Friday, December 18, 2009

Write Content, Earn Royalties on Wikinut

Guest post by Andy Walton

Ever written a review of your hotel for Tripadvisor? Or perhaps your thoughts on your new TV for epinions? Maybe you spend hours on twitter and facebook... basically, do you find yourself writing content but not getting paid for doing so?

Well, now your inner writer can find an outlet. Wikinut is new site that accepts writing on a massive range of topics, and pays you a share of any advertising your pages directly generate. You can sign up for free, and write guides, reviews, tips, recipes... pretty much anything you like.

We'll then publish your work to a worldwide audience and put targeted adverts onto your pages. Anybody that reads your content will then be tracked by our system, and you'll receive a share of the advertising revenue. You'll also be able to check how often your pages are read using our simple but in-depth stats, receive reader feedback and comments and earn Nutpoints as a member of our ever-growing Wikinut community.

We pay out to anybody with a PayPal account, which are free and easy to setup. Plus it means you don't need to give us any private or secure information, all we need is your PayPal email address. We take care of any transaction costs, so you'll receive your full share of royalties.

And as well as earning money by writing, yuo can invite other people to join Wikinut. You'll receive a share for life of any advert revenue your referred friends generate - so you can even make money without writing a word!

Once you become an experienced author, we may invite you to become a moderator. This means you'll get to review other the pages of other users before they are published. For every page you moderate, yes you guessed it, you'll receive a share of the advert revenue.

That's 3 different ways to earn... so stop making other people rich, and get a share of the online goldrush yourself. Get Wikinutting today!

Author Bio:
Andy Walton, co-founder of Wikinut, invites you to join our growing community on where you can write content about any topic, and earn advertising royalties.

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