Friday, October 6, 2006

Who Wants To Be A Stock Market Millionaire?

I know many people who want to be stock market millionaires. They ask how all the time on “The Wallet Doctor” Ezine. It is actually not that complex if you know what you are doing. Becoming a millionaire does require discipline and the more the better.

There are a couple of main concepts that you have to master to become a stock market millionaire. First, you have to control, reduce and eliminate your family expenses. If you can get past this step you are well on you way. Most people feel restricted when they lower their expenses but there are creative ways to do this. Don’t take your children into stores and don’t buy them junk.

My wife and I like to eat at fine restaurants. We reduce the bill substantially by sharing a plate. If a restaurant charges a “plate” fee we never go back. We also began accelerating our mortgage years ago and are now amazed at how little we have left to pay off.

Second, you have to optimize your income. You can do this by getting a second job or selling things or services in your off hours. I know this is a lot more work then your peers are putting out but financial freedom doesn’t not come free. The first two steps amount to optimizing your cash flow which is the difference between your total income and total expenses.

Third, you need to insure against all insurable calamities. These calamities include illness, death of a breadwinner, vehicular accidents, and property losses. A good insurance agent is literally worth their weight in gold (or more) in helping you create an umbrella insurance plan that covers all insurance contingencies that are economically viable to cover.

Fourth, you need to dedicate yourself to a consistent, persistent plan of study in the area of stock investing that includes investing scams and understanding risk. Fundamentally you must learn how to buy stocks low and sell them later at high price. To become a stock market millionaire this will be come your guiding principal. The more you study techniques as well as people who have been fantastically successful in the stock market the more you are going to understand what it takes to make your personal finances work toward making you a millionaire stock investor.

Fifth, you have to absolutely believe you can do it. Only you can believe in you and when you do people fall in behind you to help. The more time you spend daydreaming that you can do it the more likely you will make it a reality. Everybody’s financial path is highly personal. For me I felt I needed a Ph.D. in finance to get down my financial path but you probably won’t. You may recognize that you need to do different things to put all of these five steps to becoming a millionaire into place. Believe you can become a stock market millionaire, wake up each and every day and do what you know you need to do to make it happen and it will!

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