Monday, January 5, 2009

MoneyMakerInfo's Traffic Went up 40%

This blog is getting more targeted traffic from Google. My SiteMeter traffic counter shows that there is about 40% increase in Google traffic for the past four days. The unique visitors of MoneyMakerInfo has moved up to 1,420 daily for the past four days compared to the 1,000 daily unique visitors I used to get previously.

However, I haven't able to monetize these additional traffic effectively. My AdSense income hasn't grown much. I'm thinking how I can turn these targeted traffic into more revenue.

This is a good opportunity for you to publish a guest post on MoneyMakerInfo. You are going to get more traffic from your guest post that publishes here. The traffic can make you money. You can convert the traffic into AdSense income or turn them into lead or opt-in subscribers so that you can promote your affiliate programs effectively.

You will also get two permanent anchor text links to a similar website. MoneyMakerInfo is currently ranking no.1 for the keyword 'make money online', 'make money' and top 3 rankings for many other related keywords in Your permanent anchor text links in this blog will help increase your search engine positions.

More details about how to submit guest post to MoneyMakerInfo can be found here.

For advertisers, I believe everyone has enjoyed a satisfying amount of traffic especially for the last few days. Hope that these traffic has benefited your business.

So, you can get a share of the 1,420 daily unique visitors of MoneyMakerinfo that can make you more money online. There are two options for you. You can either publish a guest post which will feature on the homepage for about 5 days or if you want to get a lot more targeted traffic, placing a banner ad on MoneyMakerInfo is your best choice.

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