Friday, February 20, 2009

AdSense's New Feature: Font Changing Option

If you haven't read about the latest announcement in the Google AdSense Official blog yet, Google's is giving more freedom to you in customizing your AdSense ads for displaying on your blog or site.

Now when you are in your AdSense account to generate AdSense ad code, you will find an additional option called 'Fonts' that will allow you to choose the font for your AdSense ads.

This seems to be a good new option for AdSense publisher. As you may have known, displaying AdSense ads within the content area or articles is an effective way to generate high AdSense revenue. The font of the AdSense ads have set to be Arial font previously, so if your content uses Time New Romance, you will got to change all your content into Arial if you want the ads blend well with your content and generate better AdSense income.

But now, with the 'Font' option, you don't have to change your content font in your website. If you are using Time New Roman, you can keep your content font in Time New Roman and still blend well with AdSense ads by setting the AdSense ads font to be similar to the font of your content pages.

And if you are now thinking to change the font for every AdSense ad unit you have created, don't worry, you don't have to manually change it one by one. The AdSense team has set a quick way for you. You can read how to do it at

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