Sunday, February 14, 2010

How to Make Money Online as an Expert for LivePerson

By Michael John Wolfe

No matter what your profession – in this economy, many people are looking to make some extra cash in the form of a part time job or other supplemental income. If you have a professional skill and you would like to make some money in your spare time, you should consider becoming an online expert for LivePerson.

LivePerson is a website designed for individuals who need help in almost any arena to find an expert that can aid or guide them in any number of tasks. Whether you are a math student who needs to hire a math tutor or a small business person who would like to ask some questions to a licensed tax preparer – you can find help on LivePerson.

There are a ton of available categories on LivePerson for those seeking assistance. Counselors, computer technicians, teachers, psychics, real estate experts, mortgage and loan experts, arts and creative service experts – you name it, you can find it on LivePerson.

If you want to make money online as an expert on LivePerson, the process is fairly simple. Simply join LivePerson and choose your area of expertise. Be sure and choose wisely, because once you select one category – in some cases LivePerson will not let you go back and choose a different category. Create an elaborate profile that really portrays your strengths in your specific category; remember that you will be competing with other experts – so you really want your profile to stand out.

Once you complete your profile and you set your status to active, you will simply wait for interested people to seek your help. When someone chooses to hire you, an instant messaging box will pop up on your computer and you can begin your session. You will have previously set your rates and rates can vary from about .99 cents per minute to upwards of $10 per minute.

Don’t forget that LivePerson takes a cut of your earnings, so be sure and set your rates accordingly. Overall, if you can keep your clients happy and get good reviews from each person that hires you – you can really make money online with LivePerson.

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