Friday, July 10, 2009

4 Tips to Write a Guest Post

Written by Keyrun

Guest Blogging is the one of the popular way of increasing backlinks. It helps to increase visitors to your blog. But some beginner bloggers are sending copy/paste articles to the blog authors and some are sending the articles with no sense or many mistakes. So i hope this article will help you to write a guest post to the blog with your parallel niche.

Here are some tips to write a beautiful and unique guest post:

1. Choose A Blog With Parallel Niche: First be sure the blog you are going to send a guest post has the same niche that your blog have. And then only start to write the post. If u send post to the blog which has not same niche as your blog then it will not work. So be sure....

2. Write On The Not Repeated Topic: Read all of the articles of the blog and write about the topic which is not described so much in the blog but should be on the same niche. If you write about the topic which have previously described at the blog then admin of the blog cannot find uniqueness in your article and may reject it......

3. Reference a Previous Post: This is not a must, but it helps to include a link to a previous post the blogger in question has written. It lets them know that you've read their blog in detail and this will create an impression to the admin of the blog and who know this may be the only reason that why S/he publish your article at their blog.

4. Submit Original Material: All blogger want fresh content so post the self written article which is not posted anywhere else. So send the unique article which is not published even at your blog.

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