Saturday, February 6, 2010

How to Create Referral Link Landing Pages

Guest Post by Michael-John Wolfe

By now many of us have heard of these websites that offer cash to fill out free trial offers. Websites like Treasure Trooper, Squishy Cash and CashCrate are all legitimate ways to make money online for those people who have the time. By filling out simple trial offers, individuals can earn anywhere from .75 cents to $10 per offer. Some folks choose to spend their time filling out hundreds of these offers in order to make a good hourly wage. It is feasible to earn $20 to $25 per hour while filling out trial offers on these websites. Of all three choices, CashCrate seems to be the most user friendly and have the most available cash offers. But all three website offer a good opportunity to make money online.

But before you join, you should know that there is a much better way to make money online with these websites. That way is through referrals. I currently am on pace to make $100 this month in referrals to these website and I have not lifted one finger or filled out any trial offers. You too can do the same.

The key is to create a blog or webpage that will act as a “landing page” for those visitors to your website that are looking for ways to make money online. These folks who arrive at your webpage will be informed about these trial offers and how much money they can make. Treat this as your sales page and do whatever you can to get these referrals to join CashCrate, Treasure Trooper or Squishy Cash. You can post videos of your checks when you receive them or show screenshots of your current earnings.

If you don’t have enough earnings yet to entice any referrals – simply embed someone else’s video or screen shot and then list your affiliate link below. There are some people who are earning $500 to $1,000 a month by simply referring others to these free trial websites. So you can be like the sheep and spend hours filling out free trial offers – or you can be like the wolf and get OTHERS to fill out these offers while you collect the cold hard cash!

If you would rather not pay a hosting fee for a website, you can get a free blog at places like You will want to create backlinks to your blog that will get you ranked higher in the search engine for terms that are related to making money online. You should also email all of your friends and family to get them to sign up for these free trial websites under your referral link. It will take some time, but if you commit yourself – you can get a decent number of referrals. In time you will be making a nice monthly income through your referrals!

Author Bio:
You can join CashCrate by clicking here. You can join Treasure Trooper by clicking here. You can join SquishyCash by clicking here. Michael-John Wolfe is the author of the Residuals and Royalties blog and he is dedicated to finding legit ways to make money online.

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