Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stop Being Fooled By Cash Generating "Systems"

Guest post by Bruce Alan

If you are searching for ways to make money online you will undoubtedly come across countless money making "systems" on the Internet. These ebooks or programs all promise to make you more money than you probably think is possible. The word "system" is used a lot because that almost makes it sound like a machine that does the work for you while you sit back and reap the rewards. A system might be a set of instructions that anyone can follow and replicate over and over to make good money. This sounds very enticing to the uninitiated searcher of information.

Everyone hunting for money making ideas would love to find a real "system" to generate cash online. We are all looking for the easy way out and that is why lotteries are so popular across the world. It is very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that there is some secret out there that the rest of the world knows about that we don't that could change our lives. This is the mindset that Internet marketers prey upon.

Unfortunately, the only system that really works is plain old hard work along with an understanding of some basic online principles. You will find that in most cases, those that succeed online have not done so by accident. For instance, this blog ranks #1 for the Google search term "make money online" which is searched for more than a fair amount of times everyday. That search term is widely sought after among Internet marketers and it is by no fluke that this blog is on top. Alan did not get to the top by mistake or by some stroke of luck but by hard work. A prolonged solid linking campaign along with frequent posting has proven to pay off for him along with patience and perseverance. It did not happen overnight and your path to online success will not happen right away either.

No matter how many times people are warned about online scams and systems that don't deliver, they will undoubtedly continue to be fooled by Internet marketers who are masters of enticing advertising that sounds too good to pass up. If you are one of those that just has to buy the next money making ebook or system, I suggest two things. First, make sure it has a money back guarantee which you can take advantage of if you need to. Second, always click out of the online ad once to see if a discount coupon comes up. Many online money making ebooks and programs will give you a discount of $10.00 up to one half off if they think you are leaving without purchasing. So if you must have that ebook, at least try to get it for a discounted amount if you can.

Bruce Alan is the author of a work from home jobs website where he is hoping to someday quit his real day job and work exclusively from home.

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