Monday, December 22, 2008

Top Powerful Tactics to Boost Your Affiliate Revenue

Guest Post by Jeen Hao

There are many online money making opportunities now but do you know that affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money online without your own product? What is the easiest way to make money online without your own product? What you need to do is just promote other merchants products and you will earn commission for every sale or lead you make. It is very easy because you don't need to have your own products, sale page and so on. If you have already involved yourself in affiliate marketing you will definitely want to double or even triple your affiliate revenue, right?

There are many ways to increase your affiliate revenue. In this article, I will tell you some powerful tactics to increase your affiliate revenue.

1. Be Selective
There are millions of affiliate program on the Internet. The mistake most beginners make is join all the affiliate programs which look good for them, without considering the programs will suit their niche or plan. In affiliate marketing, we need to be very selective when choosing the product. You should make sure the product you promote suits your niche and the quality of the product. You can do so by checking the information of the merchant and the testimonials of the product. After that, have a look on the commission paid per sale or lead. Choose a product which have high commissions and pay out is the last step which you should do, not the first step.

2. E-mail Marketing
When it comes to affiliate marketing, the fastest way to make sales is through your own mailing list. So if you have already started building a list, great. If not, start now! What you need is an auto responder service like Aweber or Getresponse. This tactics is meant if you have at least a list. You can offer something free to attract more readers to subscribe your mailing list. A good example is giving out your free e-book when readers subscribe your mailing list. After you have a huge mailing list, you can promote your affiliate product via your mailing list. A time-sensitive bonus is always a good idea.

3. Blogs
I believe many people know about this tactic. As you can see, many bloggers place the affiliate link and sales graphic in their blogs. However, do they make money just by placing the link or picture in their blogs without doing other thing? I bet no. You should first send traffic to your blog. Increase your blog traffic before your do anything else. When your blog have many targeted readers, you can make a post to promote an affiliate product. Try not to use the solo ads given by the merchant. This is because your readers may have seen the article somewhere else before that. This will make you lose sales. Try to write your own powerful article or ad to attract more buyers.

4. Ebook
Promote your affiliate products via ebook is also a powerful tactic that you may sue and it can work with email marketing. You can write your own ebook, which you give out free for those who subscribe to your mailing list. You may out your affiliate links in the ebook yo generate more sales. This may probably double or even triple your sales if many people grab your free ebook. Your need not worry that there will be no people grabbing your free ebook, because human like free stuff.

5. Thank You Pages or Emails
You may recommend affiliate products in your thank you pages, thank you emails. always give a recommendation yo your readers and subscribers after you've said thank you for joining e-zine or buying a product. This tactic is very useful because you are promoting products to targeted readers. Besides, an "Error 404 Page" also a place which can put your affiliate links.

These are the powerful tactics that you may try. No harm to give some tries. Backend every method that you use after that will give you a long-term income. Do not keep promoting the same product. You may make some changes after weeks. The most important is consistency. Never give up because if you quit, you will fail definitely.

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