Saturday, March 6, 2010

If You are Really Making Money Online – PROVE IT!

Guest Post by Michael-John Wolfe

The internet is full of websites that claim to help you make money online or earn residual income. The problem is, 95% of these websites are simply scams or MLM schemes that want to take your money. I have spent the last two years scouring the web in search of legitimate ways to make money online. Only a select few websites actually back up their claims and really do provide results and I have listed these websites on my blog – Residuals and Royalties.

There are three ways that I prove to my readers that I am actually earning a profit from these websites and I will list each one for you. These three forms of “proof” help my readers have a little faith that if they put some effort into these websites, they WILL get paid. The three ways that I prove my earnings are: screen shots, check proof videos and auto-calculating banners.

Proof of Earnings Screen Shots: Every time I get a payout from a website, I usually like to take a screen shot of my earnings to post on my blog for the world to see. The only downside to screenshots is the fact that they can easily be photoshopped or changed, which causes some people to be skeptical of my earnings. I can tell you that I don't have the time or interest in trying to photoshop my screenshots.

Check Proof Videos: To further prove my earnings to others, I like to take videos of the checks that I receive in the mail from various sources. Not all of the websites that I work with provide actual paper checks, but when they do – I always record a video of the check. If you do the same, be sure and cover the personal information like you address, the check number and anything else you don’t want visible to the public. There are two primary checks that I have been video taping every month – my CashCrate check and my Google Adsense check.

Auto-Calculating Banners: I have a CashCrate banner atop my Residuals and Royalties blog that automatically updates when my earnings change. This banner shows the exact number of referrals I have made and how much money I have earned for the month as well as my total earnings overall. This banner is an excellent way to prove my earnings, since I have no way of altering the figures.

If you have another way that you use to prove the legitimacy of your online earnings, please let us know by commenting below.

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You can see all three forms of earnings proof on one webpage by clicking here: Make Money Online.

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