Sunday, April 11, 2010

Want to Make a Residual Income Online by just Posting Answers to Peoples Questions Online?

Introducing! Link the answer is an amazing network that incorporates the newest technology of making money online, and it is so easy to get started! Once you sign up for free you will receive your own control panel and intermission page which you will be able to add your ad sense ID to.

The next step is to start answering questions that people post. Either in forums or blogs it does not matter. allows you to wrap your answer link with your intermission page so before the person whose question you answered gets to go to the answer you suggested for their question, they will first visit your intermission page when they click your link. For example if someone posted a question on whats the best article directory online? And you answered by saying that person would click on your link which is but they first will be taken to your intermission page before arriving at site. On your intermission page you can add your ad sense ID as well as sell banner space to other companies to get more exposure or even add your own banners and links to generate more exposure for your business or affiliate products.

Now depending on how many questions you answer you can start generating a huge amount of traffic for yourself as well as income. And this is how starts to create a reoccurring income naturally month after month for you! utilizes their amazing network to allow people like me and you to create as big of a residual income as we want! The best part of this is that its FREE to get started, there is no cost to get started, all you have to do is create an account and start answering peoples questions online. To sign up and create an account go to Link the answer.

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