Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Main Reason Why Affiliates Fail: Your Guru Is A Terrible Teacher

Guest post by Gina Jennings

Mr. Miyagi used to tell Daniel Laruso in the movie, The Karate Kid, “No such thing as bad student, only bad teacher. Teacher say; student do.” I happen to agree. I don’t believe that all newbie affiliate marketers are lazy. There are some who won’t go the extra mile to succeed, but I believe there are many more who are simply just stuck and have no one to guide them to progress further.

Just because an internet marketer legitimately makes millions of dollars online, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s great at teaching his skill, and teaching is definitely a valuable skill. This is namely the reason why eBooks can only do so much because they often just teach ONE strategy out of many.

A newbie must have the full picture of making money with affiliate marketing and learn the fundamental skills first. Then he can apply the strategies. A good teacher has no problem breaking all of that down and telling it to you in the right order.

So what are the signs of a good internet marketing teacher?

(1) Consistency. A good teacher has no problem giving you a demo of his teaching skills before you sign up. He is consistent both outside and inside the sale page. I’ve actually joined a coaching course where the two did not match. It turned out to be a cleverly disguised scam.

(2) The Big Picture. You must understand the big picture, the process of how you’re to go about. Experts often tell you that you need a business plan, but it’s funny that never show you what one looks like. You must know the direction you’re supposed to go in order to gauge if you’re staying on track.

(3) Detailed Legitimate Methods. A good teacher teaches you to comply with internet rules. He explains who, what, where, when, why, why not, how, of the technique he’s teaching you. You must know this so to prevent you from breaking rules inadvertently. If he demos them with video tutorials, even better.

(4) Available For questions. Your teacher should be available to answer our questions in reasonable time frame, preferably a day. It’s understandable that he’s busy, but he should always attempt to answer every question.

(5) He has a forum. Good coaching programs have forums. You need the interaction with the other members who’ve been there before to gauge how well you’re doing. Sometimes they can give you that extra bit of insight at your level that just makes a lesson click with you that much faster. Watch the tone of the forum. If it’s hostile, it’s probably a sign to leave the program. Remember, the coach always sets the tone.

(6) Membership Price is Reasonable. Most online courses range from $300 -$500 per year. However, there’s usually no requirement for you to stay a full year. You may depart when you feel ready. I’ve been in corporate-run programs that cost $8000/year or more than taught 1/3 the information in an online course. You’re paying for admin, business managers, computer people, etc. Then you have to schedule one-on-one phone time with the coach the same time every day. What if you can’t make a lesson? There’s no need for all that hubbub. Online courses with videos are ideal for you to do at your own pace and are much cheaper with just as good, if not better, quality.

(7) Teacher Makes Money With The Skills He Teaches You. Your teacher should practice what he preaches. Otherwise, he needs to point you in the direction to another teacher who does. There’s no point in wasting money on a hypocrite.

(8) Teacher Instills Confidence In You. Making money online is not the easiest thing to do, but it can be done. A good teacher will encourage you and instill confidence in you that you can perform the skills to be successful. He’s not going to tell you it’s easy peasy. It does take time, and you are responsible for doing the work. He changes your mindset to focus on building your business in the correct way. You want to be left feeling confident without anything unclear in your mind.

(9) Good Partnership. Not every teacher is an expert in all strategies. Therefore, he has no problems inviting experts who are. You may be participating in a webinar where your coach invites a niche specialist, a traffic specialist or an any other type of specialist to provide you extra skills that you could benefit from. This is a good indication of your coach’s networking capabilities. In the future you may end up networking yourself. Learn from example.

It’s understandable that one coach’s teaching style may work better for you than another. This is fine. As long as that coach meets the above criteria, you should be in good hands. Take the time to find a good coach. It is your business and your future. The focus should be on your benefit. Good luck with your web business.

Author Bio:
Gina Jennings left her old job to lead a more creative life. She enjoys internet marketing with a passion. Feel free to visit her website anytime at She has also invited you to enjoy a free video tutorial called a Web Business Explained.

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