Monday, January 26, 2009

Affiliate Marketing VS MLM

Guest post by Cameron Blyth

There are plenty of worthwhile business opportunities on the internet in the sectors of both Affiliate Marketing and MLM but which one is right for you. Well this question can only be answered by one person, you. In this report I will give you my personal views on both Affiliate Marketing and MLM.

Let me start with a few positives of Affiliate Marketing. First of all it is a very simple business which only requires you to promote a product, there is no need for a website because that is included in the program and once someone purchases the program you will make a commission. Another great thing about it is that you will never have to deal with customers. MLM on the other hand is a bit different. Although you are not required to contact your downline, it can prove to be very beneficial because building a good business relationship with your downline and helping them to promote their business will allow them to make money faster, which in turn makes you more money.

A benefit is the residual income that is available to MLM owners more so then affiliate marketers because as an affiliate marketer you refer people to a product or service and in most cases you are paid a one time commission and that's all the money you will see from that particular transaction. As an MLM owner you have the benefit of building an organization with a downline from which you can receive massive amounts of residual income without even touching the mouse. The appeal of making money by basically not doing much is a factor that most people find hard to turn down.

Don't get me wrong to get to the point where you are making significant residual income does take time and hard work. However once your system is in place and your organization begins to spit out top producers it makes MLM a much more attractive business opportunity then affiliate marketing too many people.

I like to think of MLM as affiliate marketing when you are just getting started because you are getting an upfront commission when you personally refer somebody and all the commissions you are getting from your down-line should be thought of as a bonus but those bonuses will then start to overtake your regular upfront commissions and your downline growth begins to run on autopilot and will slowly build bigger and bigger.

MLM is an extraordinary business once you put in some hard work but if it's the simplicity of affiliate marketing that takes your fancy than that is great because it is an excellent business for beginners. Whether you choose Affiliate Marketing or MLM, with some hard work and dedication, Success will be in your very near future.

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