Thursday, January 28, 2010

Learn to Make Money Completing Survey Online

Guest Post by: Osita Modozie

The use of paid survey is a legitimate way to make money online. Paid survey is simply a method of getting paid for your opinion. You will be doing surveys for big companies like coca cola, Nike, eBay, Google, MacDonald etc. This is a form of market research evaluation. The payment method for most paid survey sites is through paypal or check and it is usually done monthly. The way it pays can be survey done hourly or pay per survey taken. You are asked questions about their products which you use and you will need to provide answers to it. The answers can be in form of “yes or no”. You may be asked questions like”how many times do you drink coca cola in a month? What is favorite Nike shoe? And the rest of other questions. These companies distribute their surveys through third party companies and you should not expect to visit their sites to find the surveys to take them.

The problem with this method is the ability to find the right paid survey companies. There are a lot of scams in paid survey filling. You may sign up with a site that offers surveys to be filled and paid, but when it is time to get paid, you may either be banned or your payment is withheld because of one reason or the other. The best way to go around this is to join a third party paid survey site. With a third party paid survey site, you will be shown lists of tested and proven to pay survey sites.

The third party survey site will also provide software which makes taking these surveys a click of your mouse. Instead of filling surveys one after the other, this software will fill the survey with a click of your mouse based on your preferences. It is this system that majority of paid survey takers use to make money online using paid surveys without any hassle.

The service is not usually free, but they offer a fair price. It usually comes with a one-time fee. Money back guarantee is also offered so you can get your money back. It is important to join the ones that offer 60-day money back guarantee. This way you can easily request for a refund if you weren’t satisfied.

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