Saturday, December 20, 2008

Google Pro Kit is a Big Scam

Firstly, Google Pro Kit program has nothing to do with Google. The owner of this money making program just name it to make it interesting. The Google Pro Kit also called Internet Income Pro Kit.

I signed up to promote Google Pro Kit program few days ago through a quality affiliate network called PepPerJam affiliate Network. The Google Pro Kit affiliate program is very attractive. It has become one of the top performers in PepPerJam which means a lot of web publishers and bloggers have joined it , promoted it widely on the Internet and made good money with it. The web publishers will get paid $22 for each qualified lead generated for Google Pro Kit.

Getting a qualified lead from Google Pro Kit is pretty simple. Any US or Canada visitor who fill out their personal details in the Google Pro Kit lead page and pay $3.88 to have the free Google Pro Kit mail to them will be counted as a qualified lead. With this easy action, the web publishers will earn $22.

So, What's the problem?

Firstly they don't send the kit. A lot of people have complained about this. Secondly, they will charge you $72.21 after seven day and you will probably not aware of it. This is the terrible part.

When you sign up for the free kit to mail to your address, you will also be entered into a free seven days trial membership which will charge $72.21 to your credit card after 7 days. The visitors have complained that nothing about the $72.21 membership fee was mentioned during the sign up process.

But in the Google Pro Kit sign up page, they do placed a 'Term & Conditions' link at the bottom. The Term & Conditions page has loads of content and in a section of the content, they do have described about the $72.21 membership fee and clearly stated that it is not refundable after charged.

So, this is how they trick people. You wouldn't know exactly what you are actually signing up for unless only if you click the Term & Conditions link that 'hide' at the bottom of the sign up page and carefully read it.

As they are paying so well to the web publishers. Many publishers have widely promoted it, so stay away if you see this Google Pro Kit offer on the Internet.

The owner of Google Pro Kit is very clever, he has made the web publishers thought that it is a legit program that they can promote to make money. So many has joined it. Me as a blogger has also joined and promoted this program for two days. I placed a Google pro kit ad on this blog for the past two days. But, after I find out the truth about this program few hours ago, I removed the Google Pro Kit ad completely on this blog.

But, a bad news to me is that I have generated two leads for Google Pro Kit in past two days, earning me $44. I have no idea who has signed up through the ad on this blog. If you are the one, please call 1-888-657-8585 immediately to cancel the $72.21 membership they have entered for you. Hope you come back to visit my blog and read this post.

I can pay you back the shipping if you request for. I can even pay you the $22 commission I have earned as a apology for promoting a problem program to you. But, please send some proofs to me when you like to claim the money.

Google Pro Kit affiliate program no doubt is a great program for web publishers to make money online. I think I can make over one thousand dollar monthly if I continue to promote Google Pro Kit on this blog. But, unfortunately, it is a scam.

Luckily I managed to find out the truth about this program after two days I promoted it and save me from becoming a blogger that put people into a big scam program.

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