Thursday, January 7, 2010

Been Made Redundant? Try Sharing Your Knowledge for Cash

Guest Post by Andy Walton

The global recession has hit many people across all sectors, leaving millions of people looking for work. And finding the next job can be tough, and often dispiriting.

If you're in this position, then read on for a suggestion to help keep you busy, motivated while also maybe earning you some cash.

A new site,, allows you to write about pretty much any topic you like and then will publish your page to a global audience.

You'll then receive 50% of the total advertising revenue generated by your pages as lifetime royalties.

Zero writing experience needed

No writing background is required for Wikinut. The principle is that everybody has knowledge, experience or thoughts that are usful to somebody.

Think of all the niche information you may have gained from your last job. Or though your hobbies and interests. Maybe you could write about your last holiday, or the recipe for a meal you've cooked. The possibilities on Wikinut are endless, and any of them could earn you money.

No technical skills required either
If you have the skills to find and read this article, you'll be able to use easily. A simple editor helps you write your pages, and Wikinut handle all the geeky stuff like hosting, advertising deals and payments.

You can just write pages and get paid through a Paypal account, the same payment system as used on Ebay. You can open a Paypal account for free if you don't already have one.

Stay positive and motivated
For many people, being out of work can be a very depressing time. The combination of frustration, boredom and lack of struture is tough to deal with.

Writing for Wikinut will give you some positive tasks to work at. Once you've written some pages, you'll also be able to see reader statistics and comments, which is a nice way of getting some feedback.

Enhance your CV
And even when you get interviews for future jobs, having Wikinut on your CV will be a great talking point with the interviewer. You be able to demonstrate your proactive approach, and ability to fill your time productively.

Author Bio:
Andy Walton, co-founder of Wikinut, has over a 10 years experience working for some of the UK's biggest ecommerce businesses. He's now inviting you to join, a new publishing platform that pays lifetime royalties for your writing on a massive range of topics.

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