Thursday, January 14, 2010

Make Money on eBay

Guest post by Tynnisha Hamilton

As we all know, eBay is an excellent way to make some extra money online by getting rid of the stuff that we don’t use or need anymore. But, did you know that there are people making millions every year from eBay? It’s true—and while I’m not guaranteeing that you can make millions if you start selling on eBay, I still am saying that it is possible.

When starting off on eBay, it would be smart to start off with selling things around the house just so you can get a feel for how eBay works. When you have a firm hand on how it is possible to make a pretty decent amount on money, then you may want to move on to other techniques.

Some users prefer to use dropshipping, but it has never been a favorite of mine. Dropshipping is a supply management technique that makes it so you do not have to keep items in stock. The dropshipper provides you with the information for a product, you sell it, and they ship it to the person that ordered it from you. This has never been a favorite of mine because I do not want to risk my eBay reputation on a dropshipper. Also, if that product sells for less than I purchase it from the dropshipper, then I just lost money.

Making money on eBay is so much easier for me when I buy products from a wholesaler like or simply buy products from eBay and resell them. For example, I recently bought five Blackberry smart phones from a seller on Ebay. They sold for around $300, because they had no battery and no back to the phone. So, I bought the phones and I separately bought the batteries and backs for the phone so I spent no more than $400. Then, I sold four of the phones for $180 each and the other phone I kept (I needed a new phone!). So, that means I made $720 (about a $320 profit) and was able to keep one of the phones for myself. Now that’s good business.

If you can find a good way that works for you on eBay, then go for it! The harder you work at it the more money you make.

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