Saturday, May 8, 2010

Affiliate Marketing - An Easy Way To Real Success

Guest Post by Alex Cadens

What makes affiliate marketing such a great business model is that you really do not need to be a gifted or skilled individual, nor you need any money to start.

One of your main tasks in this business is to send traffic to the affiliate product's sales page thus allowing the owner of that product to convert those visitors into paying costumers.

The key is to send traffic that you know is actually interested in what you are promoting, that is, targeted traffic, because this will increase your conversion rate.

For example, you can promote products from Amazon and many other online retailers (not only digital products like some people think)

If you want to tackle the basketball niche, you can make a profit by inserting your Amazon associate links (your affiliate links) promoting basketball shoes, clothes etc.

Also, if your niche calls for a digital product like an e-book, a course, or an online service, you can turn to Clickbank or PayDotCom to find good affiliate products people can buy and download instantly. You can promote what is known as "actions" by promoting CPA programs.

In this type of affiliate marketing you will not be sending traffic to a sales page where people has to buy something in order for you to get paid a commission, but instead, you will get paid for them to take actions such as such as filling out a survey, an email form or even something as simple as entering a ZIP code.

If you get into affiliate marketing, you will not have the need to develop a product, you will not have the need to deal with costumer issues or to be continuously processing orders for the marketplace.

Moreover, quite often you will find that the owners of the products will provide you with free tools and resources to help you with your promotion efforts.

The toolbox usually includes ready-made emails, web reviews, text and banner ads, widgets and other valuable resources for you to use with your own affiliate link embedded in them for instant plug-n-play success.

How much can you earn in this business?

Well, the truth is that there are no limits, because growing in the internet is not the same as growing in the physical world, where doing so involves investing thousands and even millions in new locations, staff, you name it.

On the internet you can open new "locations" just by investing $1 - $10 to get a new domain and you are ready to to go and make money from as many niches as you want by sending targeted traffic to each of those new locations.

Will you become a super affiliate within weeks or months? Not likely, but you sure can do well enough to pay the bills each month with maybe some change to spare!

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