Sunday, April 26, 2009

Using Question and Answer Websites for Affiliate Marketing

Question and answer sites are quite popular among people who are searching for specific information or have some knowledge to share. In these websites, users post their questions on any topic anyone could possibly think of and other users can post their answers. All questions and answers are then stored within the site. This way, those who do not wish to participate can still use the site by searching for topics that are of interest to them and viewing answers to other users' questions.

Today, the most popularly used question and answer site is Yahoo Answers. Among the most appealing features of the site is how users can select the best answer to any question. What's considered as the best answer then appears more prominently in the question's web page allowing other users to quickly view the most relevant information.

These question and answer sites can be very useful for people engaged in affiliate marketing. In sites like Yahoo Answers, affiliate marketers can simply search for questions that are related to their niche. This can be done either through the site's search function or going through the available categories. Whenever they find relevant questions, affiliate marketers can use their expertise on their niche to provide answers. Within the answers, affiliate marketing links should be included so users who are interested in reading more information will be directed to the affiliate marketer's site.

If you want this to work for making money online with affiliate marketing, try your best to provide detailed answers to questions that are related to what you have to offer. Never spam the question and answer site with your affiliate marketing information because that could be grounds for getting banned. For this reason, you should always provide useful information when answering questions. Be sure that you are subtle when including your affiliate marketing links and never allow yourself to sound like you're giving a sales pitch.

Question and answer sites are among the most useful free platforms marketers can use to increase their affiliate marketing commissions. By spending just a little time each day to provide informative answers to questions, affiliate marketers may have much to gain.

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