Monday, January 19, 2009

An Upcoming Webinar about Squidoo Marketing

Squidoo is a web 2.0 website that I think most of you have heard about. You can create as many content pages as possible in Squidoo with your affiliate links, website or blog urls included in your Squidoo content pages (Squidoo Lens). This way you can promote your affiliate products or website and make money.

You will want your Squidoo pages attract good amount of traffic so that you can direct more targeted visitors to your website, blog or your affiliate product site . But just how you can generate good traffic for your Squidoo pages? Perhaps the upcoming webinar hosted by Bill Wardell will help you out.

Bill Wardell is a Squidoo marketing expert who has used Squidoo to drive thousands of visitors to his sites. In the webinar, he is going to give advices and some great tips about using Squidoo for generating traffic and profit.

The webinar will started on tomorrow (Wednesday) evening at 6 PM EST. You are welcome to join this webinar. Signing up details can be found on

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