Monday, December 7, 2009

Creating Money Making Affiliate Website Using Easy Website Builder

Guest Post by Paul Vrieling

If you want to make money online, then you have a few different ways to do it. One of the most popular ways is by using affiliate marketing. You find a good product to promote, get your links for tracking your sales and make a website. You drive traffic to the website and for every sale you make, you get paid. Sounds pretty easy, right?

Well, actually it's pretty hard! There is a lot of competition out there in the affiliate marketing world. You need an advantage to get your sites ranking high. Another major roadblock for most people is the fact that you have to make a website to make money this way. You can't just take your link and market that! That is not a good long term strategy and Adwords will take your ad of sooner or later if you use this method.

So, most people turn to Wordpress to make affiliate marketing websites. Wordpress has lots of cool features and plug ins, so if you are a technical genius - go for it! One of the hardest parts is creating a data base. Most newbies don't understand how to do this.

Well, thankfully one internet marketer finally came out with a better way. It's an affiliate marketing website builder that is super easy to use and has many of the same features marketers love with wordpress! You can create affiliate review sites in just minutes...Here's how.

1. Open up your favorite FTP program (Filezilla is mine, it's free)

2. Connect with your host on your domain name (this is very easy and they have directions)

3. Upload a file folder to your domain

4. Log into ---> YourDomainNameHere(dot)com/admin.php

5. You are DONE!

That's it! You just enter your domain name into your browser and add the admin.php part. You enter you user name and password and you are in the editor. You are now able to change titles, descriptions, add tracking codes, content, articles and more!

Much easier than using Wordpress with many of the same great features, such as:

1. Easy What you see is what you get editor and html mode for advanced users as well

2. Ability to update site and add content very easily

3. Automatically creates RSS feeds and a SITEMAP for you websites! This is great for SEO...

4. Automatically PINGS whatever sites you want every time you add new content! Hello Google!

5. Visitors to your sites can leave comments and rate the products you are promoting (you allow the ones you want to appear) creating an internet "buzz" about your products and boosting sales!

6. These sites were created to sell products and they work!

I was lucky enough to beta test the affiliate genie and I absolutely love it. I immediately built a website for a product launch that already went live. My review site was indexed in 2 hours and I was number one in Google within 2 days. There is proof if you click my link below...

Author Bio:
Affiliate Genie makes wonderful looking affiliate marketing websites that are designed to sell products. It is very easy to use and the sites are fully SEO optimized to get you traffic. For affiliates who can't wrap their heads around Wordpress or more experienced marketers who want to crank out powerful websites fast, it is your best bet for a professional looking website.

If you would like to learn more about the affiliate genie and see the proof of my website rankings after just a couple days using this product, then check out this link affiliate genie reviews or affiliate genie. One of the bonuses you'll get when you order from my site is a step by step guide of everything I do on a product launch to get my site to #1! Great info for people who want to make serious money online.

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