Friday, March 27, 2009

How to Make Money with ‘Get Paid to Blog’ Websites

Guest post by Anil Garg

'Get paid to Blog' websites offer many easy and fast money making opportunity for bloggers in all niches. Bloggers can earn money by writing posts about products, services and advertisers website with these networks on their blogs.

To start making money with any of paid blogging (Get paid to blog) networks, we need to create a publisher or blogger account. All paid networks have their own terms and conditions for accepting new publishers into their network. Some network goes for blog that have:
  • Good page rank
  • Good Alexa and Technorati rankings
  • Some minimum blog age like 3 months
  • Blog cached in major search engines
  • Blogs in active state with some minimum posts in a week or month time
So you should submit your best blog in these networks if you are serious about making money with them. And when we think about the money we will be able to make by writing some paid posts on our blog can be as little as $5 and also can be as high as $1000. But you surely have higher chance of making money with these networks if you have a blog having good page rank like 5 or 6.

So go and create a publisher account on some of popular paid blogging networks like Payperpost, ReviewMe, SponSoredReviews, Smorty and Blogsvertise etc. And once you get your account approved on any of these networks, don’t forget to check your account several times a day. With this, you should check your e-mails on regular basis as some networks send notification about open or available opportunities in your e-mail account that you used while creating account on these networks. Here is a brief summary about top 3 paid blogging networks available today on internet:

Payperpost – is the biggest and most popular company in paid blogging niche. Best thing about this paid blogging network is the high amount of advertisers and thus lots of money making opportunities if you have a blog with some good page rank. The downside about this network is possibly the Google penalty your blog may have to face as you have to including some content like ‘Sponsored by Payperpost’ at the end of each post that you write for this network. They send your earnings on monthly basis in your paypl account.

SponsoredReviews – They have also large number of advertisers waiting for your bids to be placed. Login into your account and browse through the open opportunities and place your bids according to the amount of money you are willing to get paid for that task and according to the maximum budget specified by the advertiser.

ReviewMe – forget about this network if you don’t have a blog with good page rank, Alexa ranking and hundred of RSS subscribers. You can write up to 10 paid posts via this network in a month time. They send payments on the 1st of every month into your paypal account for the previous month earnings.

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