Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Cash Earning Opportunity in

Last week I told you about a pay per post opportunity on Personal Money Store blog, the opportunity is still open. If you can write about topics like payday loan, cash advance and personal loan, contribute your content to Personal Money Store blog. Each of your articles or blog posts (minimum length: 525 words) that get published on the blog will earn you $25. More details can be found in the pay per post page of Personal Money Store blog.

Today, I came across another writing opportunity that is also open to everyone. The worldwide content network, eHow has a holiday promotion run at the moment. They are giving away cash to the content contributors who publish original articles that get featured on eHow. You will be paid $100 if your articles are featured on 'Today's Top How To' and 'Featured How Tos', and $200 for featuring on the 'eHow of the Day'.

Some tips from eHow that can increase your chances of getting featured on eHow:
  • Write articles on current hot topics. Some current hot topics are Christmas, holiday and shopping. Visit for more ideas for current hot topics.
  • Write original how-to articles in step-by-step format. They should be easy to read and follow so that readers can understand clearly.
  • Add photos to your articles and make sure your profile is up-to-date.
  • Write as many articles as possible in order to have better chances of getting your articles reached homepage.
The ehow holiday promotion will end on 12/29/2008. So your articles must submit not later than this date.

Interested to participate in eHow? Just click here to create an account and start publishing your how-to articles to earn cash.

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