Monday, August 3, 2009

Tips to be Successful as an Affiliate Marketer

Though affiliate marketing is a lucrative way to earn money online, it requires discipline and hard work. The following tips will help you to become successful in your affiliate marketing business:

(i) Product selection:
Product selection is very important. The product should be something in which you personally interested and which have a good demand in the market.

(ii) Create a pre-sell page:
Instead of sending visitors directly to the affiliate website, send them to a pre-sell page which may contain testimonials or reviews about the product. This will help in better conversions.

(iii) Cloak your website links:
Some visitors may avoid visiting your website, if they see an affiliate link in the URL. You can avoid this by cloaking your affiliate link.

(iv) Mailing list:
Build your own mailing list. You may collect e mail addresses of your visitors by offering them some free e books or other freebies. Having your own mailing list will help you to keep contact with your potential customers and offer them your products and services. You may use autoresponders to send out automated e mail messages to the members of your list.

(v) SEO:
Search engine optimization is essential to achieve a high rank in the search engines. Proper SEO techniques (both off-page and on-page) must be applied to your website, which will help it to rank high in the search engine results and drive targeted traffic to it.

(vi) Advertisement:
Use different forms of advertisement to advertise your website. There are some methods which are free whereas some are paid. The most important free method is article marketing which involves writing small articles about various topics related to your website and publishing them in different article directories. You may also use banner advertising, free classified advertising, forum marketing etc. Among the paid ones, the most effective is PPC advertising like 'Google Adwords' and 'Yahoo Search Marketing'.

You may use any or all of these methods to promote your website online. The best thing is to focus on one affiliate website at a time. After you become successful in promoting it, go for other products and niches.

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