Sunday, July 23, 2006

Do You Want To Be The Next Bill Gates?

Over 25 years ago Bill Gates had an idea. Yes, one simple but amazing idea. That idea is now worth over $US50 billion in net income to him, making him the richest man on the planet! That idea is now residing inside your own computer!

Did you know you can turn your own idea into perpetual profits – an unending, unlimited and unfathomable stream of income. You will finally be able to quit your J.O.B. Do you want to know an amazing secret to perpetual profits? Create an asset!

Here is the simple formula: Your idea = Assset

What is an asset? I read somewhere that “it is something that you own that puts money in your pocket”. Think of your favorite rock stars – they have made millions from their asset (Music Cds). Their musical ideas are created into songs. Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Elvis Presley & Madonna have billion dollar empires from their asset – they make perpetual income year after year from their music. Stephen King and Tom Clancy create their wealth from their asset (Books) – it produces money for them years after their idea became books. And when Bill Gates sleeps he earns billions from his asset (Software) every day.

Did you know you can make tons of money through the internet by marketing your idea properly. The internet is a powerful tool to sell your ideas for lots of cool cash. For example Dell Inc, the technology giant, earns $US65 million a day in sales from their website? Yes $US65 million per day from selling their asset (computers)!!! You also can start earning perpetual profits, and millions too from your own website. Just believe in yourself.

Your idea doesn’t need to be complicated. Your idea can be simply information, such as “How to pickle eggs” or “How to scalp on the Forex market”. This may be in the form of e-Books, Audio products or Video products. Whatever it is turn your idea into an asset and market it on the internet!

This Internet Marketing stuff really works. Take action now – turn your asset into millions (maybe billions).

So what is your idea? Remember Bill Gates was once like you - he was just a man with an idea.

Erik Teh

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Erik Teh is a Senior Financial Analyst and Currency Trader.

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