Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Some Updates on

I have been getting emails from web publishers and bloggers regularly asking for link exchange. Sorry, I was actually stopped doing link exchange for this blog for some time. The reason I'm not doing link exchange anymore is that I want to stop the increase of outbound links on this blog. As you can find in this blog, there were already a lot of outbound links on the sidebars and footers of the homepage. I'm getting worry if the increase of outbound links will against Google webmaster guideline. So, I'm not adding anymore outbound links.

If you want to get a link from my blog, I have a better arrangement for you. I was all the while accepting guest posts. The authors who published guest post on my blog will get two permanent anchor text links to their site and also gain targeted traffic. So, you may consider publishing a guest post on this blog. I prefer informative guest posts that are helpful to my visitors and readers. If you want to submit a post, visit the below link to get the full details about how to submit a guest post:

Another thing is that the recent update and change of Google have increased the traffic of My stat counter, Site Meter show that the daily unique visitors have gone up to about 1,800. That was about 28% increase from the average 1,400 daily unique visitors I used to get. I thank Google a lot.

The advertisers who have advertised or renewed an ad on this blog might have received a satisfying amount of targeted traffic. If you are an advertiser of this blog, hope you have enjoying getting the targeted traffic of this blog.

The 28% increase of targeted traffic to this blog doesn't come easy. For the past couple of months, I have worked hard on link building for this blog. And also I spent time on content creation. Like the recent long article (over 3,500 words) titled 'The Top Ten Free Ways to Get Money Online' which has published on this blog, I took days of time to research and write this article with the goal to provide really useful information to the visitors, searchers and readers of this blog so that they can start making money on the Internet. I'm thinking to write a few more long articles like this in future.

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