Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Make a Blog Income Starting Today

Guest Post by Andrew Rondeau

Every day, thousands of people make a blog and take their first steps into blogging. While some end generating a large readership and eventually some blogging income, the vast majority of bloggers fail to amass even a single reader, and most don't make a cent from their blogging experiences. It's a statistic that's slightly alarming and potentially annoying to a lot of wannabe bloggers, however once you examine the true causes of failed blogs, and the true motivators for blogging success, you begin to see how blogging can actually be incredibly lucrative.

Most bloggers fail because of a lack of patience. They see the top bloggers bringing in thousands of dollars a day and reaching tens of thousands of people, and they think that they could be there overnight. As usual, the truth is different from the fantasy. While thousands of bloggers make it to Technorati's top listings, the vast majority end up disillusioned and disappointed after a few days, sometimes a few weeks, and end up leaving their blogs untouched for years.

In that way, blogging is like business. While millions of businesses fail every year, thousands grow into the giant companies that push the world economy forward. Generating blog income should be treated just like a business in order to have maximum success. Treat your blog as a revenue source, make strategic decisions to boost your earning and increase your influence, and experiment with different revenue streams. I've listed some of the best blogging revenue streams below, to help you boost your blog's earnings and increase your own blogging confidence.

PPC Advertising

By using PPC ads on your blog, you can generate a small (but potentially lucrative) income every time a user clicks through to another website. While it's smart to plan ahead for advertising strategies (especially if your blog advertises your services) general purpose blogs can easily generate thousands of dollars a month with good advertising placement.

PPM Advertising

If you'd prefer the security of a flat fee over the growth potential of PPC, cost-per-thousand advertising can bring in consistent and valuable income. While most small bloggers can arrange a PPM advertising program for their blog through a network, big blogs might like to look at offering independent advertising spaces and special one-off client rates.

Of course, part of establishing yourself as a powerful advertising resource is growing in size. Small blogs aren't great advertising earners, especially if they deal with relatively general subjects. This raises the question: What can small blogs do to earn blog income?

Start by offering your services, whether they're creative, technical, or business based. There are people out there that are willing to work with you, especially if they already read your blog. Make a blog to use as a promotional tool and you'll see opportunities not just for direct advertising income, but for indirect partnerships and contracting potential. The opportunities for blog income are endless, and with some drive and perception, it's easy to turn a small blog into a massive revenue bringer.

How do you make your money blogging? Share you views in the comments below.

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