Sunday, May 9, 2010

Would Your Business Thrive With Attraction Marketing To Earn Money Online?

Guest Post by Jake Widmer

What do you think of when you hear "attraction marketing"? It is a way to market yourself to attract others to your website to earn money online. The old ways of marketing to your family and friends are gone as well as the constant 3 foot rule. Those ways were not very productive nor were they the most exciting. Unfortunately, you were pursuing other people instead of them pursuing you. Trying to sell people things is not nearly as effective as them wanting to buy. That is where attraction marketing comes in.

Attraction Marketing can help you to build your customer base and a loyal following. Simply supply them with valuable, relevant information. This lays the foundation and identifies you as a trustworthy company.

If you are interested in making the quick dollar, then you will not qualify yourself for this type of marketing as it takes time and a great deal of effort. Only when you put value first in everything you do will you begin to see amazing results and earn money online. You will consistently bring in a type of client who is excited to see what you will do next. We all are in the money business, but there are many more things that you will need to make sure you do. The people who do business with you are people who want to be treated fairly and get the products they’re seeking. Make sure they receive exactly what they want and when they want it.. Show them that you can provide what they want without pursuing bigger sales or shady products. Perhaps this will not realize profits at first, but in the long run you will have made a positive impression that will translate into a great way to earn money online. When doing business on the internet, the main ingredient people want to see is quality content. You must ensure that your marketing content, or website content provide worth to your customers. For instance, keep your website user friendly and help your visitors get what they came for. Dont make the mistake of making things difficult for your market, keep things very easy and very clean. Your market will always remember how easy it was for them to get around in your site and will keep that in mind when they need to use your services againor even refer you to someone they know. This will determine how much value you’ve actually delivered.

You always want to keep in mind that you are marketing yourself and not your products, brand you, and you will have a good client base as long as you are providing value! A great deal of marketers do not like this method of marketing as it takes a great deal of time and effort as opposed to other traditional methods.

Attraction marketing is not like most other marketing efforts as it does smack you in the face with a product or service. This type of marketing shares relevant information that is brought out from a marketing perspective and will create more followers that will support you in the long run.

Attraction marketing is not the most simple of marketing, to do it right, you really need to have a mentor to help you or a great system in place to excel. Without an appropriate mentor you are just spinning your wheels and wasting time. The hard truth is you may never figure it out on your own.

Author Bio:
I have been able to earn money online faster than I thought possible with these steps that my mentor has helped me with. Do not pass this up as I know you would love to see the full abilities of your business to earn money online.

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