next blogger. While you may find MoveableType the most appropriate choice, your best friend may find another program more rewarding and therefore, the best.

Also, don’t forget that blogging is as individual as personalities are, and there is no software that will satisfy each individual’s needs. There are many available, and this is because the developers are as individual as the bloggers, and create programs suited for many styles and aptitudes, including your own.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

With Your WordPress Blog Start Making Money Today

Guest post by Andrew Rondeau

Have you heard of the thousands of bloggers out there earning over $1,000 per day? The online wealth flame is most certainly still alive, and with blogs set to transform the journalism and publishing industry, there's big money to be made with a well designed, highly targeted blog. No matter what subject you write about, there are thousands of people out there who are interested in your opinion, and are dying to hear what you've got to say.

So don't waste time with failed money making schemes. Focus on what's proven to bring in cash: blogging. With a simple Wordpress blog, you can establish your own online presence and create a scalable online income. While there are hundreds of ways to make money with a Wordpress blog, these four are our favorites:

#1: Use Google Adsense to generate blogging income

Advertising is the oldest and most stable form of online income, with hundreds of thousands of bloggers turning to Google's Adsense program to generate revenue from their blogs. Thanks to an extremely user-friendly interface, even an absolute beginner blogger can see results from their Adsense ad blocks, provided they've got a large enough audience to go with them. Focus on establishing readers and subscribers, then incorporate advertisements into your blog for maximum clicks and interest. Revenue might start out small, but with a large enough audience it will quickly snowball into something bigger.

#2: Sell your services using your blog

Are you a graphic designer or web developer? If you're a popular blogger, you've got an instant audience to advertise your services to. Even a simple Wordpress blog is enough to advertise your business on, and with a dedicated and targeted audience, you could see passive subcribers turn into active, paying customers. This strategy works best when your blog is focused on the industry you operate in. While any advertising is worth it, you'll get best results from advertising design services on your design blog, coding on your programming blog, and so on.

#3: Use affiliate programs to generate income

Affiliate programs are effectively online commission sales jobs. When a reader clicks through to an affiliate ad, they're taken to an online store, where you receive a portion of every sale made. This is a great way to monetize a blog that's product based, rather than industry based. Focus on driving leads to products that they're interested in, and use your blog to promote products that you know will sell.

#4: Add sponsored blog posts for extra income

If you've got a wide audience, companies would love to have you personally advertise their products. Banner advertisements can only do so much, and in an interconnected world it's best to have influential people do your selling. One way of generating blogging income is to use sponsored posts, which are essentially a sales pitch wrapped up in a blog post. Sometimes, companies will approach you with an idea for a sponsored post. On other occasions, you can custom design one yourself using affiliate links and a product you know your audience will love.

Don’t get me wrong, doing all of the above is not going to make you $1000 a day within weeks or months. Blogging is hard work and takes a lot of commitment and persistence. But you do have to start somewhere.

How do you make your money blogging? Share you views in the comments below.

Author bio:

Andrew Rondeau is the author of the free guide 'Build Your Own Profitable Blog in 45 Minutes'. Grab your complimentary copy at http://www.webuildyourblog.com today and start making a blog income.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Right Way to Make Money on the Internet

A lot of people always seem to wonder if making money online is actually possible. Well the answer to this question may actually amaze these people because yes, it is possible. If you do it correctly you will be to obtain this wealth successfully. However, you need to be aware that although you can make money online, but it will not happen overnight.

If you are willing to put forth a constant effort into your internet business then you stand to begin to see a profit of may be a few hundred dollars within one month after opening. To you this may not sound like a lot but you need to realize it’s not so much the profits that you begin to see but the effort that you put into the project is beginning to pay off. The few hundred dollars can quickly turn into thousands in just a few months if you continue to keep those efforts up.

How quickly you are able to make a profit on the internet will actually be based on a few different factors. One of the first of these was being having a business model which you have the ability to choose from. There are a wide range of possibilities of how you can make money online. The choice is yours and the doors are wide open.

Next you are going to want to make sure that you have tools as well as the resources available. These are the two most important things that you will need to obtain your overall success. If you do not have prior knowledge about how to make money you are going to need seek the aide of professionals in the field.

You may also want to consider looking for people that have already been quite successful in the internet business world to guide you. You need to also be sure that you are taking all the proper action that is required to get your feet off the ground.

All of these are great ways to help you get your feet in the door when it comes to the world of making money online. You need to be sure that you are following a few easy steps to set yourself on the path to success. The more effort that you put forward in effort and the more knowledge that you are able to put to use the more profits that you are going to see. Begin your search on making money online today.

