Sunday, July 16, 2006

Thought Creates Reality Especially When It Comes To Money

Have you ever wondered what’s in money that drives people crazy? Not that they go insane or something, but the fact that everything suddenly changes when the focus of the episode is diverted to money matters.

Why is there such a thing called “money talks?” Is it really the money that makes the world go round? These and many other questions continue to proliferate in the minds of the many especially when they see how money can influence things particularly our way of thinking.

There are so many instances that people would immediately respond to a certain stimulus where money is involved. There is always this unseen force that compels people to react immediately and act on it on an instant.

In the Internet, people would normally click on links that they thought would give them ways how to alleviate their lives. They immediately respond to an advertisement even if the matter has no solid foundation yet as to whether it will give them the advantage they were looking for or not.

If we are to look at it closely, to earn money is not basically based on the premise that somebody has to work hard to earn it. Why are the rich people do not have to do so? If you are to ask some executives of well know businesses, they would tell you that it’s not more on how they worked hard for it but on how they perceive their dreams would come true.

In this sense, we can clearly state that to be successful is a matter of attitude and perception in life.

This kind of thinking can be traced back to the pragmatic view of some philosophers about life. In pragmatism, people say that something will work out, will eventually come true if it gets us what we want. This means that a certain goal or a certain dream, though how vague it may seem at first, is deemed and considered true if it is linked to something that is good, beneficial, desirable, and worthy. In most cases, these things connote money.

That is why, because of the present economic situation, the idea of perceiving money as the answer to almost all of life’s problems is worsened. Poverty and deprivation on some of man’s basic necessities are the most common reason why people would want to have money. And the very point that most people lack knowledge on the basic utilization of money is detrimental enough to worsen the situation.

For those who know how to utilize money are those who control people from poverty. Plus, the mere deficiency of knowledge about money makes everything heavily burdened. This results to a microcosm of people being controlled by some unseen forces where they are the only ones who gain benefits from money.

In reality, if are only keen enough to observe what is going on around us, we can clearly see that we seem like robots being instructed what to do, how to feel, what to feel.

Take for example the alarming condition of the oil prices in the world market. Those who are in control would dare say that the oil production is getting minimal that is why its price in the world market is gradually increasing.

Consequently, because we are unaware of what is going on around us, we tend to believe it is so and therefore, another problem is created where money is the main focal point of the issue.

We know there are problems, anxieties, and struggles all connected to the organization we are confined but we just cannot see the main basis of the problem.

How can we solve it? To do that, we must first identify what causes the problems to happen. Where did it come from?

Thereafter, if we already know what the main cause is, we can easily modify the way we perceive on things. If everything’s slowly taking shape, we can now clearly see the reality that money is not the cause of everything. We can solidly assert that where money is involved it is not the main attraction.

Besides, when the world was created, there’s no presence of money yet, right? So, when thought creates reality especially when it comes to money, we can now clearly see the way reality is perceived by many, in which they perceived that money is not a solid foundation of truth.

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