Thursday, February 11, 2010

Affiliate Marketing – Unlimited Earning Potential

Guest Post by Paul

How do you fancy earning money online without having your own product? Or even having your own web site?

Allow me to introduce you to affiliate marketing. It’s one of the more popular ways of making money online is how I have managed to make a full time income online over just the last 8 weeks.

The really great thing about affiliate marketing is that once you get everything in place, it runs automatically. Essentially, you can potentially earn money whilst you’re on holiday – it’s an auto pilot system. That’s what attracted me to this industry.

What’s even more attractive is the earning potential. There are more millionaire affiliate marketers than any other sector online – you can’t say you’re not intrigued now, can you!

But how does it work?

Well, you are an online salesman. It all comes down to this: You find people with a problem and you solve their problems by introducing them to a product. If somebody lands on a sales page having clicked one of your hyperlinks and then buys the product, you are entitled to a commission.

I know what you’re thinking - how do I get people to click on my link? Well, that’s the skill involved. You have to find hungry markets of people and somehow put your articles or advertisements in front of them.

There are a huge variety of ways of doing this. One of my favorite ways is called article marketing – largely because it’s the easiest! As an article marketer you write for audiences of people, find places to distribute your article, recommend products and make sales.

Here’s The Clever Bit Though…

A lot of people fail at affiliate marketing. Want to know why? They don’t understand their target audience. It’s as simple as that.

Let me give you an example. If you’re the best looking guy in the world, with bucket loads of personality and a huge wallet full of cash, do you think you’d be able to attract a girl? OK, what about if you hang out in a gay bar?

You catch my drift? You can have the best product and sales pitch in the world but if you don’t advertise to the right crowd of people then you’ll never make any money!

So How Do You Get To Know Your Target Market?

You hang out where they do…I’m talking about forums. Forums are the greatest weapon in an internet marketer’s arsenal. It’s one place where you can really understand that mindset of your target market. What concerns are they having? What makes them tick? What problems are they trying to solve.

Where Can You Find Products To Promote?

Personally, I like selling digital products because the profit margin is so great. For instance, if I lead someone to buy a $37 e-book, then I can expect to take home over $20. $29 for one quick sale! You can clearly see how this adds up over time.

The best digital product retailer is called Clickbank. They have a plethora of products in all sorts of niches that you can sell – just have a look in the marketplace and find one that takes your fancy.

Affiliate Marketing Is Not Easy…

This is not a get rich quick scheme that many people are trying to tell you. It’s a skill that needs to be learned just like playing golf or a musical instrument. But let me assure you, when you learn the skill, you’re set for a life of financial freedom.

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