Get the Clickbank Best Selling Affiliate Marketing Course Almost Free

As you have known affiliate marketing is an online money making method that many people are suggesting right now. You probably have got interested to try doing affiliate marketing. To begin in affiliate marketing, you'll need to first learn about how the entire process works and what are the effective strategies to generate income with affiliate marketing.

There are many articles and blog posts talking about this topic, but you might find the info and tips in these articles weren't enough because it's impossible for an article or a blog post to cover all aspects of affiliate marketing.

You must know specifically and exactly how to do it if you want to make real money from affiliate marketing. And you want to learn from someone who is an expert at this industry. So who is expert in this industry? Chris Carpender is one of the guys I recommend.

Chris has been earning over $10,000 monthly from affiliate marketing for the past 6 years. His e-book 'Google Cash' was once a best seller in Clickbank. From time to time Chris updates his Google Cash e-book with latest info. The latest version of his course is Google Cash 4 which was released on the beginning of this year.

If you want to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing, I highly recommend you sign up for the Google Cash 4 course at:


The Google Cash 4 has been transformed into a video course with solid content and up-to-dated affiliate marketing information. It shows exactly how everyone can start making money from affiliate marketing.

And Chris has included two bonuses as well which are:

The No Money System course - It is also a video affiliate marketing course. The course is focusing on the different free techniques that you can used to market your affiliate programs and earn commission.

Google Cash Detective - This is a cutting edge affiliate marketing software tool. It was actually cost over one thousand dollars to get access to this tool when it just released. What the tool does is it finds profitable Google AdWords campaigns of other people for you so you can clone the ad campaigns and make money. It's a powerful tool that can help you generate affiliate sales and commission.

So how much these affiliate marketing home study courses will cost you?

Chris can easily charge for this entire package for $97. But, no the package isn't costing $97. It's not $67, $47 not even $5.

The entire package is just $1. Yes for just $1 you’ll learn everything about how to start making real money with affiliate marketing from the affiliate expert, Chris Carpender. I'm sure you'll find learning interesting because everything is shown in video.

Get a copy of Google Cash 4 and the bonuses now

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Make a Blog Income Starting Today

Guest Post by Andrew Rondeau

Every day, thousands of people make a blog and take their first steps into blogging. While some end generating a large readership and eventually some blogging income, the vast majority of bloggers fail to amass even a single reader, and most don't make a cent from their blogging experiences. It's a statistic that's slightly alarming and potentially annoying to a lot of wannabe bloggers, however once you examine the true causes of failed blogs, and the true motivators for blogging success, you begin to see how blogging can actually be incredibly lucrative.

Most bloggers fail because of a lack of patience. They see the top bloggers bringing in thousands of dollars a day and reaching tens of thousands of people, and they think that they could be there overnight. As usual, the truth is different from the fantasy. While thousands of bloggers make it to Technorati's top listings, the vast majority end up disillusioned and disappointed after a few days, sometimes a few weeks, and end up leaving their blogs untouched for years.

In that way, blogging is like business. While millions of businesses fail every year, thousands grow into the giant companies that push the world economy forward. Generating blog income should be treated just like a business in order to have maximum success. Treat your blog as a revenue source, make strategic decisions to boost your earning and increase your influence, and experiment with different revenue streams. I've listed some of the best blogging revenue streams below, to help you boost your blog's earnings and increase your own blogging confidence.

PPC Advertising

By using PPC ads on your blog, you can generate a small (but potentially lucrative) income every time a user clicks through to another website. While it's smart to plan ahead for advertising strategies (especially if your blog advertises your services) general purpose blogs can easily generate thousands of dollars a month with good advertising placement.

PPM Advertising

If you'd prefer the security of a flat fee over the growth potential of PPC, cost-per-thousand advertising can bring in consistent and valuable income. While most small bloggers can arrange a PPM advertising program for their blog through a network, big blogs might like to look at offering independent advertising spaces and special one-off client rates.

Of course, part of establishing yourself as a powerful advertising resource is growing in size. Small blogs aren't great advertising earners, especially if they deal with relatively general subjects. This raises the question: What can small blogs do to earn blog income?

Start by offering your services, whether they're creative, technical, or business based. There are people out there that are willing to work with you, especially if they already read your blog. Make a blog to use as a promotional tool and you'll see opportunities not just for direct advertising income, but for indirect partnerships and contracting potential. The opportunities for blog income are endless, and with some drive and perception, it's easy to turn a small blog into a massive revenue bringer.

How do you make your money blogging? Share you views in the comments below.

Author Bio:
Andrew Rondeau is the author of the free guide 'Build Your Own Profitable Blog in 45 Minutes'. Grab your complimentary copy at http://www.webuildyourblog.com
today and start making a blog income.