Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dropshipping - Does It Really Work?

Guest Post by Shane O'Driscoll

Well you may or may not of heard of the term before, but simply put, drop shipping is a business model where by you only pay for a product when you make a sale from the customer.

Drop shipping is the easiest and best way to get started making money online. Really there is not an easier way. You place a product for sale on ebay, amazon or a website that you have set up. Once someone buys from your website you contact the dropshipper and they send out the product to the customer. So with that said, it is basically risk free. You never have to spend your own money because your using the payment the customer gave you.

You may be wondering, but how do I make a profit from all of this? Well its simple really, you can source products for usually 30% cheaper than what they are retailing at. You then charge the customer a higher price and the difference between what you sold the item at and what you purchased it at is your profit.

Many people when they start an online business look to selling on ebay and in my opinion there is no better place. You do not have to worry about targeted customers viewing your products. When customers are searching for products on ebay they are in a buying mood and this is why you see some auctions with 17 views and the item sold.

Drop shipping is an excellent way to start a home business. Many people waste their time filling out surveys where they get 10 cent a survey that took them half an hour to complete. This clearly is not worth your time. As we all know time is money and spending your time in the drop shipping business will certainly bring in good money.

So does drop shipping really work? Yes it definitely does, however you have to be willing to put in at least an hour a day. The best thing about drop shipping is you never need to hold on to the merchanise resulting in no risk on your part. It is this reason so many people choose it as the

method for their business. Not only that but you can completely scale it up. You could be selling 10 items a day which is not difficult, at $15 profit each which would result in $150 profit a day and $4500 a month.

Now think about if you were selling 30 items a day or even 100 items a day what kind of money you would make. I'll be honest there are some serious tricks to learn in this business and that is why you need to learn some of the ninja tricks I have acquired over the past 5 years selling on ebay.

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