Friday, July 2, 2010

How a Well Written Guest Post Can Take Your Blog Over the Top

Guest post by John Smith

How would you feel if I told you that you missed out on potentially thousands of visitors by publishing your amazing article on your own blog?

I’m sure that we all would love it if traffic flowed to your blog each time that publish button was pressed. But how can writing things for others result in you reaping the benefits? Let’s take a moment to talk about guest posting. What it is and why it is such a successful technique.

Guest posting is the act of creating a post/article on another person’s site (with permission of course). Guest posting on other sites has long been proven to be a successful marketing technique because you have the advantage of traffic to your niche while another blogger just got a great new post for his/her own readers.

This means that a guest post on a site receiving 5,000 daily visitors can bring in those visitors back to your site. I’m sure you can see the potential in that! So how do you go about with the guest posting process?

First, I suggest finding some popular blogs in your niche. Search for the keywords you would like to be found from to get a list of sites relevant to your sites topic. For example, if your site focuses on the keywords, make money online, a Google search on it would lead you here, to Money Maker Info. Repeat this searching process for a few more potential sites and your ready to move on.

So once you have found some good sites, examine them in further detail to find a hot topic that you can write about. It is important to read through the sites archives as no blogger likes duplicate content on their site.

Take your time to write a post for the other blog owner. Always, always, ALWAYS make sure that guest posts written are the best you can make them. Spend an extra day to clear your head and re-read your post. Ask a friend to read through your article to make sure everything checks-in. Just do what it takes to be the best out there.

Almost any site you can find will have contact information leading to the site owner(s). Take this to your advantage by sending them a kindly worded e-mail about whom you are and why you would love to guest post on their site. It is important to make it look like they are the ones gaining the biggest benefit from the post.

Remember, some sites are very open about guest posting while other sites will take long conversations, just for the chance to talk to the person in charge. Persevere through the process and your post will lead to a traffic bringing success.

One last note. I would love to hear what you guys (and gals) think about guest posting. Have you ever done a guest post? Do you plan to in the near future? I invite you to share in the comments below.

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