Thursday, December 25, 2008

Duplicatable Systems Are a Must Have For Network Marketers

Guest Post by Greg Mangin

It's an unfortunate truth that a person cannot be duplicated. Your unique blend of personality, skill, expertise, and persuasion makes you a successful salesperson. But you can't clone your traits and pass them on to your protégés. Instead, you have to find or develop a duplicatable system that can be used again and again for repeated success for all of the network marketers in your downline.

Why is a duplicatable system so important? Think of the outdated network marketing model that began with your friends and family. Marketers were advised to recruit the people they knew and loved. But this made for some awkward and uncomfortable moments on both sides. What if the marketer's friends and family weren't interested in the venture? Would they cause tension by saying, "Thanks, but no thanks"? What if they signed on because they felt obligated, but their hearts weren't in it? Plus, this system is very limited. Once you run out of friends and family, what do you do? Become a salesperson making cold calls, that's what.

Now let's compare that model to a duplicatable system of the past. It used to be a popular strategy to hand out audio tapes at network marketing seminars. Why? Because that approach took advantage of targeted marketing; that is, the people who were being marketed to already had a proven interest in network marketing, or else they wouldn't have been at the seminar. Targeted marketing has a proven advantage over cold calling or other non-targeted approaches.

Secondly, the audio tape tactic was duplicatable. Anyone could record an audio tape full of useful information to be distributed. And anyone could accept such a tape, listen to it, and decide to join in on the action. It was a convenient strategy that didn't turn marketers into uncomfortable salespeople. It worked.

Fast forward to the era of Web 2.0 marketing. If you want to be a success, you've got to have a system with a proven success rate. It's not enough to build a web site and hope that people will visit it; you've got to entice them into stopping by, browsing around, and, eventually, signing up. If readers see valuable content on your site, they'll spend more time there and they will return - with friends. So be sure to give them something valuable as a reward. One popular duplicatable system involves e-book downloads.

Picture it: a reader stops by your site and sees a link to a free download. They read through a quick preview of the e-book's contents and decide that it sounds like a good way to spend their time. They download the e-book, read it, and get blown away by the specific helpful advice they find inside. Hyped up by what they read, they return to your site and leave comments, ask questions in the message forum, or share helpful information of their own. Now you've got a lead on someone who really wants the help you have to offer. Get a dialogue going, get them recruited, and share your system with them.

Doesn't that sound a lot better than hitting up friends and family members? Not everyone can work up the courage to tap a cold market, but anyone can post a link to an e-book on their blog or web site. Your recruits will use the same system to recruit others, building your downline and theirs in a replicating system of income. That's the beauty of a duplicatable system in action, and that's why you need one now.

Author Bio
Greg Mangin is a professional engineer and network marketer coaching a team of profit conscious entrepreneurs to make an income from home. Greg can be contacted through his website where you can get your own duplicatable, branded, customizable marketing system at or personally at 812-582-039.

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